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You Asked, We Answered: How to Lose Face Fat WITHOUT Surgery?

By Rob Poulos...

If you have a fat face, then you’ve endured the comments–the snide quips about the moon face or Buddha cheeks that won’t go away, even after losing weight.  While some nip and tuck can get rid of face fat artificially, chances are most of us don’t want to go under the knife just for a slimmer visage.  For a more natural way to lose face fat, here’s what can help.

How to Lose Face Fat

If plastic surgery isn’t an option, here are five way to lose face fat for good:

1. Keep hydration levels high.  An odd thing happens when you don’t drink enough water–your body begins hoarding whatever water is left inside of you, creating a bloating effect.  Most people will first notice signs of it right under their eyes; their eye bags may look more prominent and they may develop chipmunk cheeks.  Chances are if your face looks bigger than usual, you’re dehydrated.

The solution: For a slimmer face, keep hydration levels high.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, sipping at regular intervals to keep bloating on the down low.  Also avoid beverages that can increase your bloat potential–the most notorious being caffeinated sodas.

2. Cut your sodium intake.  Sodium is a tricky beast–when you don’t get enough, your electrolytes go haywire, making you feel nauseous and fatigued.  But have too much–which is the case for many Americans–and you’ll pack on a lot of bloat, which can sometimes be downright painful.  Sometimes too much of a good thing really is too much.

The solution: To lose face fat, consider cutting, but not eliminating, your sodium intake.  The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend consuming less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily.  Thankfully, avoiding sodium is easy–simply limit processed foods and go easy on the salt shaker.

3. Cut your carbohydrate intake.  Carbohydrate are a delicious, energy-providing addition to any meal, but are you eating too much?  Research shows that people who eat too many carbohydrates but not enough fat or protein suffer from bloating–and you can bet that will also make your face puffy too!  Here’s how to slim it down.

The solution: If most of your diet is comprised of grains and other carbohydrates, consider cutting your intake by 1/3 or 1/2.  This may reduce the bloating in your face.

4. Stop drinking alcohol.  Sure, alcohol may be a relaxing way to end a evening, but just one serving can send you into bloat city, as well as compromise your judgment and critical thinking skills.  People who drink alcohol are also more likely to eat more calories, all because alcohol triggers the urge to eat with poor judgment.  It’s not a good deal.

The solution: For a slimmer face, stop drinking alcohol.  If you want a relaxing way to end your evening, consider something alcohol-fee, such as a mocktail or a warm chai latte.  Soon your face will look slimmer–and you’ll no longer have to endure mean-spirited comments!

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  1. Ratnadeep

    thank for usefull tips….

  2. secretgirl

    Thank you so much!

  3. cenno

    by Quit Smoking i think it’s a lie cause when you smoke you don’t eat food and when you don’t eat your gonna be skinny

    • Idk

      Don’t say that cenno. A family member of mine (I’ll keep that nameless and ) started smoking for that reason and gained weight. Several years later she got searious about exercise and reduced smoking. She’s lost a lot of weight but sadly refuses to stop smoking even though she wants to.

  4. Sweetiepie

    Great tips thank you so much but you should use a different photo of before and after because Megan fox has had heaps of plastic surgery and you put up her before and after plastic surgery pictures.

    • Caroline

      Megan Fox’s face got thinner because of AGING. My face shape as a teen looked like the first pic and my face shape in my mid 20s is just like the second pic.. I lost weight also.. Her nose looks tweaked but face shape is natural

  5. fred dean

    You need to burn fat all over your body to lose facial fat. I think that an hour long cardio workout every single day can work.

  6. Jenne

    Tips r really really beneficial.

  7. vizzi

    very useful article….i will definetely follow these tips…thanks..

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