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Ants Ate My Fat Burning Snacks

By Rob Poulos...

As you might know, I just got back from a business trip in Texas
a few days ago.  Well, after that iPhone episode, I was plenty
happy to be back…until I got home that is.

My wife and the kids were staying at my Mom’s house while I was
gone, so no one was at my house when my latest order of Prograde
Cravers was delivered.

My Cravers order?…I forgot!

I totally forgot about the order I placed for a two pack of the
chocolate peanut butter Cravers before I left for my trip.  So
when I got home I saw the box looking awfully lonely on my

I was so bummed out, figuring they had probably melted during
the days I was gone, but much to my surprise they were still in
pretty good shape, so I put the rest of them in the refrigerator
to cool ’em down.

Also to my surprise, three of the Cravers had been partially
eaten by my friendly neighborhood ants!

OK, this is how much I love these things…I actually spent
about 10 seconds thinking of not trashing the partially ant
-eaten Cravers…and eating the parts that were left over.

Well, I did end up throwing those three in the garbage and went
to go grab a untouched by ants Craver from my fridge…and man
was it good.

I mean, even better than usual…sticking ’em in the fridge made
the taste factor almost double…if you’ve got some at home, put
’em in the fridge…you won’t be sorry.

And if you don’t have any, what’s up?  These really are the best
tasting healthy snack/dessert bars I’ve ever tasted.  Even my
kids love ’em, and they wouldn’t get within 10 feet of the
previous variety of snack bars I had in our pantry.

You can check out the 100 percent all organic ingredients here:



P.S.  Remember, Prograde gives you 30 days to return ’em if you
don’t enjoy eating a nutritious snack that tastes like a Reese’s
Peanut Butter Cup ;-).

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  1. Alan

    where were you in texas? I live in the dallas area. ihope you had fun while in this great state. It would have been great to meet you ….. maybe next time.

  2. dds

    as they say – you can see if the food is good if the worms etc. will eat it. some of the supermarket food won’t be touched by a worm, this is how bad it is nowadays.

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