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You Asked, We Answered: Fat Burning Tablets – Will These Work?

By Rob Poulos...

For many, the allure is too much: Fat burning tablets that claim to make you slim without needing to cut out certain food groups, endure sweaty exercise, or even watch your calories.  But is it really too good to be true?  Today we’ll discuss what fat burning tablets are and if they’re really worth your bottom dollar.

What are Fat Burning Tablets?

Chances are if you’ve glossed over a magazine, visited your local retail store, or watched TV, you’ve heard about them–tablets that claim they can accelerate your metabolism and send you fat-burning potential skyrocketing.  Here’s how they work: These tablets contain ingredients that increase the rate of thermogenesis, a bodily process that in turn also increases your metabolism.  When you have a higher metabolism, a beautiful thing happens–you lose more weight (and fat) effortlessly, without having to diet or exercise.

Fat Burning Tablets – Will These Work?

Chances are you’ve heard about the biggest fat burning tablets on the market.  Zantrex, Metabolife, and yes, even Hydroxycut are all tablets that claim to increase your fat loss; tablets labeled as “appetite-suppressing” or “energy-boosting” also contain some sort of fat burning ingredient.  But do they really work?

Well, here’s the deal: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Nearly all of the fat burning tablets available today don’t work, according to research.  Some are even dangerous for you, such as fat burning tablets containing bitter orange, which has been shown to increase a person’s risk for heart problems.  In actuality, few ingredients have the potential to increase a person’s metabolism.

Ingredients in Fat Burning Tablets that Work

As a rule of thumb, most ingredients in fat burning tablets simply don’t work—in fact, most of the ingredients that do work tend to be illegal, such as ephedra.  However, not all ingredients are bad news–here’s what to look out for:

–  Green tea.  It’s a favorite of diet manufacturers, and for good reason–it’s relatively inexpensive and can increase a person’s metabolism, according to recent research.  Green tea is also a great way to lower you risk of heart disease and cancer, thanks to its heart-healthy antioxidants.  Best bet: Look for organic extracts, not powders, which are higher grade and are more likely to produce better results.

–  Yohimbine.  Although commonly used to combat the side effects of certain antidepressants, yohimbine was shown to increase fat loss in athletes, according to a recent study.  Although limited evidence exists for yohimbine, current evidence is positive about its fat loss potential.  Be careful not to confuse it with yohimbe, the plant from which it is derived–yohimbe only contains a small fraction of yohimbine, so it may not be as effective.

–  Caffeine. Though it has never been connected with higher metabolic activity, it’s a good fat loss agent for different reasons–namely its ability to suppress your appetite.  Caffeine may also make you feel more energetic and improve your exercise performance, making it a good aid in any fat burning supplement. Where to find it: Most supplements include this in anhydrous form, which essentially means “without water.”  Here’s you’ll get the best energy boost for your buck.

To choose the best supplement for you, make sure it contains at least one of these ingredients; more is better.  Also, watch out for any ingredients you may not recognize–it could be dangerous for you, so avoid when possible.

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