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Apple Cider Vinegar Review – Does It Help You Lose Weight?

By Rob Poulos...

When it comes to home remedies, vinegar is one of the jack of all trades substances that we often turn it. Whether it’s removing stains from clothes, quick pickling or cleaning the coffee pot, vinegar has often been thought of as a quick fix for nearly everything in the home. It’s cheap, easy to find and works for a variety of tasks.

Is weight loss one of these household tasks? Many apple cider vinegar advocates say that adding a little of this tart stuff to your diet can help you fit in your skinny jeans within a few short months. Is this proven weight loss science or another housewives tale yet to be debunked?

Keep reading to find out the answer!

Vinegar, Really?

Ok so apple cider vinegar is quite as disgusting to ingest as regular distilled vinegar or even the ones we use to whip up a quick salad dressing, but is it something you should be drinking by the glass?

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Apple cider vinegar is created when apple cider is fermented. It contains acetic acid, which is what gives it and other types of vinegar that tart taste that makes you smack your lips. But it is just that tartness that should have us somewhat worried about using it for weight loss.

Side Effects

Before we even talk about how apple cider vinegar might work for weight loss, we need to talk about what can happen if you drink too much of it, or drink it for too long. This is an important topic to discuss as dieters often attempt to ‘up the dose’ in an effort to see better results faster.

The acidic nature of vinegar can make it extremely harsh on the enamel of human teeth as well as the sensitive tissues found in the throat. Drinking pure vinegar of any type over a prolonged period of time or too much at once can lead to a breakdown, or even damage to the esophagus.

Low bone density and a potassium deficiency can occur from improper consumption of apple cider vinegar. Middle aged women or others at risk of osteoporosis should talk with a physician before using this type of vinegar for weight loss. You may need to take supplements for potassium during a vinegar regimen.

This type of vinegar may also cause a negative interaction with laxatives, diabetes medications, diuretics or heart disease medicine.

How To Take

It is important that if you do decide to use apple cider vinegar to aid with your weight loss efforts that you dilute it to avoid many of the negative side effects.

Because it is not a proven weight loss treatment method there are no standard recommendations for dosages. However you should take no more than two teaspoons per day, taken with a large glass of water or juice.

How It Works For Weight Loss

Those who endorse using apple cider vinegar for weight loss say that drinking it for weight loss can suppress your appetite so that you decrease your energy intake each day, which will lead to weight loss over time. Additionally it is believed that vinegar can help prevent bloating, caused by water retention.

More importantly however, many dieters turn to apple cider vinegar for weight loss because it is believed that it can help speed up your metabolism, which can increase how much energy you convert for fat loss. An increase in metabolism is what we all need for weight loss, but it isn’t quite clear how vinegar causes that.

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Finally proponents say that it can help regulate blood sugar so you don’t experience extreme highs and lows that cause sugar cravings and energy spikes and drops. By regulating your blood sugar, apple cider vinegar would regulate how much energy you consume.

Does It Work?

Apple cider vinegar works to do plenty of things around the house, but does it help you lose weight?

There is one human study published in 2009 that used 175 obese adults, giving one group vinegar and the other a placebo. At the end of the study the vinegar group had lost more weight than the placebo group. In fact, they experienced a decrease in body mass index, body weight and abdominal fat.

This has been the most promising human study on the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar or weight loss. Many other studies have used rats, and relied on other types of vinegar which does have an impact on the outcomes.

While apple cider vinegar may work to suppress your appetite, the long term effects of it are probably too dangerous to risk on a maybe. Add more fiber through fruits and vegetables if you want to reduce energy intake and increase metabolism. This is a safer and more effective method to lose weight.

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  1. Dr. Bron Y'Aur

    I’m wondering where the studies are to back up the claim that ACV has a negative long term efect on the body. Are their any? It should be noted that only raw unfiltered ACV will have the positive efects on the body that many claim. Including weight loss. You can buy raw, unfiltered ACV at health food stores and a few grocery stores. Stay away from the pretty distilled ACV. All the good stuff is taken out. You need the good bacteria and enzymes found in raw, unfiltered ACV to see any positive effects. Look up raw unfiltered ACV on the web and read the testimonials. Some to hard to believe but so many claims there must be something to it.

    I for one notice an energy boost when I use 1 tablespoon in a large galss of water. I do this three times a day. Maybe the only bad side effect I’ve noticed is that the joints in my hands have quit hurting. Well a few other positive side efects, but Rob wouldn’t believe me anyhow.

    Dr. Bron Y’aur

  2. Rusty

    My grandmother lived for 94 healthy years, and as far back as i can remember she had 2 teaspoons of ACV and 1 tablespoon of locally harvested honey in a glass of water w/ breakfast everyday of her life. Swore by it!! Don’t know how much it helped her, but she never seemed to get sick, etc.

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