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Fat Burning Lessons From Alec Baldwin & Martin Scorcese?

By Rob Poulos...

I finally had the chance to take a break from my hectic schedule
working with my Fat Burning Furnace students the other day so I
could watch the movie the won the oscar for best picture this
year, The Departed.

If you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re a fan of Scorcese’s other
gangster flix you’ll want to check it out…it was great!  I
don’t know if was movie of the year, but it was up there with
the best of them.

But as great of a movie as it was, the one thing that has stuck
with me is a line from the character Alec Baldwin plays in the
movie.  In this particular scene, Alec and the other cops are
going out for a smoke break and he asks Matt Damon’s character
if he want’s to go.  Then without letting Matt answer, he says
“Oh, I forgot you don’t smoke…you’re probably a fitness freak
too…are you a fitness freak?  Go <bleep> yourself!”

Now, he said this half jokingly, and it was my natural reaction
to chuckle, but the I realized that Alec’s character also
demonstrated one of the very secrets I teach my Fat Burning
Furnace students.

And that is, surrounding yourself with like-minded people. While
you may not know Alec Baldwin’s character personally, It’s a
safe bet that you’ve got people in your life that give you the
same attitude when it comes to your fat loss and fitness goals.
They may not even say it to your face, but there are all sorts
ways that these “grinches” can start to cloud your mind in your
pursuit of life long health and fitness.

What do you do with these people?  Fagettaboutit!  Seriously, if
you expect permanent fat loss and fitness results, you need to
take a look at the people you surround yourself with and decide
whether they’re helping or hurting your goals.

Then, have a discussion with those that aren’t helping, and let
’em know how important this goal is to you.  If they’re good
people, they’ll understand.  If they don’t, you might need to
re-evaluate your relationship with them.  Remember, your
happiness comes first.


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  1. Leon

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