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You Asked: How Many Calories in Vodka? The Surprising Answer…

By Rob Poulos...

Question: I love vodka but I’m on a low 1300 calorie diet.  How many calories are in vodka?

Answer: It’s a good thing you asked, because vodka can actually be a good option for dieters–if you choose the right kind.  Depending on the proof and other additions you add to your beverage, it can be anywhere from 85 calories to a whopping 594 calories.

How Many Calories in Vodka?

Good news for dieters: Consumed plain, vodka is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages.  It all depends on the proof you choose, however.  Here’s a quick guide on them:

–  70 proof vodka carries 85 calories per shot, or 1.5 ounces.  This evens out to 55 calories per ounce.

–  80 proof vodka yields 100 calories per shot, or 65 calories per ounce.  Its alcohol content is 5 percent stronger than 70 proof.

–  90 proof alcohol contains even more calories at 115 calories per shot, or 75 calories per ounce.  It has 10 percent more alcohol content than 70 proof.

–  Going for 100 proof alcohol?  Enjoy 130 calories per shot, or 85 calories per ounce.  It’s also extremely volatile stuff, containing 15 percent more alcohol content than 70 proof.

If you had a hard time memorizing that, then here’s a foolproof way to figure out vodka calories on the go: Simply subtract 15 from the number of the vodka proof instead.  For example, if you drank 3 ounces of 90 proof alcohol, simply subtract 15 from 90.  That should leave you with 75.  Multiply this by the number of ounces you consumed to figure out how many calories you consumed.  In this case, you consumed 225 calories.

Calories in Mixed Drinks Containing Vodka

If you love your mixed drinks, listen up: Chances are you may be consuming far too many calories.  For instance, a chocolate martini–a beverage containing vodka, Hershey’s hug, and white creme de cacao–contains nearly 300 calories, over triple the amount of 70 proof vodka.  The more ingredients you use to make a mixed drink, the higher the calories, especially if the ingredients are a juice or creme liqueur.  Here are the calorie counts in some popular vodka mixed beverages:

–  Cosmopolitan (vodka, cranberry juice, cointreau): 212 calories
Long Island Iced Tea (vodka, light rum, gin, cola, triple sec): 276 calories

–  Sex on the Beach (vodka, various juices, peach schnaps): 270 calories

–  Mudslide (vodka, Irish cream liqueur, ice cream, choclate syrup): 594 calories

–  Chocolatini (vodka, cointreau, white creme de cacao, chocolate): 220 calories

Want to enjoy your vodka mixed?  Chances are you can’t afford to waste hundreds of calories on a mixed vodka beverage, so here’s an easier way to keep the calorie count low: Consider spicing up vodka with low-calorie additions instead, such as sugar-free Red Bull or tonic water.  Both additions are well under 100 calories, allowing you to enjoy your beverage without adding weight to your waistline.  Also, consider low-calorie or sugar-free juices or juice substitutes, which allow you to splurge without the excess calories.

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  1. Don

    I’ve given up beer for vodka ceasars(sp?). I love ceasars and I use a 50/50 blend of regular clamato mixed with the “works”, which has horseradish in it as a spicer upper. Am I kidding myself that there’s not as many calories in my ceasar compared to beer??. I’m already feeling fatter as I can pound back the ceasars like water!!!. I only use one ounce of vodka per drink (using a jigger for measuring) and then fill the glass with the clamato and a couple of ice cubes. Great summer drink but ?????. Can someone clue me in to what I’m doing calorie wise?

    Thanks, Don(or Tubby)!

    • Pam

      I just joined a diet program… I was hunting up calorie information for this person because they don’t want to give up their drinking while trying to lose weight. According to the counselor at the diet program, ANY ETOH beverage can cause dehydration because your body is trying to rid itself of poisons. When we are dehydrated we do not burn calories as efficiently. Vodka is about 90 calories a shot unless you are drinking 100 proof. However I wouldn’t worry about the calories as much as I would worry about my liver if you are drinking the vodka like water. I would suggest that you keep routine visits with your doctor and have him monitor your liver enzymes. I have seen people die as young as 35 from Liver Failure.

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