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A Fat Burning Furnace Reader Takes Me To Task!

By Rob Poulos...

Recently I received an email from one of my readers regarding my Fat Burning Furnace book that I wanted to share with you. Whatwas it about?

Well, this reader was complaining about an email I sent out awhile back where I was referring to the teleseminar I did with Scott Colby. I mentioned in that email that I revealed a few of my secrets that I shouldn’t have…I usually keep those for my paying students only.

Well, this reader bluntly told me that I should be ashamed at myself for forcing people to pay for any of my fat burning and fitness secrets, and that everybody deserves this information for free They continued on to say they were going to become a paying student until they got my email. They also complained some more and basically “ripped me a new one”. Yikes.

Now, why did I want to let you know about this disgruntled ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ reader? Because this is the exact typeof attitude that is keeping this person from achieving their goals, whether that be in fat loss and fitness or in life.

I’m still amazed at the loads of people that spend hundreds of dollars a month on junk food and other crap and then aren’t willing to invest even a few measly bucks in something that can drastically improve their fitness and health.

You can partly blame the fitness industry and their nonproductive exercise routines and fad diets for this attitude, but you also must put the blame squarely on yourself if you’re not willing to invest in your health today, compared to the untold expense you’ll pay in your potentially unhealthy future.

And this isn’t the only negative comment I’ve gotten, believe me. In fact, I get messages like this all the time from people who, in my opinion, will never get the fat loss and fitness results you and I can get because we know the value of investing in ourselves now, while we can still create a change that will have a lasting impact for the rest of our lives.


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