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Am I Just A Fat Burning Coward?

By Rob Poulos...

I just got back from a visit to the Dentist where I underwent of
my pleasant bi-annual cleanings.  Now, when I was a kid I was
terrified of the Dentist’s office, in fact I ‘white- knuckled
it’ more than I care to admit.  But I don’t worry about it
anymore.  Why?

Is it because I’ve finally grown up and stopped being a ‘nancy
boy’ about the pain that a little dental drilling can cause?
Nah.  The real reason I don’t fear the dentist anymore is
because I have no reason to.  You see, the healthy lifestyle
that I’ve been living the past few years has not only resulted
in a lean, strong, and healthy body, but an impeccable dental
record too.

Now this is a far cry from when I used to chug down a gallon of
soda pop and ate bunch of junk each day as a teenager or in my
20s.  On top of that, I have horrid genetics for good teeth and
gums…my teeth are soft, lack enamel, and are spaced very
tightly together.  But all of those genetic limitations were
severely reduced when I began adopting a healthy lifestyle, like
the one I teach my Fat Burning Students about.

While most of my relatives have numerous crowns and other high
priced dental procedures on their record, I can’t remember the
last time I had a cavity that needed to be filled.  And the
amount of money I’ve already saved and will save in the future
is just another huge benefit to the Fat Burning Furnace

What could you do with all of that extra money you saved from
dental and medical costs over your lifetime?  Trips with your
family?  That dream car or house you’ve always wanted?  And all
from the added benefits that the commitment to getting lean,
strong, and healthy can provide.

So, no, I’m not a coward, at least not at the Dentist’s office
anymore 😉


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