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8 Sneaky Tricks To Finally Stick With Your New Year’s Fat Loss Resolution… (UPDATE!)

By Rob Poulos...

*NOTE: If you’ve been here before, SCROLL DOWN for the 4 NEW sneaky tricks (starts at #5 ;-))…

You may be one of the millions of people right now planning to finally lose fat and shape up at the turn of the New Year…

…and this makes sense because the New Year is a good time to set new resolutions.

You might feel as though you’ve put the previous year and all of its excuses behind you… you’re fresh, and the idea of having a chance to start things over again in the coming year provides new-found motivation.

But you’ve also probably been down this road already, and for some reason never accomplished what you had originally intended for yourself…

…so you might even feel guilty and think that you’re simply not disciplined enough to follow through on your resolutions.


I have found the main reason you’ve been unsuccessful is because you don’t know some of these simple but SNEAKY tricks below that can skyrocket your chance for success this year, no matter what plan you’re going to follow!

So, let’s get to it… here are the first 4 of my 8 Sneaky Tricks To A New Year’s Fat Loss Resolution Solution…

Give me at least 100 comments in the post below, and tell us your one of your specific resolutions this year, and I’ll get back to you with the second 4 tricks in a couple of days… (so don’t forget to comment ;-))

Trick #1: Stick To The Big One…

A big resolution like losing a lot of fat can take several weeks/months to achieve. If you have too many major resolutions like these, you’ll probably be stretching yourself too thin over the year and have too little time and/or energy left to do well in any of them.

Stick with only one major resolution and less than a half dozen small resolutions in your New Year’s resolution list. Also, try spreading your smaller resolutions out over the course of the year so they don’t interfere on your main resolution of burning more fat and getting in dynamite shape.

When you do this, instead of trying to cram several major life changing resolutions into one year, you’ll be amazed at how much your focus increases…and your success rate will follow!

Trick #2: Make It Measureable…

It’s tempting to create huge resolutions that are more like lifetime goals. Simply hoping to ‘lose weight’ is a great goal, but it is too generic because success is difficult to measure.

Instead, set a goal weight or body fat percentage…and set a time to achieve this.

For example, you could resolve to lose 4-5% of your body fat every 6-8 weeks on Fat Burning Furnace until you reach your goal body fat percentage.  This is measureable…and attainable.

Another example would be a general goal of “eating better” or simply “following FBF eating guidelines”.  This is again too broad and not measureable.

Instead, you should focus on the details like “eating a healthy breakfast every day” and “drinking 32 oz. of ice cold water by lunch”.

These measureable and specific goals within the broader main resolution of fat loss work, because it gives us what we need: positive reinforcement, tangible results, and physical proof to stick with change.

Trick #3: Personalize It…

Why do YOU want that resolution?  Why do YOU want to lose more fat, build more muscle, get stronger, make the ladies or guys take notice, fit into that old dress, buy those new fashionable clothes etc.?  What does it mean to YOU to achieve it? How will YOU feel when you do achieve it?

See what I’m getting at here?

If you don’t have very clear answers to the above questions, chances are you don’t want it badly enough to sustain your efforts for a few months, much less the whole year.

Setting a resolution of losing weight for someone else’s desires is a surefire method for failure.

To achieve this goal, even in face of obstacles and challenges, you must want it badly enough for you to pay the price in time and effort to pursue it. This means you need to be crystal clear about the significance of your resolutions.

Otherwise, it’s very easy to just find an excuse to wiggle yourself out of the resolution and forget about it…does this sound familiar?

Trick #4: Write It Down…

It helps tremendously to write your specific goals for this year down on paper. If you haven’t tried this before, do it immediately after reading this report. (trust me!)

Try to write down your resolution, describe it in details and state why you want it. Writing it down commits it to paper, and the written word carries authority with it (that’s a good thing!).

But I’ll bet you will not be able to write everything down in one try.


Simple… it’s because your desires and thoughts are always vague ideas to start.

If you don’t write down your fat loss and fitness resolution, it will always remain as just some random idea in the back of your mind.

Random ideas mean random plans and that equals poor or non-existent results. While you cannot crystallize your resolutions in the first try, take a few extra minutes and get it done and success is right around the corner…

Alright, take these first 4 tricks to heart and you will be ready for fat loss success in 2011… now…

…remember, give me at least 100 comments in the post below, telling me about your #1 resolution this year, and I’ll get back with the second 4 tricks in a couple of days… (you’ll love these)

Happy Holidays!
Rob, Kalen and family

***OK, as promised, here are 4 MORE sneaky tricks to kick butt and take names with your New Year’s fat loss resolution!***

Trick #5: In Your Face…

Even if you write down your goals and have them clear in your mind as we noted in the last secret, you can still forget about them; we are human after all and as such are forgetful creatures!

So…put your resolutions in a place where you will be able to see them frequently…

Your desk at home or at work.

In your wallet or purse.

In your coat pocket.

On your refrigerator.

Where you put your car keys or other personal belongings when you come home from work every day.  On your computer.  In your address book.  On your calendar.

You get the idea! Post ‘em wherever you are the most often during a typical day.

By doing this, you will create a physical environment where you are less likely to forget your resolutions due to other urgencies that crop up during the week, month and the rest of the year.

Trick #6: New Year’s Review…

Not only must you be reminded of your resolutions frequently (especially in the beginning), you must also review them periodically to check your progress.

Did you know that when pilots fly their planes, they need to periodically check and adjust their flight path due to the constantly changing air conditions?  As if their job wasn’t hard enough!

