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5 Fat Burning Diet Tips to Boost Your Results and Get Skinny

By Rob Poulos...

Losing weight is easy, but when it comes to lowering your body fat, most dieters struggle–and ultimately fail.  Here’s why: Weight loss and fat loss aren’t the same thing, and chances are what you’re doing to lose weight won’t help you shed the fat.  Worse yet, it may actually cause you to gain fat–obviously something we don’t want!

To help you slim down and trim the fat, here are 5 simple fat burning diet tips anyone can follow:

Fat Burning Diet Tips to Boost Your Results

1. Don’t starve yourself.  While it is a myth that skipping meals will slow down your metabolism, according to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who skip meals or snacks may be tempted to binge later on due to out of control hunger levels.  Obviously binge-a-thons won’t help you lose fat, so eat smart: Eat regularly so you never feel ravenously hungry.  For some people, this may be 5 meals a day; for others, 3 meals and two small snacks can tide them over.  Remember, do what works for you!

2. Switch soda for green tea.  Although soda provides a nice caffeine boost, it also shoots empty calories into your system–over 100 calories per can, according to most soda brands.  The high sugar content in soda can also send your hunger–and cravings–skyrocketing.  For an easy way to burn fat, try this instead: Switch soda for warm green tea, a tea clinically shown to help people burn more fat.  For caffeine addicts, you’ll also love that it also contains your favorite energy boost–but it’s healthier for you too.

3. Switch cardio for weightlifting.  Don’t believe the hype that cardio can make you thin–while it can increase your calorie burn, it can actually prevent you from losing more fat because it can halt or lower your muscle mass, which you need for a higher metabolism.  As a result, your weight loss may increase, but you’ll lose more muscle in the process, having a higher fat to muscle ratio.  If you want to be lean, not thin, then you don’t want this.

The solution: Switch to exercises that promote the growth of lean muscle tissue, such as lifting weights.  Exercises that target more than one muscle group, called compound exercises, are the best because you burn more calories while improving your fitness levels.

4. Get “whey” healthy.  Studies show that high protein diets promote more satiety, but whey protein may have an even bigger benefit–it could increase your metabolism.  According to a 2008 study published in the British Medical Journal, high protein diets that included whey protein were the best at decreasing body weight.  A higher metabolism also means you’ll have an easier time burning off unwanted body fat–and you can reap these benefits with a cool glass of whey protein.

5. Cut out the excess.  Everyone loves food–but enjoying it too much can sabotage our ability to lose body fat.  For a slimmer bod, try this: Cut out any extras from your diet to accelerate fat loss, such as condiments, sauce, and processed food.  These foods may add flavor to your diet, but they do so at a cost–overloading your body with huge amounts of saturated fat, calories, and worse yet, trans fat.  Instead, load up on healthful food instead, such as vegetables, fruits, and lean protein sources such as chicken and turkey.

Also, don’t forget the importance of hydration–being too dehydrated can actually make you hungry, so make it a point to drink water often.

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  1. fitinthemiddle

    I like your advice about not skipping snacks. People wait too long to eat, feel like they’re starving and then gorge themselves on saturated fat or simple carbohydrates. Eat smaller meals more often and you will avoid this.

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