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BODA Extract No. 3 Review – Does It Work For Weight Loss?

By Rob Poulos...

Losing weight and keeping it off is the goal of just about everyone who needs to lose a few pounds. The hard part is finding an effective way to do it that fits with your current hectic lifestyle. To that end there are hundreds of weight loss products on the market promising to help you lose fat and keep it off without exercising or changing your diet.

Most of us who have tried more than once to lose weight are aware of these and try to avoid them at all costs. But every once in awhile a product comes along that seems safe and effective and we want to try it so bad but past experience won’t let us. One such product is BODA Extract No. 3, which I have reviewed below so you can decide for yourself if it can work for you for weight loss.

About BODA Extract No. 3

BODA Extract No. 3 is a fat burning and muscle building supplement. It works, according to the makers, by reducing how much fat your body stores, which helps foster fat loss. It also purportedly works by aiding your body in more efficient calorie burning so that you can maintain your lean muscle. This is something that many fat burners cannot lay claim to because most of them help you get rid of muscle mass and water weight rather than fat.

BODA Extract No. 3 is also meant to help you maintain fat loss by preventing fat cells from restocking with fat cells.

What’s In It?

The main ingredient in BODA Extract No. 3 is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is an essential fatty acid (EFA) derived from safflower seeds. Dozens of studies have pointed to the effectiveness of CLA to shrink body fat and preserve lean muscle, which is exactly what you want when fat loss is your goal.

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You can find CLA in natural sources like diary products and beef, however you may find some unwanted fats like trans-fat through these foods. CLA contains trans-fat that is allegedly a good fat that has health benefits unlike the dangerous Trans fat we have all been warned about repeatedly.

Is It Safe?

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for BODA Extract No 3 for weight loss is that it is safe, which is the biggest disadvantage to some of the best selling fat loss supplements on the market. BODA has received the coveted GRAS certification by the United States Food and Drug Administration. GRAS means “generally recognized as safe”.

The FDA approval means you rest assured that when taken properly this product will produce no adverse side effects. What’s really interesting here is that the approval was based on 2 specific functions:

  1. Losing body fat, and
  2. Building lean muscle mass

This means that the FDA has recognized that BODA Extract No. 3 does what it claims to do, which should make you free pretty confident if you decide to use this product for weight loss.

However no studies have been conducted on how CLA would impact pregnant or nursing women, which is why they recommend you speak with your physician if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are nursing before taking BODA Extract No. 3.

How Does BODA Work?

Just like most fat burning supplements BODA Extract No. 3 is a pill that should be taken regularly to enjoy the benefits. The regimen consists of taking 1 capsule (1,000mg) 3 times each day with food. The recommended time to take it is during your 3 main meals each day, which means you need to make sure you’ve also adopted a healthy diet while on a BODA regimen.

In fact, the makers of this product advise overall health improvement through regular exercise and a healthy diet. What’s more is that BODA Botanicals Inc., claims that exercise can enhance your fat loss results, but they do acknowledge that there have been positive weight loss benefits on BODA Extract No. 3 without exercise.


For some the cost of BODA may be too high, at $47 per one month supply, however that is still far less than most other fat burners on the market. When you consider the fact that it has an FDA approval and all natural without any ephedra products, it may seem like a small price to pay.

Like with many of these fat burning supplements, the more you buy at a time the cheaper they are.

Does It Work?

Based on the volunteer study conducted on BODA Extract No. 3, it is safe to say that this product is effective for weight loss. The volunteer subjects were given either BODA or a placebo for 3 months and instructed to make no changes to their current diet or exercise regimen during that time. The test group lost slightly more than 20% of their body fat in those 12 weeks.

So when you combine this supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercise it is very likely that you will begin to see weight loss results after a few months. If however you do not see any results within the first month you can return the product and receive a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges, of course.

If you’re going to use supplements to boost your fat loss efforts then you should start with a safe product like BODA Extract No. 3.

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