It’s the same with achieving your fat loss and fitness resolutions. If something didn’t go according to your plans, why not? Did something new appear during the year? Maybe your plan was too aggressive? Check progress and re-calibrate.  This will ensure you stay on course.

As long as you do this often enough  (every month is a good start) you have a great chance of following through all the way to reaching your goal.

And don’t psych yourself out.  If you notice you get off track on your weekly schedule, brush it off. If you focus on the negative, you will give up. Say to yourself, “Oh well, I’ll do better next week,” and then DO BETTER NEXT WEEK.

Even if you don’t achieve 100% of your fat loss and fitness resolution by the end of the year, you will most likely achieve at least 70% to 80%. That’s much better than giving up on your resolutions, which equals to…you guessed it…a lowly 0%!

Trick #7: Show It Off!…

You’re probably guilty of what I call “closely guarded resolutions”.  These are the resolutions you have that you don’t tell anyone about.  Well, guess what, these usually don’t work.  Here’s why:

Do you know why people are afraid of making promises? It’s because they are afraid of putting themselves on the line. It’s the same with your fat loss and fitness resolutions.

Nothing motivates us better than the possibility of having to admit failure.

The only way to truly stay accountable for our actions is to have to report them to another person. We can come up with a million excuses to kid ourselves, but the look in a friend or spouse’s eyes is all we need to know we aren’t on track.

After you have written down your resolutions, announce them to your family and friends!

Put yourself on the line by making your resolutions known and make it a promise to yourself to achieve them. It may not be a comfortable feeling because you have just made yourself publicly accountable for your own results.

You can even find a resolution buddy who will swap and track resolutions with you. You want someone who will hold you accountable as you hold them accountable, not a friend who will laugh and share a sundae with you as you enjoy failure together.

Trick #8: Group Hug…

“Hi, my name is Rob, and I’m a resolution-holic!”

No, you don’t have to join a support group, but achieving your fat loss and fitness resolutions does not need to be a lonely affair.  From my experience, you will stand a much greater chance of success if you have family and friends who support your cause.

It doesn’t help if you are trying to lose fat and your family is having fast food for dinner every day…or if your mom keeps sending you pies in the mail!

This all is a result of the people you interact with everyday.  They need to know what you’re up to and how serious you really are about achieving it.

Talk to people in your life about what you are trying to achieve and see how they can give you both moral and tangible support.  This type of help will ensure no one unknowingly sabotages your efforts throughout the year.

And reward yourself!

Pamper yourself weekly or monthly for a job well done. Set up a personal reward system.

If you’re making good on your promises, why not treat yourself to a one of your favorite desserts once every couple of weeks? Do it and keep on truckin’!

Alright… that’s 8 of the sneakiest ways to get cookin’ on your New Year’s fat loss resolutions this year… AND crush them out of the park!

A few of these tricks involve writing it down and showing it off, so continue to do so in the comments below and you will only increase your chances of a slimmer, leaner you in the weeks to come…

Have fun with it, stay motivated and once again Happy Holidays!
Rob, Kalen and family

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141 Comments Add yours

  1. Cory

    Great tips for the new year!

  2. Susan Honthumb

    I’m reading your four tricks while walking on my treadmill. I had lost more than twenty-give pounds , but even with walking ten miles a day I keep gaining. Perhaps my body thinks it needs to store fast.

    • Christine

      Perhaps you are gaining muscle which is heavier than fat?

    • Mike

      You’re not pregnant are you?

    • Hi Susan,

      You walk 10 miles a day? That’s a lot of walking. How long does it take you?

      I have found with myself and the hundreds of clients that I’ve trained that intensity of your workouts is key and doing weight training is a must. So I would increase the intensity of your cardio sessions (do some interval training). If your workouts are intense enough, you won’t be able to read Rob’s blog while working out. :)

      Make sure you left weights. Muscle is the key to your metabolism increasing and losing more fat.

      Of course your diet is critical as well, so examine how “clean” your food is. Check out the number of ingredients are in the foods that you eat. Most of your diet should be comprised of single ingredient foods.

      With so much cardio, you are likely losing muscle, slowing down your metabolism, and gaining fat. The exact opposite of what you want. :(

      Hope this helps.


  3. George Mavridis

    My NY resolution is to stay on the course I’m on and continue to train hard and eat clean.

    • L

      I want to lose 30 lbs, and fit into a size 8. I’m 47, and am healthy, painfree, and exercise regularly. These tiPs look good, but man, my weight is ever so stubborn!

  4. Cherie

    My biggest goal this year is to drop my cholesterol by 120 points. It’s 319 now, even though I am not obese and eat a healthy diet. it’s just GOT to be the lack of exercise, and there is probably a heredity factor as well. I plan to accomplish my goal by doing at least 30 minutes of cardio every day, along with weight training when possible (I travel for work and don’t always have this option).

    • Kat

      Great tips. Goal continue with my new healthy life style. Experience new healthy recipes. Love the hint write it down.

    • Lorna Howe

      Hi Cherie

      Get yourself some Artic Sea Capsules – they aid cholesterol reduction – its omega oils but twinned with aloe vera which means your body absorbs it as food.. I presume you are in america so it wouldnt be cost effective for you to buy from me but watch your cholesterol go down when you take them! All the products from Forever Living have a 60 day guarantee so you cant lose!

      Can you take a note of my email and keep me updated? I sell the products in the UK and am gathering testimonials all the time… I know you cant be my client but I’m still interested!!

