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How Many Calories in Crème Liqueurs?

By Rob Poulos...

If you consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur then you’ve probably had a drink or two with a crème liqueur in it. Not to be confused with cream liqueurs that have actual cream in them, crème liqueurs have tons of sugar in them so they add a thick consistency to any cocktail.

There are a wide variety of crème liqueurs available and before you find your favorite, you need to know how many calories in crème liqueurs have. Keep reading to find out more about crème liqueurs.

Types of Crème Liqueurs

There are many types of liqueurs from which you can choose, and within the crème liqueur family there are also quite a few options. Take note of the calorie count in crème liqueurs so you know if and when they can be added to your favorite cocktails.

These crème liqueurs come in a wide variety of flavors to give your cocktail just the right flavor. Whether you want your cocktail to taste like bananas, mint or chocolate, crème liqueurs can help you achieve just the right taste.

Keep going to find out how many calories in crème liqueurs.

Type of Crème Serving Size Calories per Serving Flavor
Crème d’apricots 1 oz. 103 Apricots
Crème d’armagnac 1 oz. 103 Grape
Crème de almond 1 oz. 100 red almond
Crème de bananes 1 oz. 96 Bananas
Crème de cacao 1 oz. 100 Chocolate
Crème de cassis 1 oz. 80 Black currant
Crème de cerise 1 oz. 103 Cherry
Crème de coconut 1 oz. 103 Coconut
Crème de fraise 1 oz. 103 Strawberry
Crème de griotte 1 oz. 103 Morello cherry
Crème de menthe 1 oz. 120 Mint/spearmint
Crème de mure 1 oz. 103 Blackberry
Crème de myrtille 1 oz. 103 Blueberry
Crème de noyaux 1 oz. 100 Almond
Crème de peche 1 oz. 103 Peach
Crème de violette 1 oz. 103 Violet

Keep this list handy so you always know how many calories crème liqueurs are adding to any given cocktail. Whether you use one ounce or smaller portions, simple math can help you figure out the number of calories added to your glass.

Serving Size

Depending on the cocktail, crème liqueurs can be used in many different measurements. Few recipes call for more than an ounce per cocktail so crème liqueur calories should add no more than 103 calories to your cocktail glass.

Just remember that when you alter the recipe, make sure you also reduce the amount of crème liqueurs or you’ll end up with a very odd-tasting cocktail!

Reducing Calories in Crème Liqueur Cocktails

Before we get into low calorie crème liqueur cocktails it is important to mention that there’s only so many calories that can be removed from crème liqueurs because these liqueurs are often accompanied by other spirits. But here are a few tips to keep the calorie count in crème liqueurs from ruining your weight loss efforts;

  • Use a cocktail or old fashioned glass for these drinks.
  • Halve the recipe to keep calories low.
  • Reduce or remove other ingredients whenever possible.
  • Use lower calorie ingredients like diet coke or low fat milk.
  • Minimize other liqueurs and syrups in cocktails that require crème liqueurs.

Crème Liqueur Cocktails

Banana Kong


1 oz. crown royal

0.5 oz. crème de banana

Diet coke

Directions: Fill rocks glass with ice. Pour in crown royal and crème liqueur then fill glass with diet coke.

How many calories? 112

Chocolate Coffee Shot

1/3 oz. crème de cacao

1/3 oz. chocolate almond liqueur

1/3 oz. Kahlua

Directions: Pour each ingredient into a shot glass, one at a time. Stir to blend & enjoy!

How many calories? 85

Burning Hot Chocolát

.25 oz. crème de cacao (dark if possible)

.75 oz. rum

Directions: Fill shot glass with crème de cacao and top with rum. Set rum on fire and burn for 10 to 15 seconds. Extinguish fire and drink up!

How many calories? 92

Wild Strawberry Crème

3 oz. champagne

.75 oz. crème de fraise

Directions: Add ingredients to champagne saucer and drink.

How many calories? 137

Son of a Menthe

.50 oz. rum

.50 oz. crème de menthe (green)

Directions: Add ingredients to shot glass and shoot!

How many calories? 94

Using crème liqueurs is a skill that requires simple trial and error. Because it can be difficult to really reduce the calories in crème liqueur cocktails, the best thing is to enjoy these cocktails as a shot. But rather than simply shoot it, sip these concoctions as after dinner drinks to relax after a delicious meal.

If your goal is weight loss then you should not only minimize the calories in crème liqueur cocktails; you should reduce the frequency with which you enjoy cocktails that contain crème liqueurs. In and of themselves they don’t contribute to weight gain, but because the calories found in crème liqueurs can add a significant amount of calories to any cocktail, which can be problematic if you can’t burn those calories.

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