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Forget What You Thought You Knew About Exercise & Nutrition

By Rob Poulos...

Over the past few weeks we’ve been accepting quite a few new
students of my Fat Burning Furnace method.  We’ve finally caught
up with most of our existing student’s questions, so we’ve begun
accepting a flood of new students looking to get lean, strong,
and healthy in just a few minutes each week.

You may be wondering why we are so flooded with questions from
new students, since I designed the Fat Burning Furnace system to
be as easy to understand and implement as humanly possible.
Following the guidelines and roadmap I’ve laid out isn’t very
difficult, in fact it’s one of the easiest to understand group
of principles and systems available.

Still, there are some new students that come back to us after a
few weeks complaining that they’re not seeing the results they’d
like.  Yes, that’s right.  Not every single person who becomes a
FBF student sees the results they’d like.  Why?

Because they’re not following the FBF system!  One student asked
me what they were doing wrong with their workouts.  I took a
look at what they were doing and saw that it was missing 2 of
the three vital principles for success in fat loss exercise.
These are all laid out simply and repeated several times in the
FBF system, but they seemed to have escaped this student

Sure, they bought the system, download the materials, maybe even
read through them.  But then something bad happened.  Instead of
accepting the concepts and principles in the FBF system and
giving them an honest effort, they allow their pre-conceived
notions about fat loss, health, and fitness to create a barrier
as they go through the material in the system.

So when they being to implement some of the techniques, they
modify them based on their past experience, or ignore some
completely.  While this may work for someone who knows a good
deal about this stuff already, it’s not OK for most people
expecting to get maximum results.

Why is that?  The concepts and secrets I teach are in many ways
so “against the grain” of what’s commonly recommended or what
exists in most people’s frame of reference on how to get lean,
strong, and healthy, that they’re just going to get mixed

What I want to impress upon you is this.  When you become a
student of my Fat Burning Furnace program, you have to forget
what you thought you knew about health and fitness for a moment.
Read through the secrets and concepts like a child who is taking
their first steps.  Those that do this are the ones who see
immediate and continuous improvement.

Hey, I used to think I knew a lot about this stuff a few years
back when I was experimenting with various popular routines and
methods.  That was until I found the secrets and principles that
I use today to stay in top shape year round in just minutes per
week and without starving myself, counting calories, or any of
that other crap that will either not work or drive you mad in
the process.

If you really want to forget what you thought you knew, and
finally get hold of the information that will let you maximize
your genetic potential for a lean, strong, and healthy body and
give you your life back, tap on the link below.


And once you become a Fat Burning Furnace student, I urge you to
open your mind and put your ego away for a little while.
Believe me, it will do you and your body a lot of good.


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