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Carb Cycling and Weight Loss – Does It Really Work?

By Rob Poulos...

The one thing most of us know about carbs and weight loss is that too many carbs is not going to help us reach our fat loss goals. But with the popularity of the Atkins and Dukan diets, many people have taken fear of carbs to a new level of extreme. These diets encourage very low carbohydrate intakes rather than emphasizing eating more complex carbs for fat loss.

This extreme carb-cutting had professional and recreational bodybuilders secretly snickering at these carb-phobic dieters because they knew the secret trick of carb cycling and weight loss. Keep reading and you’ll know what they know about eating carbs while you lose weight!

What Is Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is a creative method of weight loss that allows you to eat carbs and still lose weight, minus those pesky no-carb side effects. In fact cycling is just as it sounds; some days you eat a low carb diet while the other days you enjoy a higher intake of carbohydrates. Notice how there’s nothing in cycling about no carb days?

Yeah, I liked that too!

[Eating these carbs really can help you lose fat.]

Carb cycling for weight loss allows you to get the healthy benefits from eating carbohydrates while still allowing you to lose weight and build greater muscle definition.

Carb Cycling And Weight Loss

So you’re probably wondering how cycling between high and low carbohydrate days can help you lose weight, and honestly I was too until I did the research. So first of all, carb cycling allows you an easy and healthy way around the negative side effects associated with no carb diets including lack of focus, low metabolism, uncontrollable cravings and low energy levels. With this cornucopia of side effects it’s no wonder you don’t have the energy or the focus to workout for fat loss.

Next cycling carbohydrates helps you burn fat thanks to the high fiber content of many carbs like whole grains. These high fiber carbs take longer to digest so you stay fuller longer, which means no midday trips to the snack machine for empty calories. This is just the basic way in which carb cycling fosters weight loss.

There is a more complex way in which cycling carbs can lead to weight loss through greater fat burning. The days in which you have a higher intake of carbs gives your body a chance to refuel so you have energy to make it through the low carb days, which is important for your ability to sustain intense fat burning workouts.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well with good planning and some discipline, you can use carb cycling for weight loss too.

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss: Getting Started

Before you simply decide to begin a regimen of carb cycling for fat loss you should slow introduce high and low carb days into your weekly diet so that your body has a chance to adapt in a healthy way. You don’t want to make an abrupt change that will negatively impact your current energy levels, which is why a gradual implementation is recommended.

When you start cycling for fat loss remember that you need to stay away from simple carbs and add more complex carbohydrates to your diet like oatmeal, whole grain pasta, brown rice and potatoes. Of course fruits and vegetables should always be part of your fat loss diet.

Once you have begun to slowly cycle, you’ll have to come up with a schedule for carb cycling that will improve your workouts for greater fat burning and muscle building. This requires a lot of planning on your part at the beginning to make sure you have high energy stores when you need it most.

[Lift the heaviest weights on your high carb days for best potential.]

One of the most important things to remember when carb cycling for weight loss is to enjoy a low fat diet on your high carb days. This means that you should reduce your fat intake on the days when your carb intake is the highest to avoid fat gain.

Carb Cycling Tips

When you make the decision to carb cycle for weight loss you are committing to a structured fat loss regimen designed for optimal fat burning through physical activity. In order to properly cycle for the desired results, you will need to do a few things always:

  • Drink more water.This is especially crucial during the high carb days to make sure you don’t have problems with digestion. If you feel thirsty, drink more water.
  • High carbs when you train with weights. The days you train with the heaviest amount of weight are the days that should be your high carb cycle days so that your body has time to refuel and repair before the next, lighter workout session.
  • Count calories. Make sure there isn’t a significant increase in your calorie intake while cycling. This will take some time to perfect, but keep an eye out for it and constantly tweak your diet until you’ve found the right blend for fat loss.

Carb cycling may have been popularized by bodybuilders and fitness models, but a regular person looking for a healthy way to maximize fat loss can find cycling for weight loss a great method to achieve his or her goals. As long as you’re eating the right carbs you never have to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet to achieve successful fat loss.

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  1. Dave

    Nice succint article Rob on the benefits of carb cycling. It really does make such a huge difference to results if people up the carbs after a workout, rather than staying too low all the time.



  2. Krista

    I switched from extreme low carb I cycling. This is my first week and I gained 4 pounds but lost 5 inches. Is this initial weight gain normal?

  3. Monika aggarwal

    its nice article . it will work to burn the fat .
    but it bit of difficult to identify for me , which food having carbo?

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