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Caffeine and Weight Loss – Can Caffeine Help You Lose Weight?

By Rob Poulos...

Most of us have at least once caffeinated beverage each day, whether its coffee or tea or soda, to help keep an acceptable level of energy throughout the day. But can the caffeine in these drinks also help with weight loss?

There are some indicators that a link exists between caffeine and weight loss, but you’ll need to keep reading to find out if it’s true!

How Caffeine Can Boost Weight Loss?

There are many physical reasons that caffeine can cause a boost in your weight loss efforts, unfortunately none of these has any long-term fat loss effects. Some research by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and many other respected health organizations have indicated that caffeine does have weight loss properties.

So, why is caffeine linked to weight loss? For three major reasons:

1. Shortly after consuming caffeine, it can suppress your appetite so that you’re less likely to succumb to food cravings. However this could also be that most caffeinated drinks are so filling that you simply don’t feel like eating.

2. Caffeine is a diuretic for some of us, which simply means that it makes us run to the bathroom a lot more often than other drinks. The more water you lose, the more weight you can drop, but dehydration is a major concern because a dehydrated body does not work as efficiently as a fully hydrated one. This is especially true of calorie burning; your body has other things to focus on when it’s dehydrated than focus on helping you burn fat.

3. Caffeine can be thermogenic, especially in warm caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, which means that your body produces energy just by digesting your food and drinks. The amount of calories burned however from consuming caffeine isn’t enough to use caffeine as your major source of weight loss.

Caffeine Choices

If you’re currently living caffeine free but would like to give your weight loss any boost you can, then consider adding tea to your diet. Tea has zero calories and certain teas like green and oolong tea can provide you with other health benefits in addition to weight loss. Tea offers you a low calorie way to slowly add a little caffeine to your diet without suffering caffeine-related side effects.

Coffee is probably the most common source of caffeine these days, but you can destroy it’s weight loss benefits when you add cream, non-dairy creamer, milk and sugar, as they add a significant amount of calories to the drink.

Energy drinks have become as popular as coffee for a quick source of energy, and while some energy drinks have very few calories, most of them are packed with sugar. So any weight loss you experience thanks to the caffeine will be cancelled out by the amount of sugar found in these drinks.

More Caffeine = More Weight Loss

Just because caffeine and weight loss have a positive correlation doesn’t mean that you need to consume that much more of it. In fact, consuming too much caffeine could even have adverse side affects on your weight loss and overall well-being.

Side Effects

The main reason that you should just accept the basic calorie burning effects of caffeine is because too much caffeine can produce adverse side effects that include headaches and nausea.

Too much caffeine can actually impede weight loss because insomnia and nervousness—2 other side effects of caffeine— and can interfere with your ability to eat properly and get enough exercise each day. When you’re sluggish from lack of sleep you’re more likely to make poor diet decisions and skip your daily workout.

Many types of caffeine like soda, energy drinks and even some sugary coffee drinks don’t even give you the energy boost we’ve come to expect from caffeine. Thanks to the large amounts of sugar in the beverages you’ll get a few hours of energy followed by a significant drop in energy, which means that you’ll have to go back for more just to make it through the day.

So you can certainly use caffeine to help boost weight loss, but moderate use is best to avoid the potential pitfalls.  And if you’re going to get your caffeine from coffee, try using a no calorie all-natural sweetener like Stevia and some coconut milk, rather than fat storing sugar and cream.

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