      Kind regards


    • Jesse

      Try krill oil. I used Mercola’s so I advise using a similar formula. I took 3 per day for about 10 days or so and 2 per day for about 25 days and then rechecked my cholesterol. It dropped about 70 points. No special diet or exercise program. In fact I went off high protein/high fat because that’s what I think sent it soaring. I didn’t think it would work, but I guess it did.

    • Roni

      Cherie, do yourself a favour & DITCH THE CARDIO! It is NOT healthy to exercise aerobically — more long distance / marathon runners die prematurely from cardiac arrest than you would believe. If you don’t believe me, do the research – it’s easy to find. Dr. Mercola’s site is a great place to start, but he is not the only one.
      Scott is right, intensity training is the way to go. Wind sprints will do you more good than hours of cardio. Also, check out the P.A.C.E. program (Dr. Sears) for another supporter of interval / intensity training.

      Good luck! :)

  5. David

    Goal #1: lose 50 lbs and get to 36 inch waist. Goal #2: get off metformin.

  6. I want to stop smoking altogether next year.I have no more cigarretes left and and I have already decided not to buy anymore.

    • Good work! Such a great move!

    • Sannya

      You have all my support in this decision. This will really change your life for better.

    • KEN

      TO STOP SMOKING, JUST STOP – PERIOD. It is a decision and must be final.

      All of these pills, gums, patches…..etc are a waste of your hard earned dollars. I smoked for 10 years and TRIED many many times to quit.

      TRIED does not work and NEVER will. Forget about TRYING anything.

      As the NIKE Slogan goes, and it deffinitly works: JUST DO IT!

    • Léa

      congratulations!!!! positive reinforcment works! you are now a non-smoker, bravo!

  7. Roger

    #1- Write clear, measurable, personal goals followed by weekly or monthly progress check reminders programmed into my calendar.

    • Marie

      Thanks for your tip to stay on top of things and chart my progress – this will be a challenge because I have a tendency to forget to look at my calendar!

  8. Linda

    I quit drinking any alcoholic beverages and pop/soda 20 months ago. In the first six months, I lost about 20 pounds without otherwise trying. Another seven pounds came off effortlessly seven months later. The last three pounds stays off if I am just a bit careful. I drink ice tea all day long. Make it with baking soda to take the bitter out. The Internet has lots of recipes for this.

    Give up the empty calories. That’s the resolution. You may have heard this before at this website. “Never drink anything with calories.” Even diet pop can mess up your efforts.

    Don’t buy more than one or two pairs of new jeans as you go along. With luck, you will need to go out and get smaller ones in short order. I am sixty-four years old and feel like thirty. My best friend took off seven pounds in just a couple of months, and dropped another one the next month while she wasn’t looking. She turned sixty-nine in August.

    • Léa

      thaks for this, it’s what i really need to hear. i’m 52and have been dieting since the birth of my last son 8 years ago. i thought maybe i was too old to lose the weight but you give me hope for 2011.

  9. Rita

    I need to maintain healthier choices with food and exercise to get to a slendorer weight status. With making positive choices over a long period my attitude and outlook will have a greater and more positive demenor. I’m tired of being tired!!

  10. Gail

    2011 Goal: To lose 12kgs over the year – just one kg per month. To feel fitter, look trimmer, enable off the rack clothes purchases, that look good for business, to feel more confident.

  11. Donna

    Goal – To gain more muscle to burn fat so clothes fit better! …Also flossing more often…

  12. Amalia Sotiriadou

    I lost 75 lbs in 2010. My goal for 2011 is tose the balance – 30 lbs – and to overcome my mobility problems (due to MS) by walking at least 4 times per week.

  13. David

    First goal: lose a couple of stone and some inches by my birthday (aug)
    Second goal: quit smoking (properly)
    Third goal: run three times a week; work up to three miles + by august.

  14. David

    Be realistic. Aim for one pound a week of weight loss (52 in a year) and don’t get disheartened if it plateaus. You never know, it might be muscle.

  15. zolen

    These tips sound like they would work for any kind of resolutions.

  16. Lizzie

    My goal is to become healthier by losing 2lbs of body fat every week for 20 weeks, starting on 27th December…why wait for January 1st?

  17. Laurance

    How right, another year and another resolution to lose weight but this time I feel more positive that I can do it by changing my life style as I have discovered that unless you change something the result will be the same. So here goes, more gym, less carbs and alcohol resulting in less weight. Happy Christmas and looking forward to a slimmer new year

  18. Alicia

    I like the idea of putting focus on details. I am making my #1 to drink a minimum of 48 ounces of water a day. Other liquids will not qualify. It sounds like a small goal, but, for me, it is big ~ and could lead to some even bigger results.

  19. Debbie

    Follow my schedule of doing the FBF workout 3x a week.

  20. M. van Hilten

    Keep up the good work!

    An email like this fires everyone’s resolves for the New Year, be they about loosing weight or about other life changing decisions. Everyone can use a little backbone strenghtener once in a while.

    Thanks for doing this.

    Mariken van Hilten/Netherlands

  21. Scott Carpenter

    I had been doing well until my oldest boy went off to college and I used the excuse of losing my workout partner to let myself go again. I have come to the realization that I must do this for myself. I have no set time frame but want to get back to were I was 25 yr’s ago when I graduated boot camp.I know there are no over night miracles but slow and steady WILL WIN this war.

