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Greens Nutrition Facts – Health Benefits of Greens

By Rob Poulos...

You don’t have to be a lover of soul food to enjoy the health benefits of dark leafy greens. These greens are packed with nutrients that enhance your fat burning potential.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of greens with many different flavor profiles, so it’s up to you to decide which green will make it on your plate this week! Keep reading to see what’s important about greens nutrition facts.

Fields of Green

When we talk about “eating our greens” most of us think of a big heaping bowl of lettuce. Today however, we are talking about dark leafy greens like kale, collards, mustard greens and turnip greens.

These greens are identifiable by their dark green colors and big beautiful leaves.

Now let’s see what these greens have to offer!

About Greens

If you’re interested in fat burning your primary concern is probably, how many calories you’re getting with a serving of greens. Greens are very low in calories, ranging from 13 calories per cup of collard greens to 29 calories per cup of turnip greens.

When it comes to fat and cholesterol, you’ll be pleased to know that dark leafy greens have virtually no fat—just 1% total fat—and no cholesterol. As a zero cholesterol food, greens are helpful for those trying to reduce cholesterol.

When it comes to fat burning for weight loss, greens are low carb foods with plenty of fiber and protein per serving. You get tons of vitamins and nutrients per serving, which has the added bonus of plenty of health benefits!

Health Benefits of Greens

The most prominent health benefit of greens comes from its ultra high vitamin K content, which can regulate blood clotting, reduce the build up of calcium deposits in the arteries, prevents diabetes and keeps bones strong against osteoporosis. Both turnip and mustard greens have in excess of 500% of your daily recommended value of vitamin K.

Many people seek out the health benefits of greens due to the high amounts of vitamins C, A, E as well as minerals like manganese. These are all powerful antioxidants that can help reduce our risk of different types of cancer and chronic illnesses that can make fat burning difficult.

Because leafy greens have so many vitamins and minerals concentrated in such a small amount, there are many health benefits of greens that include a reduced risk of heart disease. Again the mega amounts of vitamin K are responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of greens, which include decreasing swelling in and around the heart.

Adding Greens In Your Diet

Now that you know just how many nutrients are in greens and the many health benefits of greens, it’s time to add them to your diet. Start with one type of dark leafy green and see how you like it before trying another.

Here are a few ways to reap the health benefits of greens:

  • Chop and rinse greens, sprinkle with lemon juice and pepper, then steam until tender.
  • Chop baby mustard or turnip greens and combine with salad.
  • Steam chopped greens and toss with grilled onion and steamed brown rice for a hearty vegetarian meal.
  • Sauté chopped greens with onions and chopped bacon and blend with whole wheat pasta.
  • Boil or steam 1 cup of chopped greens and pair with your favorite protein.
  • Steam or sauté greens and add to breakfast omelet for additional fiber.

Because they are so versatile it is very simple to get the many health benefits of greens in just 1 cup. Boost your fat burning by adding a cup to your diet each week!

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