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Fat Loss Red Bull? Energy Boost Your Fat Loss Workouts With This Secret Sauce…

By Rob Poulos...

Hey gang, sorry I have been away from the blog for so long… just moved into a new house and I am overwhelmed! If you’ve ever moved your entire family and everything that goes with it, you know what I’m talking about!

So let’s get back to shredding some fat and staying in tip-top shape with today’s fat loss SECRET SAUCE…

Today we are privileged to turn the blog over to a sharp Doctor (recently featured on NBC TV) I met a few weeks back at a world wide fitness event in Austin, Texas… he and I had talked via email before, but after meeting Dr. Kareem (Dr. K to his friends) in person, shaking his hand, and talking about his weird sounding ‘Neuro Fat Loss’ techniques, you want to pick this guy’s brain forever!

One of the unique tricks Dr. K shared with me is what he calls “Fat Loss Red Bull!” (a key element so powerful in his new ‘Double-Edged Fat Loss’ method), so let’s turn it over to Dr K…

Dr K.: Thanks Rob, so the best way to energy boost your workouts is to supercharge them by simply involving more of your natural energy systems.

The 3 energy systems that can speed boost your fat loss quickly are:

1. ATP-PC (adenosine tri-phosphate phosphocarbonate) – this is your 0-2 second energy
2. Anaerobic (without oxygen, consumes sugar) – this is your 2-60 second energy
3. Aerobic (oxygen consuming) – this is your 60 second and beyond energy

Let’s take a strong look at exactly what Energy System Training is, why it can boost your results, and how you can start implementing it right now.

Energy System Training (EST) is about doing your first rep in an explosive way, going as hard as you can, and having your exercise set last greater than 60 seconds. This way, you involve ATP-PC with the explosive rep in the first two seconds, then you challenge your anaerobic system for the next fifty-eight seconds, and you work into your aerobic energy system after your sixty second marker.

Here’s the thing…

* When you train your ATP-PC system, I would allow at least 4 minutes rest before challenging it again, even though it only takes a couple of seconds to happen.
* When you train your anaerobic energy system to capacity, I would allow at least 2-4 minutes rest in order for it to recover properly.
* When you train your aerobic system, you should be training for heart rate recovery to take place in 60-120 seconds, if at all possible. Naturally, extend rest if you haven’t recovered.

This is the reason that the new workouts I created in my new program, ‘Double-Edged Fat Loss’ is built upon 2 minute sets, which I call ‘giant’ sets.

Each giant set takes about 2-2.5 minutes to do, and there are 4 of them per workout + a 15-20 minute interval-based warm up. In total, each workout takes about 35-45 minutes, but you are able to deplete all three energy systems completely in that time, which we’ve found to be extremely effective with our personal training clients.

As a doctor of physical therapy, I’m using the principles of Neuro Fat Loss Training to solve a HUGE problem with people’s workouts that literally no one else is addressing:

Your nervous system is most likely operating a very basic level, and it’s probably holding you back from experiencing the most rapid fat loss results.

Bottom line: most people simply do not understand how to properly communicate with their nervous systems, and as such are missing out on at least 60-80% of the metabolic potential of every single exercise they do. In fact, even advanced trainees tend to be “under-achieving” by at least 30-50%.

Can you just imagine how much faster you’d progress if you were able to double or triple the metabolic effectiveness of each and every exercise you do?

The answer: you burn fat A LOT FASTER.

Rob: Whew!…thanks for breaking it down so easily Dr. K.  These kind of tricks are definitely not in the mainstream… and what’s cool to me is that you don’t have to be an expert or a ‘pro’ to use such an advanced technique when you provide such simple instruction.   You can see that you can easily start trying these out right away.

Alright, so before we go, where can our readers learn more about your Neuro Fat Loss techniques to speed fat loss?

Dr. K: My pleasure Rob… I’ve created a short video presentation for your readers only to learn about some of the other unique tips and tricks we’re using in this neuro fat loss technique here…  When you get to the web page, you’ll notice something special I’ve set up for your readers only ;-)… then just scroll down a tad for the free neuro fat loss presentation

ONE THING… while I know your readers will dig the content, there were some editing mistakes so we’re going to reshoot it in a few days, so once that happens I’ll have to pull it down for a while… so watch it while you can ;-)…

Rob: Sounds great Dr. K… I’m looking forward to trying out some of these techniques with Kalen once we’re finished up with the move and back to our daily routines… it can’t come soon enough!

Alright everyone, I’ll be back with more fast fit tips in a few… for that free presentation from Dr. K on his techniques to boost your fat loss results (and his ‘somethin’ special)…

go here now… <– Free Neuro Fat Loss Presentation & Somethin’ Special from Dr. K!

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  1. jeanette vallance

    I tried to order the program and it said it could not authorize.. I couldn’t find any problems and now it wont let me retry because it says my email is already being used… Uggg very frustrated pls help

  2. Cindy Wahe

    How do you feel that this info from Dr K works with your program – do we intergrate the two programs together to achieve results, do we choose which workouts to complete on different days or do we use DR K’s info to modify your program – I’m confused!!!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Cindy, I like to look at new more advanced techniques like this as something to use on and off, along with the fbf workouts… so you might do the FBF routines for 2 weeks, then hit these for 2 weeks, and repeat…

  3. Cindy Papen-Beard

    how different is this from the 1st DEFL…

  4. Tina

    Can someone please tell me where to find rob’s home made salad dressing receipe? I saved it in my email while I tried to find the udo oil. I finally found the oil, and now I can’t open the email.

    Thank you

  5. alex

    yes, i am having the same problem as Tina…. the link im directed to for the salad dressing receipe tells me im “no longer a subscriber” and i definately didnt make that silly decision!


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