  22. Phil

    I’ve tried to do this for years now – but hopefully this will be the year when I stick to it.

    Happy holidays to all

  23. Paul

    Goal #1: lose 55 lbs (target weight is 180 lbs)
    Goal #2: maintain ideal weight of 180 lbs through diet and exercise to keep blood sugar levels on target.

  24. dia

    my new year resolution is to lose ten kgs in 3 mnths and look cool..

  25. Marge

    Goal# 1: Lose 40# by June for cruise to Italy!

  26. sandé cross

    i want to get off some of the medicines which i’ve been taking for years. this will require me to lose at least 30 pounds.

  27. Matt

    I have began working out about 2 mos ago with the idea that id be forced to quit smoking as it would affect my workouts but somehow its made my smoking worse. I have tried the patch in recent years but it always fell off as my job requires alot of sweat. I have tried the pill but that made me feel hazy all day long and couldnt function properly. I have been recently using nicotine gum but that seems more like a way to cope when i cant smoke. I really want to quit because i see it hindering me from lifting more and performing cardio, im just at the end of the road for ideas
    So my goals are simple but not. Ive found the time to workout on a daily basis and ive even started eating better than i did before, im just at a loss for quitting smoking. i wasnt sure if there was an herb or something to help ease the process

    • You’re an addict. Just stop feeding your addiction. Each day you go smoke free, you weaken your addiction. Go for it.

      • Kyla

        A wise person asked me once if I woke in the middle of the night to have a smoke. I thought about it for a second and realized that no in fact smoking had never woke me in the middle of the night. So he then informed or should I say pointed out, that I was not addicted to nicotine. Had I been a true addict it would wake me up for that fix my body needed. It was then that I understood that my past failures to quit was simply that I wasn’t ready or I didn’t want it bad enough. I smoked for 18 years and am now smoke free. If you can get yourself past the knee jerk need to smoke, and understand that the craving will pass you’re home free. Best of luck!!! I know you can do it!

    • Barbara Wall

      You might try reading Alan Carr’s book about stopping smoking. (I have no vested interest at all, just friends who stopped because of it.) And find something healthy that you really want to do instead, perhaps with the money, the better breathing or the increased sense of smell and taste that you gain. I chose singing lessons – once I had decided what the priority was, it was a no-brainer. During the first week I fasted and ran three times, just for a change to keep my mind on.

    • Lori

      I quit about 25 yrs ago using hypnosis. Have you heard of Positive Changes? Don’t know where you hail from but you could Goggle them to see if they are in your area. Even if you couldn’t do their program in person, they do have other options. You could also look up other companies in your area. All hypnosis is “self” hypnosis. You are always in control of what happens. If you REALLY want to quit, hypnosis does work. I am living proof since I haven’t even wanted a cigarette since I quit, even though my husband continued to smoke around me. Try it! It works!

  28. Gretch

    Great reminders- advice that can make a huge difference between desire and result. Life sometimes brings unpredictable events that can really mess with our focus. Your blog is a helpful tool in helping me stay mentally on track.

  29. mary

    goal for 2011 to lose minimum 30lbs

  30. Frances Barron

    My resolution is to eat more raw and/or cooked vegetables at lunchtime. One way I plan to do this is to focus on bread substitutes. Ex. Instead of a slice of bread, I’ll substitute a slice of yellow or zucchini squash or even some nice lettuce.

  31. brian

    My Plan is to manage my SLE better in 2011 with a continued clean diet and FBF. My long term gone is to get off my SLE meds.

  32. Page

    I like you idea of breaking my goals down into smaller more precise items. Losing weight and gaining muscle tone is of course my ultimate goal. I will start with eating the right foods. just quit all artificial sweetners – that was big. Next will be the right exercise routine. Thanks for the tips…

  33. Million thanks , as this stuff and tips are very unique from others!! simply superb ,,keep it up!

  34. I actually started my New Year’s resolution on October 31st. I’m seeing a nutritionist and I’ve already lost 22lbs!!! Just 8 more to go to reach my first goal of 160lbs (I was 189 when I started). So my New Years Reselotion would be to find a gym that’s right for me and start losing the flab.
    Happy Holidays!

  35. I like the idea of only one major resolution and several small ones.

  36. Marlene

    There has to be a way to exercise for those of us over 65 without driving 40 miles or trudging through snow to find fitness.

    • What do you like doing? Can you do it to a cd or dvd at home?
      Do you have any sort of local group who exercises?
      How about walking increasing distances from your home?

  37. Nic

    I have used an objective map before and stuck it on my fridge. The objective map, has a picture in the middle of what I want, then off the branches are how I can get there…the goals.

    This year, my picture is a fit female with the body shape I want. The goals on the branches are:
    – Do a Sprint Triathlon in July/ September 2011
    – Train 3 times a week in the gym
    – Run and swim once a week
    – Drink 3 ltrs of water a day
    – Eat healthly
    – Spend time with the family

  38. Monica

    My main objective is to lose 15 lbs. by Thanksgiving weekend (my wedding). I have multiple goals to obtain this objective. (ie drink more water, eat less sweets, physical exercise 5x a week). More personal goal is to have the energy to want to do more things with my daughters.

  39. zoe

    Goal# have all my clothes fit again!
    Goal# back in bikni shape!
    Goal# feel like myself again!
    Goal# change whatever has happened this year to cause me to gain in the first place.

  40. Patti

    I am all ready for the new year and the BIG resolution. With your fat loss tips and encouragement and fat loss materials I WILL succeed. Thank you.

