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Fat Burning Vitamins You Should Take Regularly

By Rob Poulos...

If you’re on a fat loss diet plan, chances are you’re eating fairly healthy food. You’re watching how many calories you’re taking in and making sure to get a good blend of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

But still, in some cases there are some fat burning vitamins that you might be missing out on.  Many people simply don’t have the time of day to cook every single meal and snack they need to eat, thus they start relying on convenience foods to fill the void.

If this describes you, then you’ll definitely want to make good use of the key fat burning vitamins that will help ensure that your needs don’t go unmet.

Let’s have a quick peak at the top fat burning vitamins that you need to know about so that you can double check they are in your supplement protocol.

Vitamin B

The first of the fat burning vitamins that you want to be sure to take in sufficient amounts of daily is vitamin B.  Those who are on lower carb diets are more at risk to be deficient in the B vitamins just since these are so concentrated in carb-rich foods.

Vitamin B is very important for helping you maintain a healthy thyroid and therefore metabolic rate as well as for helping you generate sufficient energy to get through those intense workout sessions.


The second good fat burning vitamin to make sure you’re taking daily, especially for the women out there seeking fat loss is iron.  Iron is a key mineral that is going to help to ensure that you’re red blood cells are functioning properly and you’re able to transport plenty of oxygen to the working muscle tissues during your workout session.

If you are short in iron then you’re likely to find that you fatigue a lot easier throughout the day, so not only will this influence the fat burning results you see, but it’s also going to make the diet that much less enjoyable to be on.

If you aren’t eating plenty of red meat regularly, which most dieters aren’t, then you likely will not be taking in enough of this one of our fat burning vitamins.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C  is next up on the list of fat burning vitamins.  This one is critical for helping to maintain a strong immune system, which is going to help ensure that you recover quickly after each and every workout that you perform in the gym.

Hard exercise is very taxing on the immune system and if you aren’t eating plenty of vitamin C rich foods, then you may find that you’re not recovering from session to session.

Furthermore, if your immune system is down due to your workouts, this also increases the chances that you become ill, so obviously something that you want to avoid.


Finally, the last of the fat burning vitamins to make sure that you take in is calcium.  Calcium is important for promoting strong bones so that you can maintain your activity level over time, but it’s also going to help ensure that you don’t suffer from cramping during your workout as well.

Furthermore, those who have higher intakes of calcium in their diet tend to lose belly fat more easily than those who don’t, so that’s another reason to get in this fat burning vitamin.

So there you have the top fat burning vitamins that you need to know about.  Taking all of these will make sure you’re putting up your best defence in the fight against body fat.

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