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Fat Burning Apple Delight (Recipe)

By Rob Poulos...

I was watching an old episode one of my favorite TV shows (The Office) the other night and on the show, the whole office staff was doing a fat loss challenge…

…now, I loooove this show, but there was one scene where one of the office workers catches one of the employees eating peanut butter-

-well, the guy eating the peanut butter gets reamed out for eating ‘fatty food’!


Peanut Butter is NOT bad for you…

…the truth is all natural peanut butter, almond butter and other nut butters are fantastic sources of healthy fats that will actually make you burn more fat faster!

Yes, it is higher in calories, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy or can’t be part of a fat burning lifestyle.

In fact one of the best fat burning snacks to kill your hunger between meals goes a little something like this:

1. Take an apple (organic if possible) and remove the core (keep the skin on).  There are some cool little cutting tools from companies like ‘The Pampered Chef’ that take the core out in one slice.

2. Next, slice it 5 times horizontally so you are left with 6 circular slices

3. Take 1-2 tablespoons of all natural peanut or almond butter and spread it on three of the slices.  BE CAREFUL: Don’t fall for leading supermarket brands that claim to be all-natural…check the ingredients!  Food manufacturers try to sneak added sugar, the dreaded fat storing High Fructose Corn Syrup, partially hydrogenated oils and all sorts of junk in there.

Instead, look for a nut butter that has the ingredients of just the nuts, and maybe some sea salt.  That’s it, nothing else.

4. Take the other 3 naked apple slices and stick ’em on the buttered ones to make 3 tasty little fat burning apple delight sandwiches.

5. Eat ’em and enjoy…YUM!

This is an extremely delicious and nutritious flab busting, hunger crushing snack, using only real natural foods…

…but you’d probably never enjoy this awesome recipe if you watched TV when I did, as you might be tempted to mistakenly believe all Peanut Butter is a bad food choice.

For another great use of nut butters in a super healthy and almost criminally delicious snack, try these little babies, Prograde Cravers.

So again, with all of the misinformation and confusion out there about nutrition, you have to stay on top of things and make informed decisions about what is right and wrong for your body.

How did u like your own Fat Burning Apple Delight?

Let us know about any other great healthy snacks you are known to whip up in the comments below!

Alright, I’ll be back soon with more tips for ‘ya…

Talk soon,

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  1. melissa

    thanks for pointing out the importance of peanuts-only peanut better! our go-to snack is celery stick with peanut butter — crunchy & satisfying. (if you add raisins, we used to call it ants on a log)

  2. McKenzie

    Great idea! I usually just eat apple wedges with peanut butter but I love the idea of a sandwich. :) It really is the perfect combo, so delicious!

  3. Lynn

    I want to know how you get that much nutbutter between these apple slices and still have enough for the other 2 apple slices and all out of a tablespoon. I need to shop where you shop. I put the nutbutter on my pineapple chunks and strawberries. My daughter is going to be here this weekend. I asked her what she wanted me to make her. One answer was grilled pineapple.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Lynn, the picture is a bit deceiving… small apple, and some of that nut butter is oozing out one side… but you can use up to 2 tablespoons for the whole apple.

  4. Martha

    Thank u great ….I will share it !

  5. Lurline Mcculloch

    Organic celery, stuffed with organic (grass fed cows) cottage cheese.. Mix cheese with small amount of cider vinegar and pepper before spreading.


    Hi Rob,
    Good day to you, I’ve been following/reading the mails you’d sent to me, for what arer new articles to read on.
    I love peanuts/butter but how about my arthritis? I noticed that when I eat peanuts, 3 days after I have a gout attack, Is thi peanut high in PURINES?
    Please have a look on this food and advise me for the news.Should I continue eating this or not.

    • jerry

      black cherry juice is a all natural gout remedy. i dont know who you could get it from where you live , if you live in western canada you can get it from a company called, triple jims ,it can be found in most health food stores ,if not they could find it for you .at this point i should let you know that this company is my dads.but im not trying to sell his juice ,im just trying to be helpfull .

  7. Claire

    hi, these sounds (and taste) Awesome! but aren’t they making the dreaded fat+carb combo that we’re supposed to avoid? please please tell me I’m wrong!!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Claire, an apple and natural fats from nut butter is not to be dreaded as far as health and fat loss…

      • Claire

        awesome :) also just tried my hand at making almond butter in my food processor, worked well, and tastes goooood!

  8. Carl

    Hi Rob,

    The apple delight looks delicious. I am wondering, is that one tablespoon of peanut butter for all six slices of apple or one tablespoon per two slices of apple. The photo you show obviously has more than one tablespoon of peanut butter.

    Thanks for your reply,


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Carl, you can use 1-2 tablespoons and a medium size apple and you’ll be around 200-350 cals.