  41. George

    My resolution is to post 2 articles a day to my websites and to write about diet support issues

  42. jim

    i like the idea of starting on dec 27. on jan 1 you already have “history” to help continue the resolution.

  43. Greg

    Love the tips, bring on 4 more!

    My goal: protein-rich breakfast every single day.

  44. ChattieOne

    I am brand new to FBF and my New Years resolution for 2011 is to try my best to stay on track and (once and for all) lose the weight thats been holding me back all these years. I am over 50 and have between 60-80lbs to lose. I’ve tried every diet there is since 1971 (I was 14 going to weight watchers!), I lose some weight with each, but it always comes back plus MORE! I’m determined NOT to get gastric surgery. After much research, I know this program (with the awesome community of support & encouragement) will FINALLY be the one I can work with.

  45. Clara

    Ready for my start at losing 44 pounds and/ or reaching 25% BMI
    will follow your guidelines and still looking for an exercise routine of max 15 munites a day that I can do even if my knee is in “no go” mode.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  46. Peter

    I like your approach. It makes me do the things I know I should do anyway. I am new to resistance training but it feels like it is working. It is strange to give up the long cardio workouts. I will see how it goes when I go skiing in Feb.

  47. Sue

    My goal is to lose 20 pounds (12%) before my son’s wedding in late April.

  48. "Katie K"

    I just found out I have diabetes and want to deal with this without shots or medicine. My food budget is less than $50/MONTH. That’s right…MONTH. I get frozen vegetables (broccolli, spinach, mixed w/CORN, carrots,gr beans), stir-fry vegs w/rice or tiny pasta, cheap eggs, chicken, pork steak, butter & cheese from a food pantry. I have tried to eat healthy but find it almost impossible. I weigh 225# and need to weigh about 140#. I get very discouraged but try to eat all the vegs (except the mixed vegs), eggs, cheese (sm amt), frozen meat w/o any breading. I use my cash for ORGANIC: extra virgin/ coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, plain or goats milk or greek yogurt and frozen berries. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who have fallen on hard times?

  49. Lynn

    Once you’ve set your big goal… break it down into monthly then weekly goals. Change the name of “cheat day” to “goal rewards day”. Then only when you’ve reached your weekly goal do you get to do your cheat. This rewards your good efforts on a regular basis. For example: Lose 60lb in 6 months = 10lb/month = 2.5lb/week but since you have a reward day aim to accomplish this in 5 days. that means 1/2 lb per day (average) Your reward might be a bowl of protein ice cream or the FBF frappucino. Then a bigger reward for your monthly goal met…like a show or a weekend at a spa. to put it into eating terms… you can’t eat an elephant whole but you can eat a whole elephant if you do it ONE BITE AT A TIME!

  50. jon

    Resolution: continue the progress / break thru the barrier / resist the temptation of all the holiday goodies.

    Merry CHRISTmas to all

  51. TOM

    lost 15 lbs and then hit “the wall”. These simple tips should get back on the right track in 2001!

  52. tif

    workout 3-5 times EVERY week!! & tighten up those obliques& ab areas!!

  53. Penny

    Makes sense.

  54. Karen

    Just like everyone else I would like to loose the extra weight this year, by eating nutrient rich foods and exercise, but more importantly for me is to get my husband and kids healthier too! we are renovating our kitchen and my goal is that when it is completed, like the new kitchen, I will have a new attitude towards cooking, which I don’t always enjoy, and will want to cook healthier, and more often, for my family!

  55. Gudi

    My goal for 2011 is to loose 50 pounds and workout.

  56. Gary

    My goal is to lose 10 pounds every three months for a total of 40 by the end of the year.

    I also want to get back into my old habit of setting 12 goals per year, an average of one per month. I have found that when I do that, and when I set daily goals keyed to my 12 goals per year, I accomplish more of my goals.

  57. In 2010 I lost 60lbs and learned what foods are my friends an what foods aren’t. I resolve to only eat the foods that are my friends, increase my water consumption, and increase my exercise – to lose another 40lbs!

  58. Chris

    I’m a starter–then stopper. I follow the routine–then overwhelming work and commuting time –I turn and put my workout to the bottom of the list. New year’s resolutions–keep it to the top-have the energy to beat the fatigue–and to stop skipping breakfast.

  59. Billie

    I want to get healthy. To do this I know I need to lose 20 LBs. I’m on my way so will continue to do what I am doing.

  60. Alexandra

    My goal is to lose 20 lbs. in 4 months (trying not to set the bar too high).

  61. Melanie

    So far it sounds doable!

  62. I have lost 45lbs this past year! It is a great start, but I have been having trouble getting the final 20lbs off. my new resolution for this year is to continue with my workouts and not stop them when I get to tired from work. If I write it down and put it on the fridge this will keep me on my goal!

  63. Athina from Athens, Gr.

    My goal: to keep the weight that I have two years now.
    Thanks Rob! Thank you for your FBF! Happy new year to all!

  64. Robert

    I am also brand new to FBF and my goal is to lose 8 to 10 lbs a month until I reach 80 lbs of fat off my body. I am 6′ and 280 lbs and I am always hurting in the joints. I was told I have athritis so I suppose that is part of it, but the weight loss would help I’m sure. I don’t have medical insurance so I can’t afford any medication for arthritis.

    Hope every one has a great Holiday Season!

