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How Many Calories In Rum – Counting Calories In Rum Cocktails

By Rob Poulos...

If you’ve been on a quest to find hard liquor that’s not too strong but still provides enough of a kick so it doesn’t need plenty of high calorie mixers, consider rum.

Rum is distilled alcoholic drink made from sugarcane products that include molasses, which is what gives it such a sweet taste. The aging process is what gives rum its dark brown color, but you can find rum in ‘golden’ and ‘dark’ variations.

Keep reading to get more information on how many calories are in rum!

Rum Calories

The calories found in rum differ depending on the percentage of alcohol in the rum, also known as proof. Eighty-proof alcohol is what you’re most likely to find in popular bars and restaurants as well as liquor stores.

So how many calories in 80-proof rum? There are 64 calories in one ounce of rum. But the greater the percentage of alcohol in rum, the more calories there will be. There are 73 calories per ounce in rum that is 90-proof, which just means that it is made up of 45% alcohol. And the highest proof, 100-proof rum has 82 calories per ounce. 100-proof rum is made up of 50% alcohol.

If you choose a higher proof of rum but still want to minimize the calories in your rum cocktail, consider using less rum than a recipe calls for.

Rum Serving Size

The proper serving size for rum is 1.5 fluid ounces, also known as a ‘jigger’. In fact a jigger is a good piece of equipment to have in your home bar to make sure you get the proper measurements for your favorite rum cocktail.

There are 97 calories in 1.5 fluid ounces of rum, which is the most common measurement for rum cocktails. If you choose to make or order a drink with more rum in it, you know how many calories are found in an ounce of rum so you can always count the calories you’re drinking.

Common Rum Mixers

The things you add to rum cocktails are what increases the number of calories in cocktails. The reason so many people think that rum is a high-calorie alcoholic beverage is because they fail to account for the calories in the mixers.

Because rum is a popular alcohol in many tropical cocktails, the calories can really skyrocket. These tropical drinks are often served in large glasses of 12 or more fluid ounces and make with several juices and syrups for a taste so sweet you can’t tell it contains rum or any other alcohol!

One popular cocktail that features rum is the daiquiri and while it isn’t high in calories in general, when you order a daiquiri at a bar or restaurant there’s a good chance that they’re using a sugar premade daiquiri mix. If not, a traditional daiquiri contains sweet and sour mix, triple sec and other liqueurs that can put a tremendous amount of calories in a rum daiquiri.

The best way to make sure the calories in your rum cocktail don’t get out of control is to blend fresh fruit with rum and a dash of sweetener for a low calorie cocktail.

When making rum cocktails with juice stick to all natural or fresh-squeezed juice to keep the calorie count as low as possible. Many so-called juices are simply fruit-flavored drinks that are packed with sugars and calories; two things that can make the calories that are in rum cocktails too high for successful weight loss.

For you rum lovers out there who think the rum & coke is a sacred concoction, making the simple transition to diet coke can allow you to enjoy the same drink for just 97 calories. If you don’t like the flavor of diet coke, squeeze a lime or lemon wedge rather than high calorie cola drinks.

You can enjoy your favorite rum cocktails…with a few adjustments!

Low Calorie Rum Cocktails

Dr. Rum

1 oz. rum 64

0.5 oz. vanilla rum 34

3 oz. diet Dr. Pepper


Directions: Place ice cubes in a rocks glass. Pour rums over ice and fill rest of glass with Dr. Pepper.

Calories in Dr. Rum: 99

Rum Blossom

1 oz. white rum 69

1 orange, juiced 39

1 strawberry, quartered 4


Directions: Add ice, rum and orange juice to a cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with strawberry quarters.

Calories in a Rum Blossom: 112

Your ability to drink and diet is directly connected to your flexibility when choosing cocktails. Small adjustments still let you have a few cocktails whereas being immoveable on what a ‘real’ cocktail is means you’ll have to give up drinking or give up weight loss.

The choice is yours.

But, now that you know how many calories in rum cocktails you can find creative ways to enjoy rum without spending an extra hour on the treadmill. Drinking and dieting can occur simultaneously as long as you understand you have to do things a little differently to keep the calories in your rum drinks as low as possible.

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