  9. Ann

    I really enjoy a whole wheat pita filled with alpha sprouts and avocado slices. The natural flavors really compliment each other well.

  10. dd

    yet another confirmation that I do the right thing not watching or even owning a TV. lol.
    a lot of yummy stuff in your blog’s recipes.

  11. Jean-Luc

    Sounds good… i think i will try it with organic raw almond butter instead of peanut butter, though. :)

  12. Susan

    Hi Rob, Your snack looks very appetizing and super healthy. I’m going to try it and I may add some organic cinammon on the inside of the apple slices. For my snack, I also enjoy coring an apple (granny smith) adding cinammon to the inside and baking at 375 degrees for about 35-40 minutes. It’s delicious and tastes like apple pie with the unhealthy, (albeit tasty), pie crust.
    Also, just saw a recipe of Mike Geary’s for chocolate pudding that looks absolutely awesome! The ingredients include 1 or 2 ripe avocadoes, organic coconut or almond milk, 2 t or T of organic, raw, unsweetened cacao, stevia, (I plan to substitute agave for the stevia), and protein powder. How rockin’! I plan to also add some chia seeds to mine. Mike also suggests finishing the pudding with strawberries, (organic), but I might experiment with raspberries. Any way, sorry for not having all the specific amounts of things to add, but this is the jist. Mix and mush all the ingredients together for a scrumptous and super, healthy snack/dessert. Good health to all!

  13. Susan

    Hey, It’s Susan again. I have the recipe for Mike Geary’s pudding. I left out some ingredients the first time. Please also include about 3 T of nut butter, (natural,organic), and 1/2 t of vanilla.

    As for the other ingredients; 1/2 avocado; 1/4 cup of coconut milk; 2 T organic cacao powder; a little stevia, (I’m using agave); a little less than a scoop of protein powder. Also, a pinch of sea salt.

    I think one can also vary the taste by adding cinammon, or coffee, or a touch of cayenne pepper. Enjoy!

  14. Engracia Dougherty

    Just thought I’d tell you that peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes, and grow underground much like potatoes. Nuts grow on trees or bushes.

    • Rob Poulos

      Yes, thanks Engracia… though it’s much easier to just refer to them as nuts since they share a nutrient profile similar to nuts rather than most legumes.

  15. barbara

    Thanks for the awesome recipe .
    I prefer coconut or almond butter instead.
    I am not to big on Peanut.
    Try this with pears too, it tast great.

  16. rocky

    Yeah we get it’s healthy fat but to add what she was saying about combining carbs and fats (healthy fats) Joel Marion, John Roman, and a bunch of other fitness guys tell us to never do this. They say to keep meals either protein and carbs or protein and fats. So this isn’t really a fat burning recipe according to those guys.

    • Joel Marion

      Hey Rocky,

      Good point, you’ve been listening :) In reality it’s OK to combine fat with a small amount of carbs, especially if they are low GI.

      An apple contains about 15g of carbs and a good amount of fiber so it doesn’t cause much of animation spike at all. Mostly what we are trying to avoid is mixing insulin with fat (especially late in the day) so this one still qualifies as a goodie! All the best, Joel

  17. Madhavan Nair

    Any specific all natural peanut butter you can suggest; I’m not sure whether they are available in Malaysia apart from the usual “supermarket bestsellers”!!

    • Claire

      hi, just thought I’d let you know that if you have a food processor its really quite easy to make your own, all you need is raw peanuts (or any kind of nut) and you just process them (scraping the sides) until it becomes a paste (approx 15 min) :)

  18. Jill

    Bought my jar of natural peanut butter today and enjoyed my first apple delight – absolutely delicious! Thanks for the suggestion. Would it do for the pre-exercise protein/carb boost I read about somewhere today too?

  19. Lee

    I found natural crunch peanut butter (nothing but peanuts in the mix) and some fresh SC apples. A great mix. This has just become my evening snack along with some other suggestions from you. Great taste and nice.

  20. Annie

    Hey Rob…most delicious snack you provided. I had been avoiding my jar of peanut butter, until I saw your apple/pnut snack idea! I stumbled upon an apple snack of my own invention. Too tired to make an entire salad the other night, I chunked up an organic apple, finely chopped a bit of red onion (to taste), topped that off with a half-inch cube of organic Feta cheese, then topped that off with a splash of organic raspberry vinegarette…yum, yum, yum! I am a 20 year cancer survivor, therefore, am *very* fussing about the origins of my food.

    Healthy eating! Annie

  21. Maryam

    i havent come across any peanut butter that doesnt say “sugar” in the ingredients. please help! can i make natural peanut butter at home? help!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey maryam, you may have to look to a health food store or healthy grocer like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for nut butters with no sugar…

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