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F-A-T In The U-S-A

By Rob Poulos...

Well, it’s out.  This year’s national obesity report for the United States was released a couple of days ago…and here are the results:

-Not even 1 state showed a decline in obesity rate
-31 states showed an increase in obesity rate

Man oh man. It’s not gettin’ any better is it?

I’ve always maintained that your health and fitness is a personal choice, and that you alone are responsible.

BUT, the way these obesity rates keep climbing, it’s becoming
clear that what people in this country are up against is just getting worse.

What I mean is, you can control what and how you eat, how you exercise, etc.  But when faced with “life” today in the U.S., it’s never been more obvious that you have to be prepared.

That’s the kind of stuff I teach in my Fat Burning Furnace system.

There are just too many opportunities that we come in contact with every single day that can reduce our chance of lasting health and fitness.

Lack of health education is one problem.  But even with that, you must be on guard at all times against a society that is rapidly creating food addictions and just plain unhealthy life habits with far too many citizens.

And don’t get me started on school lunches…sheesh.

Anyway, enough of my rant…tap the link below for the full story on this report from MSNBC…I hope it shocks you into ‘fat burning defense mode’ if you’re not there already.


And if you’ve got some ideas on what we can do to help (outside of handing a Fat Burning Furnace guide to everyone at birth), or just some thoughts on this growing problem…let me know below.


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  1. Theresa

    Hi Rob. I love your FBF workout and how it covers many facets of well-being. After reading your blog and looking at the nation’s obesity problem, there is one thing missing — most people are never taught to feel their feelings instead of eating. Most people are taught from a young age by watching their parents — instead of feeling their feelings, they do something to stuff them down, like eating, or something else to numb themselves — and this can be done by anything – smoking, drinking, drugs/pot, overworking, overspending, indulging in too much tv, rescuing, people-pleasing, etc. Everyone who does not truly feel their feelings, let them fade and face the essential realities of life, will choose a “drug” to make themselves feel better instead of using something natural to make themselves feel good.

    Since the 1970’s, the numbers of smokers have declined significantly. However, what do most people do when they quit smoking? They eat more! Why? Because they never dealt with whatever was causing them to smoke to begin with! So, as a nation went from smokers to nonsmokers, the drug of choice went from cigarettes to food! This is one of the reasons why the obesity rate has climbed in the last 30 years.

    I’ve been an emotional eater for most of my life and I’ve been on every diet and exercise program known to man. Like many dieters before me, I know the calorie and carb and fat count of every food and I can do aerobics and lift weights every day of the week, but still eat like crap even though I know better! Most overweight people can’t stick to a plan long term to lose the weight and keep it off unless they truly deal with the underlying causes of WHY they eat to begin with. If you don’t deal with your issues, you will just substitute another “drug” of choice when you stop overeating — overspending, overworking, drinking, overexercising, etc. You get the idea.

    I finally found a program that addresses the underlying issues and changes the way you think so that you TURN OFF THAT DRIVE PERMANENTLY to go to excess not matter what it is. You no longer WANT to eat poorly, or to sit around instead of exercising, or not take care of your health because those pathways in your brain have been retrained. I truly believe that if this program (which is about learning to feel your feelings and set good nurturing limits with yourself) was taught in every grade school in the country, the next generation of children would be healthy and vibrant! Its called the Solution by Laurel Melllin. The children’s version was called The Shapedown program. The website is http://www.thepathway.org. I encourage you to check it out.

    One other thing — I know you are into law of attraction so you know that if we shout “NO” or “fight” obesity, we will create more obesity (just like the “just say no to drug” campaign actually created more drugs and the “war on terrorism” created more terrorism). We need to instead shout “YES” to eating healthfully and exercising and feeling our feelings.

    Thanks for the great program!! I’m shouting YES to it!

  2. Jim Donaldson

    Hi Rob,
    I strongly agree with you on your comment that it’s a personal choice and that you alone are responsible for your health. My health was in total self destruct mode until I personally made the decision to change, my only regret was the fact that I waited so long to finally come to my senses and do it. The facts remain though, as you said, “life” today is hard do deal with. I would like to tell you about a situation that I was faced with last year, I’ll make it short, but I think it causes one to think. My 30 year career came to an end last year when it was outsourced to China and left me unemployed. Well under the trade act I was entitled to receive government paid training in a new field, well I had been studying nutrition for a couple years and thought that this would be a great opportunity to get some professional schooling so that I could actually pursue a career as a fitness trainer or nutritionist, boy, was I in for a surprise. They told me that there had to be an “employment demand” for the field of study you chose and that my choice didn’t fall under their classification of a “field of demand”, I won’t even mention what my reply to them was, I’ll just end by saying that I paid for my own schooling and did receive my diploma as a Fitness/Nutrition specialist. Once again, your comment “your health and fitness is a personal choice and you alone are responsible” really hit home with me.
    Best in health,

  3. Colin Smith

    I had an overweight issue that was resolved by a Louise Hay 2-day “Heal Your Life” weekend. I would have gone to America from Australia for the benefits of that weekend. However, I just needed to travel 400 kilomentres to attend. That healing weekend released me from my pre-conceived ideas of myself-it lifted my emotional intelligence, which affects our Intelligence Quotent-truly a win-win situation. I was motivated as never before, becuse I was now living in a “Stress Free Zone” for the first time in my life of then 61 years.
    I was motivated to seek out a naturopath who identified a liver that needed healing by nutrition and supplements for about two years. The liver damage was caused by over-the -counter headache tablets. No doubt I am now a student and promoter of natural health.
    You will hear more about me and my efforts in this area very shortly.

  4. Me

    Here is my theory:

    The US Food and Drug administration has, over the last 50 years, created a
    society where all drug companies will continue to grow rich by providing
    useless drugs that don’t cure anything, only mask symptoms of bad health
    brought on by the Food industries contamination of our food. We are eating
    chemical soaked, genetically altered, hormone drenched, anti-biotic filled
    “foods” that if you actually read the ingredients of most of what you put in
    your mouth, you’d realize your not eating food.

    I suspect that mass destruction of the American race will begin to occur
    with this generation. My children are fed ONLY organic foods grown and
    prepared and dried or canned the very old fashion way using Himalayan sea
    salt as the only preservative, and they almost never get sick. When they do
    become ill, they are only treated with the best naturopathic, herbal
    medicines money can buy. Their school mates are sick 10 times more often,
    have more complaints of poor digestion, terrible sleep habits, a lack of
    focus and about 45 % are over weight. These children are slated to have a
    life expectancy of 55 years. That is cave man statistics.

    So remember, you are not only what you eat, but you are as healthy as the
    food you put into your body. You are only as contaminated as the
    contaminations you allow to enter you body. Pop, concentrated juice,
    anything man has made, manipulated, preserved will ultimately destry your
    perfect dna. Yep, exercise all you want but unless you detox, then go as
    organic as humanly possible your only going to delay the inevatable.

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