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How Many Calories In Red and White Wine?

By Rob Poulos...

Many beer and liquor drinkers looking to lose weight are turning to wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice. Thanks to the widely touted health benefits and the low calorie count of wine, this is one drink that dieters can’t seem to get enough of.

But are the calories that are in wine really lower than beer or liquor? Are the calories in red wine or white wine better for weight loss? Keep reading for answers to these questions!

Serving Size for Wine

The most important aspect of drinking while you lose weight is adhering to proper serving sizes. No matter how low in calories a drink is, if you double the portion size then the calories will add up.

To keep wine calories to a minimum, the proper serving size is 5 fluid ounces. Unfortunately wine glasses now come in such a wide variety of sizes that it can be difficult to know how many calories are going into your wine glass. Traditional wine glasses can hold approximately 8 fluid ounces, but when filled with 5 ounces you’ll have just enough room for the wine to breathe.

When you’re out at a bar or restaurant and you suspect the wine glass hold much more than a serving, request it in a champagne flute. This way you’ll get around 4.5 fluid ounces of wine, which puts you ahead of the weight loss game!

Calories Found In Wine

The calories found in wine can vary greatly depending on whether it’s red or white wine as well as the alcohol content of the wine. Some deeper red wines like Port have as much as 20% alcohol content, while lighter wines have a content of 12.5% or lower. If you’re unsure of the alcohol content of your wine, take a few moments to read the label and you’ll find it!

When it comes to how many calories in different types of wine, there are more calories in wines with higher alcohol contents. Other factors however also influence the calorie count, including how much sugar is in the wine.

Take a look at the chart below to find out how many calories in your favorite wine!

Type of Wine Red or White Serving Size Calories per Serving
Burgundy Red 5 fl. oz. 127
Cabernet Sauvignon Red 5 fl. oz. 122
Claret Red 5 fl. oz. 122
Merlot Red 5 fl. oz. 122
Muscat White 5 fl. oz. 123
Syrah Red 5 fl. oz. 122
Port Red 2 fl. oz. 94
Pinot Grigio White 5 fl. oz. 122
Riesling White 5 fl. oz. 118
Sauvignon Blanc White 5 fl. oz. 119
Champagne 4 fl. oz. 78
Sparkling White Wine White 4 fl. oz. 78
Sparkling Red Wine Red 4 fl. oz. 89

This list of wine calories is just a starting point as many private wineries have their own calorie counts, but this list will guide you when choosing which wine to drink for a night out.

Red or White?

As you can see from the list above the calories found in red and white wine are about the same. Some white wines do have a slightly lower calorie count, but after a glass or two of wine this will be more of an approximation.

The calories in champagne or sparkling wine are lower so these are good choices when you’re not in charge of making your own drinks. Besides, champagne and sparkling wine makes you feel like you’re celebrating…perhaps reaching a weight loss benchmark?

Reducing Calories In Your Wine Goblet

Although you may think that there’s no way to reduce the calories found in wine, there are a few tricks you can use to make those calories go farther.

Sparkling water: Sparkling water won’t reduce the amount of calories in any type of wine, but it will make those calories last a little longer. For example, add 2 or 3 ounces of sparkling water to 4 ounces of wine and you’ll find that glass of wine more filling and long lasting.

There are no calories in sparkling water to feel free to use flavored sparkling water for your own unique sparkling wine cocktail!

Fruit puree: Fruit puree will add a few calories, but a tablespoon has just 10 calories, which you can add to champagne for a Bellini. The calories in drinks like Bellinis are still less than 100 calories so you can enjoy a cocktail and not worry so much about calories.

These are just a few options you have to keep wine calories to a minimum. Between serving sizes and low calorie options like these you can enjoy wine and still lose weight.

Just make sure to keep your wine consumption to a minimum, eat a healthy well-balanced diet and get plenty of physical activity and your days of worrying about the calories in wine will be a thing of the past!

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