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A Fat Burning Lesson From A Couple Of Italian Guys

By Rob Poulos...

Due to the fact that many of my fat burning and fitness secrets
go against the grain of what most people are doing these days,
you can imagine I receive quite an array of emails from doubters
and skeptics about my fat loss method.

In fact, I just got another one yesterday which basically said,
“hey, if your system is so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?”.
They went on to say that they weren’t going to become a student
until everybody else around them knew about my Fat Burning
Furnace system and she ‘saw it on Oprah’.  ‘Saw it on Oprah’,
I love that.

Well, you know what?  I told this reader that she’ll probably
never end up becoming a student because the methods to lose fat
I teach are probably not going to become the norm in today’s fitness
industry.  Why?  Because the exercise secrets I teach only
require 2-3 weekly workouts of 20 minutes on average.  This is
not something a gym or fitness center wants to tell their
members.  They would much rather have them living there, 4,5,6
or even 7 days a week.

And the nutrition, mental, and behavior secrets I teach my
students don’t make the ‘get it all in a bottle’ supplement
industry too happy either.  That’s because I teach reality and
what works naturally

I also told this reader to look back in history…typically the
best ideas take a long time to come to the forefront, if ever.
Perhaps the best two examples come from a couple of Italian
guys. No, it’s not Mario or Luigi.  I’m talking about  Columbus
and Galileo.

Columbus proved that the world was indeed round and not flat as
was the commonly held belief at the time.  And Galileo showed
that the earth revolved around the sun, not the other way
around, and was punished by the Roman Inquisition for it.
Others who supported his ideas were literally ‘burned at the
stake’ for having the same view. (Forgive me for the rudimentary
history lesson ;-))

Hey, if you’re not already an FBF student and you want to wait
till you see me on Oprah to become a one, that’s fine.  But
you’ll be missing out on the most efficient way to getting and
staying lean,strong,and healthy that I’ve ever come across in
my 10+ years of experimentation and research.  And while my
company grows, I won’t be able to work as closely with each new
student.  So for now you really do have a unique chance to get
personal attention from me and my Fat Burning Furnace team.

I’m not saying I’m Columbus or even Galileo, but I am half
Italian.  So please, I beg you, if you aren’t already a FBF
student don’t decide to become one just yet, don’t burn me at
the stake.


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