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Fit Foods to Get Lean: 3 Healthy Breakfasts for Weight Loss

By Rob Poulos...

While eating breakfast won’t rev up your metabolism (that’s a myth according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition), research shows that people who do are usually leaner–and make better food choices throughout the day.  Having a healthy breakfast isn’t just great for your weight either: Studies show that it also has a profound impact on your energy and concentration levels.  That’s good if you’re in school, at work, or just need a great way to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

So what are some good healthy breakfasts for weight loss?  To stay fit (and alert), here are some delicious, low-calorie alternatives to your favorite meals:

Healthy Breakfasts for Weight Loss

1. Instead of sugary cereal, have oatmeal with honey and berries.  Who doesn’t love a sugary bowl of raisins and cereal?  Unfortunately, your health won’t–most sugary cereal equals more than your day’s recommended allowance of sugar.  Sugary cereals are also less likely to contain enough fiber and micronutrients to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Try this instead: For a healthy alternative, switch out the cereal for plain oatmeal topped with honey and your choice of berries for something naturally sweet.  If you want an extra dose of vitamin C, strawberries are your best bet; for a good heaping of phytochemicals (good for cancer prevention!) try a handful of blueberries or blackberries.

2. Instead of scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, try organic eggs with vegetables.  Eggs are a good way to get full fast–its extra dose of protein has a satiating effect on hunger–but with it comes high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat.  Add cheese and ham to the mix and these amounts are doubled, if not tripled.

Try this instead: Trade saturated fats for healthy fats by cooking with organic eggs instead, which are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to lower bad cholesterol levels.  For an extra dose of healthy micronutrients, also switch out ham and cheese for low calorie vegetables, such as carrots and tomatoes.  If you can’t go without cheese, then there’s no need to sacrifice–many companies make low-calorie or low-fat versions of your favorite flavors, such as cheddar and mozzarella.

3. Instead of a breakfast bar on-the-go, prepare a healthy fruit smoothie instead.  Breakfast bars are a quick way to fill up right before work, but they aren’t necessarily healthy–most bars are loaded with sugar, fat, and minimal amounts of micronutrients and fiber.  It’s also more likely to make you feel famished when lunch time rolls around, tempting you to overeat.

Try this instead: Need a quick way to fill up?  Instead of reaching for a breakfast bar, try making a fruit smoothie instead.  To prepare, add any fruit of your choice, a splash of milk, and low-fat yogurt into a blender before blending thoroughly.  Pour in a cup and you’re good to go!

Seriously low on time?  Don’t forget the ultimate health food–peeled, raw fruit.  Toss a few fruits in your bag before work for a super quick way to dine on-the-go.

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