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Choosing Your Calorie Intake For Your Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

By Rob Poulos...

The very first step that you must take when selecting your calorie intake for your fast weight loss diet plan is figuring out precisely how many calories you’re going to consume each day. While what you eat on a daily basis is going to play a key role in whether or not you lose body fat weight versus lean muscle tissue, if you don’t have the total calorie intake where it needs to be, you’re going to be hard pressed to see results.

Calorie intake is absolutely paramount on any fast weight loss plan, so it’s vital that you spend some time considering this.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the main things that you should know.

Your Activity Level

Before you set your desired calorie intake, one thing that you must factor in is how physically active you are on a regular basis.  Since those who are constantly moving around are going to be burning up more calories on a daily basis compared to those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle, this will factor into how many calories they need to consume in order to see weight loss.

Far too many people think that the only time they’ll be burning calories is when they hit the gym, but this is far from the case.  All those daily activities they do will really add up over time so the more active you are, the faster you’ll see results.

Your Degree Of Leanness

Another important element that goes into how many calories you should be eating on a daily basis is how lean you currently are.  The leaner you are, that is, the more muscle mass you have on your body versus fat mass, the more calories you will burn just existing.

This is due to the fact that muscle tissue is a very energy expensive tissue burning up more calories than the equivalent amount of fat each day.

One individual who has ten pounds more lean muscle mass than another will have a higher overall daily energy requirement.  This is one reason why strength training is so vital in the long term scheme of things if you wan to maintain a lean body composition.

Your Desired Rate Of Weight Loss

The third thing to consider when figuring out your calorie intake for a fast diet plan is thinking about what rate of weight loss you want to experience.  Are you looking for one pound of fat loss per week? Half a pound? Do you want to really push it and shoot for two pounds of fat loss each week?

How quickly you want to lose weight will determine how large  a calorie deficit you must create to reach your weight loss goals.  Just be aware of the fact that you can take the deficit too high. If you’re eating an ultra low calorie diet, your metabolism is going to slow and you will then see very little fat loss results, if you see any at all.

So there you have the main factors that you should be considering any time you’re creating a fast weight loss diet plan.  Getting that calorie intake set out from the start is the most important thing that you must do.

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