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The Fat Burning Soup Diet: How it Works, Its Safety, Plus Recipes

By Rob Poulos...

There’s a new diet in town, and it’s called the fat burning soup diet.  It’s known by other names–the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet–and the premise is simple: Sip this soup all day and you’ll drop a lot of weight.  But you won’t just lose 1-2lbs. per week–you’ll lose this much per day.  You’ll also be asked to eat a combination of foods from day to day, from bananas to beef and everything in between.  At the end of the diet, which usually lasts in week cycles, you can expect to lose up to 17lbs.

It seems too good to be true.  And it could be.

How the Fat Burning Soup Diet Works

The fat burning soup diet operates on a familiar principle discussed before on this site, called negative calorie dieting.  The negative calorie theory believes that certain foods, such as low calorie fruits and vegetables, take more energy (calories) to digest than they actually contain, causing you to be in a negative calorie deficit when you eat it.  The fat burning soup diet too embraces these principles, claiming its soup will make you burn more calories than you consume.  The result? The pounds effortlessly fall off.

To follow the plan, you simply need to create its special fat burning soup–nothing more than glamorized vegetable soup–while eating any combination of foods from day to day.  For instance, on day 1, you’re allowed to eat as much fruit as you want except bananas; on day 2, you’ll eat only vegetables.  It sounds bizarre, but proponents of the diet claim this helps flush fat faster–and you’ll look thinner as a result.

Will the Fat Burning Soup Diet Work?

The fat burning soup diet could help you lose weight–but not in the way you expect.

Why?  The negative calorie principle has been proven false multiple times (you don’t burn as many calories when you eat fruits and vegetables), but you will lose weight, and that’s thanks to the soup.  Or, to be more precise, the lack of calories it contains.  According to some estimates, it hardly contains more than 100 calories–for the entire soup!  Combined with the vegetables and fruits you have to eat daily, you’ll hardly eat more than 1000 calories a day, and that’s if you eat a lot of vegetables.  If you don’t, expect your calorie count to be around the 500 mark.  Most diet practitioners recommend 1200 calories as the dietary minimum; very low calorie diets start at 800 calories.

So you’ll lose weight–but it’s more likely due to the lack of calories you’re consuming.

Is the Fat Burning Soup Diet Safe?

For starters, this diet is nothing more than a very low calorie diet–and with that comes its own set of risks.  According to several studies, people who eat very low calorie diets are at a higher risk for gallstones, which can cause pain similar to a heart attack.  To make matters worse, expect to feel constipated more often, as well as irritable and tired (calories are energy, after all).

Verdict: We don’t recommend this diet–it’s far too extreme and complicated.

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  1. London Nutritionist

    100% right here. Eating only soup is bound so slow down your metabolic rate and hinder weightloss.

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