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5 Best Fat Burning Food Combination to Stay Lean and Feel Great!

By Rob Poulos...

So it’s time to feel the burn–in your food!  Personal trainers say that although exercise matters, what you eat matters more–and by eating the wrong food combinations, you could gain fat instead of losing it.  If you’d rather stay slim than fat, then read on for some food combinations that will blast fat quickly.

5 Best Fat Burning Food Combinations

If you need some pick-me-ups during your diet, then don’t fret–here are five fat burning food combinations that will keep fat at bay.  Rev up your taste buds and try these on for a spin:

1. Whole grains and lean protein.  Nutritionists know two food combinations reduce hunger for good–fiber and protein.  It’s also scientifically proven: According to two studies, people who add adequate amounts of fiber and protein felt less hungry (and therefore ate fewer calories) than people who opted for junk food.  You too can take advantage of this trend–just start with breakfast.

Good breakfast options: For breakfast, opt for an egg white sandwich on whole wheat bread or toast with scrambled eggs.  If you’re running low on time, a quick tuna sandwich with a sprinkle of black pepper is the easier way to stay nourished–and full.

2. Soup and protein.  Here’s the funny thing about soup–as well as being a great way to warm up during the winter, it can also prevent you from eating more calories.  Why?  According to one study, people who had a bowl of soup before lunch ate substantially fewer calories per day, even when their caloric intake wasn’t high.  This is all probably thanks to the soup’s voluminous broth, which can create the illusion of fullness even when you’re in a caloric deficit.  So sip up–here’s how to use it to your advantage.

Good lunch options: If you have time to spare, consider pairing a bowl of vegetable or chicken soup with a lean turkey breast wrap.  Remember to use a whole wheat tortilla, which will also give you plenty of soluble fiber to keep your digestive system healthy.

3. Healthy fats and fiber.  Try this: Eat your favorite carbohydrate-containing food alone and see what happens.  Chances are you’ll notice hunger pangs sprouting up quicker than usual–and that’s because carbohydrates alone aren’t filling.  To keep hunger on the down low, simply add a healthy fat, which dulls your appetite for longer.  Look for something called “monounsaturated” for the healthiest way to fill up.

Good meal options: For on-the-go meals, peanut butter on whole wheat toast is an easy way to get in plenty of fat and fiber.  Consider other healthy options too, such as salad with almonds, whole wheat pizza with a light drizzle of olive oil, or almond peanut butter balls.

Also, Don’t Forget

Remember, keep the food healthy but filling–and avoid processed food whenever possible!  A healthy body is a lean body, and by fueling your body with real foods, you’ll reap the rewards quickly, in the form of quick weight loss.

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