  65. Pizzmo

    I think the one major resolution and some small ones makes this very achievable, I sure hope it does! I need to lose 40-50 lbs before the end of April so I can feel good about myself in Hawaii.
    Started with gym and doing thing right should make the difference.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  66. Betty

    I am eliminating stress as we speak. My present job is more stress than I can explain! And the travel (80 miles round trip daily), is going to be cut down to 14 miles round trip daily. I start a new job for the new year. The extra time I won’t have to spend driving, I’m going to be able to incorporate exercise to my day! Now I will be able to utilize the many tips I have been reading for several months. I have lost 20 pounds since August. My goal is to lost atleast 20 more this coming year. I will keep you posted.

  67. dd

    ok…i like the reminder to make it measurable. i’ve simply had lose weight as a goal for too long. thanks for the kickstart!

  68. David M

    goal 1 is to reduce body fat by 4-5% and lose a minimum of 10% current body weight by 06/30/11 and maintain it for the remainder of the year.
    goal 2 is to measurably increase my strength while toning and losing fat.

  69. Tom

    These are great. I have learned over the years that as you set specific goals such as the number of pounds to lose, personal growth books to read, etc. is not to make to goal ridiculously high or low as it will create a loss of interest or a lack of continuance. A good example is setting a goal to lose 5 pounds for the year (assuming your true goal is to lose 25 or something like that) and stopping when you accomplish it in a month or 2. Setting incremental goals is fine such as lose 5 then 10, then 15, etc to the ultimate goal but not too low.

    Can’t “weight” (wait is the correct word but I thought this would be cute) see the other 4 tricks!

  70. Janine Klapwyk

    Thank you for your post. I’d like to lose that extra 5 pounds I’ve gained in the last couple of months from eating so much sugar. (My husband has been baking…) So, my goal is to cut out the sugar on a daily basis. I’ll need to go cold turkey here 6 out of 7 days, since having it more often often makes the craving go rampant!

    Merry Christmas, Jan

  71. Joan

    I am 70 yrs old (be 71 in March) and have lost 25# in the last 18 months. I have been following Rob’s plan for the last 6 months during which I lost part of that weight. For about the past 3 months, I’m at a plateau with about a 10# roast right at my middle (stomach fat). It does not want to budge. I eat 1100 – 1400 calories daily and track what I eat daily. I’ve gone from a size 16 pants to a size 10, feel healthy and exercise at least 3X weekly, weight training and aerobic. Don’t know how to lose that extra belly fat. I’ve done all the recommended things, eat carefully, take supplements, etc. HELP!

  72. Katz

    Thanks for the tips. My body is actually in better shape than it has been in a while. Mostly due to the fact that I am extremely busy and I live on the third floor in my apartments. I know I still have more work to do, but it will not be my new years focus. My focus this year is to finish my masters (May), be successful at my first teaching job (I start Jan. 3), and improve my families finances enough to buy a house.

  73. Muriel Scott

    The main thing is to laugh often during the day. Forget resolutions, relax and just say to yourself, I am going to leave the table before I am full. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!

  74. Sherene

    My goal is to continue head strong with getting healthy and losing weight. I have been at a plateau since June and have tried various things looking for what fits my daily life and what won’t drive me crazy trying to do. I have found a lot of great tips and am now trying to implement them and get over this hump. I’m at 245 and am hoping to lose 15-20 pounds by the end of January (short term goal) and be at my goal weight by the end of next year, 150 pounds.

  75. Christine

    I have fallen off the radar over the last few months(not exercising or watching what I eat enough) but today decided to walk around the lake when I first woke up. A bit of a struggle but my new year resolution is to incorporate this into my daily routine to shed fat and tone along with eating better. So my goal is not so much about losing kilos but about losing cms, feeling better and fitting into clothes that are too tight right now.

  76. Christine

    Oh I should have made my goal measureable! Am wanting to lose 7 kilos and will aim to lose 1 kilo a week. The incentative to focus on is two weddings,one in January 2011 and the other is in February, so I want to feel and look good for both!I need to drink more water-have been putting ice in my drink bottle and no wine-except today being Xmas and also on NYS Eve, after that no buying alcohol until I reach my goal.

  77. Jason

    I WILL be down to 70 kg by end August ( currently 85 kg). I need to do this to be able to do a 1000 mile charity bike ride in September. A very hilly ride from one end of the UK to the other so power to weight ratio is vital. The training has started already BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Sue B

    I like these 4 tips. I’ve decided that this is the year for me to get into shape again! I’m tired of being overweight & hope that FBF will help me achieve this goal. I also plan to get back to drinking 64 oz. of water a day. I can sure tell the difference when I’m not doing that. I’m sluggish & tend to be bloated everyday. So, let’s all try to be better at making the journey towards our goals.

  79. kim

    There is strength in numbers. Reading everyones’ comments helps me to want to get started. My goal for this year is to lose 50 lbs. and be able to easily bend over to put on my telemark skis.
    Good luck to all and to all a good year to come!!!!

