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Fat Burning Apple Pie?

By Rob Poulos...

Here in the U.S., we’re in the middle of summer and recently
celebrated our country’s independence day.  I had a great time
spending a few days with my family out on the water in northern
Michigan.  Here’s a pic of me and my son that we took on the

Now, whenever a holiday hits, you know that you will usually
be faced with an abundance of foods that are not necessarily
rich in nutrients  or supportive to a healthy fat burning
lifestyle.  Like apple pie, for instance.

So that brings up a very important point when talking about
living your life in a lean and healthy body.  As I often do, I’m
talking about the long term approach, not stuff like ‘how to
lose 10 pounds by next week’. (Losing 10 pounds by next week,
by the way, is not usually a good idea.)

The point I’m referring to is how to incorporate some of your
favorite treats or foods into your healthy eating lifestyle.
There are two approaches here that I’ve found can work well, but
I tend to favor one over the other.  Let’s discuss them and I’ll
also tell you why I go with the second strategy over the first
more often than not.

First off is the method where you use ‘cheat days’.  Basically,
you eat healthy for 6 days of the week, but then on that seventh
day, you totally abandon your diet and eat whatever and how much
you want.  This can be an effective strategy for two main
reasons.  For one, it allows you to relax mentally, giving you a
psychological vacation from your diet once a week.  And two, it
helps fight your body’s ability to adapt to certain eating
patterns.  This is especially effective when one is restricting

There are, however, some problems with this method.  A cheat day
is most effective when you are on a traditional ‘diet’, which I
don’t recommend.  If you’re getting 80 to 90 percent of your
calories from a variety of nutrient rich whole foods, you’re not
on a diet.  And you won’t need or even want a cheat day after a
while.  So while a cheat day may be beneficial if you’re on one
of those severe calorie restriction diets, you don’t need them
as part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Earlier I mentioned a second method to including your favorite
treats into your lifestyle.  This is the method I favor and the
one I recommend to my Fat Burning Furnace students.  Basically,
reserve your favorite treats for special occasions.  Birthdays,
holidays, etc.  With the greeting card companies spitting out
new holidays seemingly at will, you’ll have plenty of
opportunities to indulge throughout the year.

Yeah, it’s a pretty simple approach, but highly effective.  And
it becomes more effective the more you live a lifestyle of
eating healthy whole foods.  Your body will not be hooked on
those treats like it was before.  And the few times you do eat
them will place even more emphasis on them as ‘treats’ and not
everyday foods.

As my family and I enjoyed the weather up in northern Michigan
these past few days, I enjoyed a slice or two of apple pie a la
mode.  And was it good.  But it’s not going to jeopardize the
way I eat day in day out because those are the habits I’ve built
by providing my body with the nutrients it craves on a regular

I’m not Superman, but I can tell you that the apple pie bounced
off of my fat burning furnace like a bullet ricocheting off of
the man of steel.  When you’ve built an environment in your body
that burns calories and fat like clockwork, that apple pie will
seem like even more of a treat.

What treat did you indulge in this  holiday?


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Donaldson

    Hi Rob,

    I enjoyed your article. I agree 100% with your take on all the so called “Diets” out there today. Like you, I’m a firm beleiver in changing ones eating habits to something you can live with for a lifetime. Myself, I don’t need “cheat days”, I just eat a healthy mix of nutritional foods every day with the correct macronutrient mix for the results that I want to acheive. If we could just get that across to all those “dieters” out there I think we could back on the obesity problem today.

    Jim Donaldson

  2. Rob

    Hey Jim, great thoughts…you are right on the money with this…the diet mindset is totally killing most people’s chances for a lean, strong, and healthy body.


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