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Green Tea – Benefits for Weight Loss, Cancer, and Energy Levels

By Rob Poulos...

On an impromptu lunch to your favorite cafe, your friend opts for green tea instead of cappuccino.  “It helps me stay slim,” she admits. “And it’s calorie free.”  In your favorite diet magazine, her words hold true–one article even claims it can fix your sluggish metabolism.  On the shelves of drugstores and groceries, it’s a dominating force in the diet industry–sold in supplement, liquid, or even gum form, literally all of them claim you need it to get lean.

But can it really?

Can Green Tea Make Me Skinny?

If you’ve read the buzz about green tea lately, you may be thinking it’s too good to be true–but it’s actually not.

It turns out that green tea contains properties that can boost your weight loss and much more.

The evidence trails back to the early noughties, back when ephedra wasn’t banned and no one thought twice about taking obesity drugs just to lose a few pounds.  Scientists wanted to study green tea because of its purported health benefits, which they discovered just a decade earlier.  They knew green tea contained something called antioxidants, which they observed prevented some free radical damage, a precursor to cancer and heart disease.

In a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers stumbled upon a surprising conclusion: an extract derived from green tea increased the metabolism.  Referred to as energy expenditure, the study revealed that the extract increased a person’s daily metabolism by 4 percent.  On paper, this doesn’t sound big, but over a 24 hour period is quite immense.  Over the span of an entire day, it equaled up to a 43 percent increase in daily thermogenesis.

So, if you used to burn 1500 calories a day, you would burn 2145 calories instead.

That’s immense.  And that equals better weight loss.

Green Tea – Benefits for Weight Loss?

The main evidence is clear: Green tea equals a higher metabolism.  With a higher metabolism, your energy needs are much higher, meaning you don’t need to eat as less to lose weight.  Or, if you don’t want to change your caloric intake at all, it could increase your weight loss over a span of a few weeks.  Most people lose a couple of pounds more than expected.

But that’s not all there is to green tea.  For even healthier benefits, read on:

1. Green tea also contains caffeine, which may suppress your appetite.  According to Katherine Zeratsky, a registered dietitian for the Mayo Clinic, caffeine may temporarily reduce your appetite, reducing your overall caloric load.  While the effect isn’t long lasting, it can be if you drink green tea regular, so sip up!

2. It’s virtually calorie free.  If you’re worried that green tea could compromise your diet, don’t–it contains less than 5 calories per serving.  As an added bonus, you’ll get a lot of “good” extras too, such as cancer-fighting antioxidants.

So with these reasons to drink up, why aren’t you?  And you certainly should–the only thing you’ll lose is your weight.

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    Someone’s size not merely affects appearance, but also the overall quality of life. Self-esteem, despression symptoms, health risks, plus physical abilities are afflicted in putting on weight.

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