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Garlic Nutrition Facts – Health & Fat Burning Benefits of Garlic

By Rob Poulos...

Garlic may be responsible for a hint of bad breath and it may even keep the vampires away, but one thing you probably didn’t know about garlic  is that it provides plenty of health benefits.

Whether you grate it on top of your pizza or chop it up in your favorite salad, adding more garlic can boost fat burning and overall good health! Still intrigued? Keep reading for more!

About Garlic Nutrition

Because garlic is such a small, strong vegetable it is important that you don’t think garlic on its own can help boost fat burning. While it does have fat burning properties, garlic should be combined with other fat burning foods for maximum health benefits.

Now, onto garlic nutrition facts!

Three cloves of garlic are quite low in calories—13 calories to be exact—so you can feel confident that adding garlic to a dish won’t add tons of calories. Garlic nutrition information reveals zero grams of fat, sugar and cholesterol and less than 1% of your recommended daily value of sodium. That’s exactly what you want to see in fat burning foods. In fact, garlic has relatively few carbs, protein and fiber but not compared to the small size of garlic.

Although one serving of garlic is just 3 cloves, you get quite a lot of vitamins and minerals. Some vitamin standouts include vitamin C and B6, while you’ll also get higher doses of manganese, calcium and selenium. It may be surprising that these few nutrients are responsible for the many health benefits of garlic.

Health Benefits of Garlic

One of the most important health benefits of garlic is that it promotes heart health by moderately lowering cholesterol and blood triglycerides. But the vitamin B6 in garlic also protects blood vessels and cells from inflammation and oxidative stress, which reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis and heart disease. This is essential for overweight and obese individuals who are at a high risk of these health problems.

Many people with high blood pressure look to the health benefits of garlic to help regulate spikes in blood pressure.

The selenium and manganese in garlic is also responsible for its health benefit as an antioxidant. This helps keep your body free of toxins that can make you ill or lead to chronic illnesses such as cancer. In fact many people seek out garlic because of it’s ability to keep you healthy by protecting you against bacteria, viruses and even fungi.

One of the most compelling health benefits of garlic is its ability to help you lose weight. Because garlic is a natural diuretic, it can help naturally flush out unwanted toxins in the body. But did you also know that garlic can act as an appetite suppressant, helping you eat less and stimulate your metabolism?

Adding Garlic To Your Plate

An important note on cooking with garlic: always add garlic during the last 2-3 minutes of cooking to avoid overcooking and the bitter taste that results. Maximize the health benefits of garlic by consuming it raw. Mince or grate garlic and toss with warm dish.

Take advantage of garlic nutrition facts by;

  • Chop 3 cloves of garlic and warm with 1 tablespoon of butter. Add to potatoes and mash for garlic-butter mashed potatoes.
  • Grate garlic and add to pasta sauce during last 3 minutes of cooking.
  • Combine lemon juice & zest with roasted garlic and toss with pasta and greens.
  • Add roasted or fresh garlic to your favorite hummus recipe.
  • Roast 2 heads of garlic for 45 minutes in oven. Combine with low fat Greek yogurt and sour cream for garlic dip.

The health benefits of garlic far outweigh the fear of bad breath; breath mints can only fix one of these!

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