  80. Jen-martha

    Hello all my name is Jen and I am over weight.
    My #1 goal :Started this past November 22nd to lose my BMI from 27% to a healthy 22% by March 2011. It really doesn’t matter about the weight, it’s how I feel and look.
    My #2 goal: Is to build lean muscle mass so that the fat can not come back on.
    My#3 goal : Is to continue to do my 1 ½ hour workouts to 2 hours a day.
    My #4 goal: Is to stop being an emotional eater and to take control of my eating habits and if I cheat to own up to them, I have done that by enrolling in FBF. I have already lost 2 ½” on my waist and I just started the FBF program since December 18th. I have been incorporating more ice water and weight training every other day along with aerobic activities, yoga and walking. I never had a problem with exercising> It is the eating and the emotional eating that has got me into my current 26.09% BMI. Also ,every time I hit the fridge I have a picture of myself of what I currently looked liked in November and what I looked like when I was at a healthy -BMI of 20%. Also on my work days I plan and set out what I am going to eat for the day every morning.
    My #5 goal : I will plan and set out what I am going to eat every morning on my days off as well.
    My #6 goal : Is I will continue with FBF program and take ownership of my weight loss. I will reach my goal in 2011 and keep the weight off my doing the listed goals above and perhaps come up with some new more positive ways to stay with my goals and be an emotional eater that makes better/healthier choices.
    Wishing you all the gifts of peace, love and joy with a healthier lifestyle for Christmas and the New Year!!! God bless you all on your journey.

    • Darleen

      WOW! You have such a nice well thought out plan! And you have started out strong. Nice! How many calories are you consuming a day? Do you count calories? I won’t wish you good luck because you don’t need it…you have your inner strength! Congrats!

  81. Darleen

    My New Year’s resolution is to lose 30 pounds by my 50th birthday(June) and go on a week long bike ride. I need to be strong enough and have enough endurance to carry all my gear, clothes and food for the ride.

    • Jen-martha

      Darleen, You will reach your goal!!! Just start out using a backpack with nothing in it when you bike or walk for a few weeks and then start adding more and more weight every few weeks/months. You are probably are ready doing this. But just start out small… baby steps = to huge leaps and bounds. This will be your year Darleen!!!! :)

  82. tina

    love the four tips but the only thing sneaky here is the bribery being used to get the last 4 tips!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Tina, did you see one of the tips is “write it down”? Do you see what people are doing here?

  83. Chuck S

    I would urge everyone wanting to lose weight to also keep track of % bodyfat(BF). If you lose 10 lb of fat and gain 10 lb of muscle, that would be a good thing. Some comments on another web page gave some websites that tell how to measure your waist, neck, and other body parts to find out your BF. I thought I copied one, but I didn’t. The most important thing would be to keep track of changes. A simple way would be just to track waist size, especially if your waist is large. That may not be the most accurate, but I think helpful.

    The body mass index (BMI) uses only height and weight, so it can show someone with a lot of muscle as obese, since it can’t tell how much of the weight is fat.

  84. Al

    Resolution: To lose weight by consistently watching the food I eat and attending a gym (need the motivation)

  85. Kayci

    My resolution is to be healthy, mind body and soul for my kids and new career as an EMT

  86. George

    I have been trying to get rid of 10 kilos for a while now, it’s just the damn stubborness of the fat that keeps me from feeling completely satisfied!

  87. Jo

    Not to be anxious or fearful about anything anymore. I’ve found the perfect solution in http://www.lindens-method.com to help combat anxiety, panic, stress and depression.
    No more worries for me….i’m determined!!!!!

  88. Paul

    I am going to weigh 189 pounds by 3-31-11. I am going to workout & go to the gym daily. I am going to start eating ahealthy natural breakfast.

  89. Steve Summerfield

    I am going to start a workout schedule, stick to it, and lose 20 lbs by 4/1/11.

  90. Z

    To many friends and family “showing” me what can happen when you don’t take care of yourself over the past year.. Talk about a great motivator.. I want to stay healthy, happy and active until the day my number is called..

  91. Derick

    I’ve just been deployed, so I’ve set my goals for the deployment. I plan to lose 3.5 inches in my waist to get back down to a size 32, hit the gym at least 4 times per week, I already walk everyday since I have to vehicle here, and to avoid the snack and dessert lines at the chow hall 6 days a week. I still get my one day a week to indulge in the sweeter things in life.

  92. Monica

    I am going reduce my body fat by 15 lbs and increase muscle by weight training and careful monitoring of my food.

  93. Jane Wynstra

    My New Years Resolution is: To be in a size 9 dress by May. I will to lose 35 pounds. To do that I will walk every day. I will lift weights 4 times a week. My 58 year old body will get smaller and firm.

  94. vickie conn

    Maybe i was taught to count differently – but you said you were presenting 8 flabburners – and i can only find 4. Where are the other 4. I’m new at this = obviously – but help me out here, please. v

  95. David

    I’d heard tips 2-4 before (they are still good), but #1 is new to me and following it will likely make me much more successful as is reach 14% BF by my 54th birthday.

  96. Desi

    Great tips…I want lose 5 inches off my belly.

  97. Laura

    I resolve to lose 4% of my body fat over the next 6 weeks, and continue on that path in 6 week increments until I feel excellent in my body again! I’ll do this by planning meals ahead and following the FBF exercise program. I’m going to do my best to drink a ton of ice water :)

  98. tio mat

    the one-hundreth comment!

  99. Julie Robinson

    I am going to do 100 sit ups a day and 100 push ups while watching what I eat over Christmas. I will also practice my katas everyday and go for at least 2 runs per week while on holidays.

  100. Faye

    I am not going to make a new years resolution, i break those, but I am going to concentrate on losing 10kg by May, if i can stop smoking I can lose weight right!!

  101. Heather Charity

    I am going to weigh 165 (loss of 10#) by the time my folks visit in March. I am going to use good portion control on every meal and drink more water.

