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Finally, A Nutrition Bar That Tastes Awesome!

By Rob Poulos...

I just got word that the big day has finally arrived.  Yes,
that’s right, the new nutrition bar that the guys over at
Prograde have been working on was released to the public just a
few minutes ago.

They’ve been officially named “Cravers”, and based on early
taste tests, the name is more than ideal.  You can check out a
few videos of real people’s reactions to tasting these new 100
percent organic ingredient nutrition bars here:


Now you know I always recommend regular whole foods versus meal
replacements any day.  But for snacks, especially when you’re on
the go, having a top notch nutrition bar with you can be a life

If you missed any of my past updates on why I’m so excited about
this new addition for your nutritional arsenal in the war
against fat, let me quickly recap:

-100 percent all n.atural organic ingredients
-No artificial cancer causing sugar substitutes or chemicals
-No preservatives or stabilizers
-Zero trans fats, just healthy fats your body needs to thrive
-The best tasting nutrition bar available in 3 flavors
-Perfect snack size, only 180 calories
-3 grams of fiber
-The right balance of complex carbs for consistent energy
-Perfect and safe for kids
-100 percent organic anti-oxidant containing dark chocolate

Well, you can see why I got so excited.  As I’ve said before,
most nutrition bars out there are nothing more than glorified
candy bars.  Way too much saturated/trans fats, sugars, sugar
substitutes, preservatives, and calories.

A totally organic nutrition bar that tastes a.mazing, has just
enough snacking calories, complex carbs, and fiber to boot?
Where do I place my order?!  Actually I just placed my own
personal order a few minutes ago.

And from what I’ve heard, Prograde expects full well to sell out
of their first shipment of Cravers in the next few days.  After
watching those videos, I can definitely see this happening once
people wrap their lips around these little suckers.

Go ahead and learn how you can try ’em for yourself, with a 30
day m.oney back guaranty no less.  Remember, you won’t find ’em
in any store.  The first shipments are only available through
the link below:


Let me know how you like ’em…


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  1. Eleanor

    Can you buy cravers at food stores?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Eleanor… cravers like all Prograde products are only available online right now…

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