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Coffee and Weight Loss – Can Coffee Help You Achieve Fat Loss Success?

By Rob Poulos...

When it comes to weight loss, we all look for any edge we can. For some of us that means a high fiber diet while for others it means an extra cup of java. But does coffee actually offer any weight loss advantages or is this just another weight loss myth?

Keep reading to find out if there really is a link between coffee and weight loss.

Coffee & Weight Loss

Coffee and weight loss have often been linked causally, but does that mean that coffee can help you lose weight? In a way, yes.

You see although the research on the link between drinking coffee and losing weight isn’t close to reaching a consensus, there are legitimate reasons that the link could exist. This doesn’t mean that you should double or triple your daily dose coffee, but you should know that the one cup you do have can simply boost fat loss efforts.

There are three specific reasons coffee has been linked to weight loss;

Appetite Suppressant: The caffeine in coffee can suppress your appetite, which inevitably will lead to weight loss particularly if you currently consume more calories than your body needs. This appetite suppression, however, is somewhat inconclusive right now as there is no way to gauge exactly how long the appetite will be suppressed.

Water Weight: For many dieters the caffeine in coffee has diuretic properties which makes you go to the bathroom more. This loss of water will have a positive impact on your weight, but you should keep in mind that this is just water weight not body fat. The temporary loss of water weight will make your weight go down, but not so significantly that you can forego a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Fat Burning: Another way in which coffee and fat loss are linked is due to the thermogenic properties of coffee. The caffeine found in coffee boosts your metabolism so you can burn more of the calories you consume. This can help with weight loss because if you’re burning more calories, fewer of them are being converted—and stored—as fat. When doubled with a calorie controlled diet, its clear to see how this can boost fat loss.

Coffee Dangers

Before you start a coffee regimen of 3 cups a day just to give yourself a weight loss edge, it is important that you understand the potential side effects of a high caffeine diet. The amount of caffeine in coffee can and does vary based on the brewing method and the roast level. The general rule is the darker the coffee bean, the higher the caffeine content, so if you’re an espresso drinker your caffeine intake is the highest, around 100 mg per shot.

Some of the side effects associated with drinking too much coffee can include insomnia, which can have a negative impact on your ability to make healthy diet and exercise choices. Your decision-making abilities are affected by a lack of sleep, which means you’re less likely to make decisions that foster weight loss.

Drinking too much coffee just to stimulate fat loss can make you nervous, increase your blood pressure and cause nausea among a host of other problems.

Calories In Coffee

Another reason that there seems to be a positive association between coffee and losing weight is because coffee is a zero-calorie beverage. So while this doesn’t mean that coffee can help you lose weight, if you don’t add too much milk, cream or sugar to your daily cup then you won’t gain weight either.

Coffee can become a problem for those of you trying to lose weight if you add tons of fat and sugar to make your coffee drinkable. Take advantage of the weight loss benefits of coffee by enjoying a naked coffee—without cream or sugar. If you can’t drink coffee without added sugar and fat, maybe coffee isn’t the drink for you.

More Coffee = More Weight Loss?

Should you drink more coffee to boost your weight loss efforts?

The negative side effects of drinking too much coffee could outweigh the weight loss benefits of coffee. I wouldn’t suggest increase the amount of coffee you already drink each day; just enjoy the weight loss boost you get from your regular coffee regimen. Most of us already drink too much coffee and therefore are more prone to the side effects noted above that can hurt your weight loss efforts.

Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

So you know now that coffee and weight loss have some associations, unfortunately none of them have been proven with absolute certainty.

The small ways in which coffee helps your weight loss efforts does not make it a suitable alternative for a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. The thermogenic effects of coffee can help you burn more calories, but only in addition to tried & true methods of weight loss.

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee and let the smalls ways it helps shed fat be just that; a nice little way to boost your weight loss efforts.

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  1. burningfatbuildingmuscle

    Well thanks for that info now we know the advantage an disadvantage of the coffee in weight loss…

  2. Jon

    Funny how categorically opposite views there are on coffee! I just read from another site that coffee increases appetite as opposed to suppressing it and that it actually slows down metabolism instead of boosting it. Very confusing!

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