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How Much Body Fat Can You Really Lose?

By Rob Poulos...

Real quick, in case you missed it, I just had one of my computer
geeks develop an online calculator that will give you a really
good estimate of what your body fat percentage is…

…AND it’s really COOL because you don’t have to pinch your
skin or do one of those embarrasing tests in front of people at
your gym.

This info is VITAL to know if you are trying to lose fat because
often times what we think is fat loss is mostly just water or
muscle loss –

-this is what usually happens on crash or fad diets (not on

See, by tracking your body fat percentage every so often, you
can get a good idea on how much fat you are losing.

Anyway, if you don’t have it already, you get it for free once
you’ve joined the newsletter at the top of the site.

What where your results?


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