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Fast Tip: How to Lose Lower Belly Fat and Get Super Lean Quick!

By Rob Poulos...

When we get older, a lot of things change–our hair color, our taste in music, and for some of us, something called the dreaded “belly pooch.”

Accumulated as a result of weight gain and loss of skin elasticity, lower belly fat is primarily a female issue, although men with apple-centric builds may also struggle with this tummy dilemma.  You may be thinking it’s time to consult your local magazine for some quick belly-blasting tricks, but don’t hold your breath: Most magazines are eons of years behind the science of targeting belly fat.

So here’s what you need to know about your lower belly fat–and what you can do to get rid of it for good.

First, The Bad News

First, we need to break it to you: Spot targeting fat simply isn’t scientifically possible.  Unfortunate, the biggest determinant when it comes to fat accumulation is your genetics, something you can’t change even with the latest scientific advancements.  If you have an apple-type body, or a body where you gain fat in the midsection the fastest, no exercise or diet plan in the world can directly eliminate only your belly fat.

However, you can target your overall fat levels.  And this could lessen that dreaded belly pooch–and make you feel better about your physique.

How to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Here’s some science for you: Aside from genetics, what determines how much belly you have is your level of visceral fat.  In your body, you have two types of body fat, called subcutaneous and visceral fat.  The subcutaneous kind is the kind you can squeeze and hold, but the visceral kind–the one that can also lead to heart problems and diabetes–fills up all around your organs, causing belly protrusion even when you don’t have a lot of subcutaneous body fat.  Therefore, the key to any belly fat reducing program should be the reduction of visceral fat.  Luckily, this isn’t hard to do.  Here are some tips for making the cut:

1. Fill up with fruits and vegetables instead of junk.  Junk food is a great source of fat, sugar, and empty calories–calories which can increase the size of your belly.  For quick weight reduction, switch junk food for healthier options instead, such as fruits and vegetables.  As an added bonus, fruits and vegetables also contain fiber, which will keep your digestive system healthy and reduce bloating from constipation.

2. Watch your calories.  Fat gain is caused by eating too many calories, so if you haven’t already, use a healthy weight loss program to lose weight.  For optimal fat loss, aim for 1 to 2 pounds per week–lose any more and you may lose muscle as well as fat, which can actually increase your belly fat.

3. Build muscle with weightlifting.  We agree: Lifting weights won’t target spot fat.  However, it can help tighten up the loose skin on your belly as you build appreciable muscle–akin to filling a saggy balloon with air.  For a good weightlifting strategy, go with the basics, such as compound exercises (squats and deadlifts are best).

Although genetics may ruin your ability to get a six pack, don’t let it stop you from becoming healthy–and getting rid of that lower belly pooch too!

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