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For Proper Exercise…Get Stuck In The Middle

By Rob Poulos...

I’m writing to help you find out if you are you stuck in the
middle.  Now what do I mean by that exactly?

No, I’m not talking about the 70’s pop song from the British
folk rockers ‘Stealers Wheel’.  I’m not even talking about
losing abdominal or belly fat.  What I’m talking about is even
more important to your success at fat burning and fitness.

OK, OK, I’ll get to the point.  I’m talking about an important
and often overlooked aspect of resistance training.  By the way,
if you don’t already know, resistance training is the most
important exercise you can do for fat loss, fitness, and overall
health.  But it has to be performed correctly to extract the max
benefits without having to spend your whole week in the gym.

And one of those performance tips that will mean whether or not
you get startling results or almost no results from your
resistance training efforts is related directly to how much
resistance you’re using.

Many women look at resistance training and are hesitant to use
a resistance that is heavy enough to stimulate an increase in
strength, lean muscle, and ultimately fat burning.  Too often
they end up using those worthless pink and neon blue foamy
dumbbells…you’ve seen them (probably at your grandma’s house).

Many men look at resistance training and get caught up in the
machismo aspect of it and end up using resistance that is too
heavy. This normally results in terrible exercise form, very little
lean muscle or health gain, and a high propensity for injury.

Now, when I say too light, and too heavy, it’s all relative.
What’s heavy for you might be light for me, and vice versa.
What is critical for you to know is this, and it’s a guiding
principle that my Fat Burning Furnace students already know

If you perform an exercise at a level that you’re already
capable of doing, you are giving your body absolutely no reason
to improve in any way, shape, or form. Period.

So if you’re using resistance that is too light for you, you’re
not asking the body to go beyond it’s current limits.  It has no
reason to change, and it won’t.  And if you’re using resistance
that is too heavy for you, you’re not giving the body enough of
the other variables (like proper form) to extract maximum all
around benefits from your exercise.

Ladies…don’t be afraid of kicking some resistance training
butt…and guys, hang your ego at the gym door.  You’ll find
that when you do, you’ll improve your results ten fold, and then

So don’t let your resistance be too low, and don’t use
resistance that is too high for you.  Get stuck in the middle,
and you’ll be far ahead of most people pursing life long health
and fitness.


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