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Foods That Burn Belly Fat – Are You Eating These?

By Rob Poulos...

Almost everyone out there is looking for a fast way to lose belly fat. If that includes you, then it’s time to take note of the top foods that burn belly fat, so you can move closer to your goals.  Most people do have a greater tendency to store body fat in their belly region compared to their arms or legs, so this is where we see most people struggle.

What’s also important to note is the fact that belly fat is much more detrimental to your overall health than fat in the legs or arms as well, which is another reason you really want to do whatever you can to shed the belly fat.

By eating the top foods that burn belly fat, you can quickly do just that. What you eat over the course of the day will have a very large influence over the rate of results you see, so by getting your diet in order, you’re taking a giant step forwards in the right direction.

Let’s show you the foods that burn belly fat that you must know about.


The very first food that you must have in your diet if you want to shed belly fat is salmon.  Not only does salmon contain protein, which will help to increase your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories all day long, but it also contains omega fatty acids, which support a healthy metabolic rate as well.

Basically, this food is a can’t-lose fat loss food.  You’ll be doing everything you can to maximize the number of calories you burn off on a daily basis by including it in your meal plan.

Aim to eat it at least twice per week, if not three times for best results.

Cayenne Pepper

Second, another of the top foods that burn belly fat is cayenne pepper, or if you’re not a fan of the spice, you could add red chilli peppers to your recipe instead.

Both of these options contain a certain ingredient known as capsaicin, which causes the metabolism to increase as well after eating it.

If you’ve ever noticed how you feel warmer after eating a very spicy dish containing chilli peppers, this is why. Your metabolism had increased and you were burning off more calories as heat.

So by simply adding this to your daily diet, you could increase your calorie burn slightly, which will really add up to significant amounts over the long term.


The third of the top fat burning foods to include in your diet is oatmeal. While many people think that carbs should be banned from a fat loss diet, this isn’t so.

Eating some carbohydrates will help to support a healthy thyroid gland and keep certain fat burning hormones in the body maximized.

When you have some carbs in your diet you’ll find it’s a lot easier to maintain that diet, and you can push harder during your workouts as well.

You don’t need to eat loads of carbohydrates – but a few servings a day coming from the right sources such as oatmeal will be very beneficial.


Finally, last but not least we have flaxseeds.  Flaxseeds are also a rich source of essential fatty acids so will help you shed belly fat quickly and furthermore, they’re high in fiber. This means it’ll be easier to avoid snacking throughout your day, therefore it’ll help you maintain the lower calorie intake that is required to lose belly fat quickly.

Add a tablespoon of flaxseeds into your meals whenever you can and you will notice a difference.

So there you have the top foods that burn belly fat to make sure you’re not overlooking.  If you aren’t eating these regularly, now is the time to start.

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  1. Keeon

    This is a very very informative article. I can add it to my bag of tricks of fat burning foods. When I eat my oatmeal I like to sprinkle cinnamon on top of it to add some flavour. I will also sprinkle some flaxseed on one of my meals. Not sure which one as yet though. Any suggestions?

    • Christine

      Hi Keeon –

      I sprinkle flaxseed on my oatmeal in the morning, I eat a Banana, Frozen Blackberries, Fresh Rolled oats, covered in Flaxseed and cinnamin and almond milk.

      It’s wonderful!!!

  2. John Methew

    Thank you for sharing this useful content..

  3. kilaso kehinde

    what are flaxseeds?

  4. kay

    the ground flaxseed meal is much better than the seeds which just passes through your system without doing the job

    • Ana V. Velez

      Dr. Andrew Weill recommends to use freshly ground flaxseed. The one that is sold already ground tends to oxidize and looses some of the properties that make flaxseed a wonder grain. He also recommends to grind the seeds just before using it to minimize the oxidation.

  5. jojo

    i would like to know if the flaxseed oil do the same job as the grounf flaxseed

  6. rodney

    Great article.

    I would like to add eggs to this list.
    And I mean whole eggs not just the white,yes I know eggs get a bad rep.

    But used correctly they are a important part of any fat burning diet.

    Keep up the good work

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