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How To Get A ‘Mapquest’ To Your Body

By Rob Poulos...

Did you know that a heavier person’s metabolism is most likely
running faster than a lighter person’s metabolism?  I bet you
didn’t, it’s not something that’s widely publicized, especially
by the purveyors of the latest diet fads.  A heavier person’s
body has to work harder to sustain itself than a lighter
person’s body, so the metabolism of the heavier person is
typically elevated.

Why is this important to know if you’re trying to lose fat, and
why don’t the diet pushers want you to know this?

Well, most diets call for cutting calories and various essential
foods.  If a heavier person goes on a typical diet, they’ll lose
weight fast
because their metabolism is running higher than the
average person’s metabolic rate.  Sounds good, and it fools you
into thinking that the diet is going to continue to work, but
there are two big problems here:

1. After the initial period of weight drop, it will become
increasingly difficult to lose more weight because you’re going
to have to keep lowering your maintenance level of calories to
lose more weight.  And when you do this, you’re just continuing
to lower your metabolic rate, or your efficiency to use your
food as fuel.  And if you start to eat any bit above that new
lowered maintenance level, you will gain that weight back, and

2.That initial fast weight loss is almost always a combination
of fat and lean muscle tissue.  And if you lose lean muscle
tissue, your automatically lowering that metabolism even more.

So the end result is that you’ve lost a few pounds of fat and
muscle, and you’ve now got a slower metabolism.  Do you think
that’s going to help you get lean, strong, and healthy for life?

That’s why it’s important to get out of the short term, quick
fix, fad diet mind set and get into a way of eating that works in
natural harmony with your body while engaging in brief intense
resistance training like I teach my Fat Burning Furnace
students.  When you make these activities habits, fat loss and
overall health and fitness become a logical result of the way
you choose to live.

That’s the big difference with what I teach my students compared
to what most people are struggling with day in, day out.  Most
people agonize over the terribly restrictive diets and overlong,
boring workout plans and wonder when they’ll ever start making

Fat Burning Furnace students can follow the roadmap I’ve laid
out for them, a ‘mapquest’ to your body, and the progress is
simply a consequence of where that roadmap leads.

Which road would you rather be on?


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  1. Leo Izzabell

    Hi Rob! Did I miss something. How do I get a “mapquest” of my body?

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