  102. Kim

    Thanks for the support and tips! It is nice to have a coach instead of always being the coach :O)

  103. Rebecca

    I am GOING to do the half marothon in Vancouver.

  104. Lynn

    How about we start by saying I AM instead I’m going to. I think if you make it an affirmation and write it that way and put it with your goal pictures on the bathroom mirror, the fridge and behind every light switch and repeat it out loud every time you see it that will help. It’s worked for me for various things in the past. e.g. “I am running the half marathon in Vancouver” “It’s March and I am a happy 165lb” I am daily doing 100 sit ups, 100 push ups and practicing my katas. I am watching what I eat especially on days off and over the holidays”

  105. Nic

    Good luck and well done to all on here, I think it is a great start to the “You”, you want to be.

    I am delighted that Rob decided to share his experiences and knowledge to help people, I wish him the best of luck for 2011 as well.

  106. Janna

    For Christmas, I asked for and recieved a membership to the gym. Yeah! Now I have hope of gaining some muscle and losing some fat. Cold, winter weather has put a stop to my efforts before.

  107. Bruce Smith

    Good advise for any goal! thanks

  108. Barbara

    I am brand new with FBF. I had asked my doctor about losing belly fat and he remarked, “You sure have a capacity for storage!” This time last year I weighed 135 lbs and rose to 160 lbs. by late summer. Dr. tells me to eat less. I’m told by my family I “don’t eat enough to keep a bird alive!” Thus, jumping on the FBF bandwagon at 77 years old. I went through the menus in the plan and listed all the items I am either out of, or just don’t have. On restricted income, I’m not sure how many of those items I’ll be able to get, yet I shall do the best I can on January 3 and again each month until I am stocked properly. My main goal is to get my BFI back to between 21 and 25, lose 6″ off my waistline and exchange the belly fat for muscle. I question the amount I can do in workouts, as I broke vertebrae T-11 three years ago and am dealing with osteoporosis. I attend a senior ladies’ exercise class once each week. (For many years I weighed 119 lbs).

  109. Barbara

    Having gained 25 lbs last summer, I have lost 10 lbs and am resolved to lose ten more. I normally consume 900-1100 calories per day. Brand new with FBF, I just turned 77. I shall reduce my BFI to between 21 and 24 and exchange belly fat for muscle. I have listed all the foods in the menus I don’t now have and over the next three months shall have them available to me. I also resolve to follow the plan and consume 2 gallons of water daily. (This is the most difficult, as I am a coffeeholic.) With a broken back, workouts other than walking are off limits for me; however, I attend a seniors’ exercise class once weekly.

  110. Jen

    Thanks for the hints. My resolution is to have a healthier attitude to food and exercise. Your tips are very helpful Rob. Small, measurable goals – I like that.

  111. Yep, You’ve gotta write it down! Then when you feel like quitting, go back & read it again to get your motivation back.

  112. Lynn

    Hi my name is Lynn. I am 54 years young 5 feet tall and a wooping 185 lbs on top of all this I just gave up smoking. I need to lose 55 lbs. This is more than a goal for me it is necessary.

  113. Jula

    Thank you for the sneaky tips….they made a lot of sense and I am going to try each one of them. You do a great job reminding us to stay focused and on track. I am ready to change my life and get myself on a healthier road.

  114. Marie

    Luckily I don’t have a lot of weight to lose – but I do have that belly fat and those bulges that keep me from wearing any form-fitting tops. It seems that I’m not alone on this one —lots of women I know seem to get blobbie with age! Yuck!!!.

    But, my biggest obstacle is my SUGAR/SWEETS addiction – I constantly crave sugar! It definately affects my mood, I get grouchy – short-tempered and I know it’s insane because as soon as the ‘high’ from the sugar subsides… I want more or I want to go to sleep – when I wake up, I feels like I have a hangover.– so I start all over again!

    Can anyone relate? I really need help – it’s ruining my relationship and I’m pretty sure that it’s not doing any favors for my body either!

    My resolution for 2011 is to do something about the belly fat and find ways to curb my sugar cravings

    • Lynn

      I too am new to FBF but not to goal setting and adaptation. Like another commenter I’ve about $50.00 a month for food. I’m also a “chocaholic” and have a very sweet tooth. Summer of 2009 I bought a small Stevia plant and put it in the garden where I rent. All summer when I had a sweets craving I just took a small peice of a leaf and chewed it. Wow is it sweet! In the fall I pulled the plant and dried it… saved the leaves in an airtight jar and now I just put a pinch in the bottom of a glass… fill with ice water and sip. Cravings are gone and unlike sugar which is addictive and keeps you wanting more and more I find this has reduced my daily cravings. I’m now doing my hot chocolate with skim milk and cocao plus some sugar (I’m trying to save enough from my food budget to get a small box of powdered stevia (but it’s quite expensive) since 1 Tablespoon sweetens equal to 1/4 cup or more of sugar. And try doing it minute by minute…. when the cravings strike just tell yourself you’ll look after that in a minute or two and then do some excercising or something you really like or something very engrosing. You might discover an hour or so passes before the cravings hit again and do it again. When it gets really bad try the sweetened water trick. Good luck

  115. Lyndel

    Just opened my first email from fatburn so very excited about getting started
    My resolution for 20011 is to travel overseas again next year but not as the fat person !!!

  116. kate

    my resolution for 2010 is to find out what is causing my digest problems fix them & reduce my weight by 30kg. by October this year By eating Healthy & exercising I require a budy to keep on track as yet I have not found one.

  117. Carla

    Hi! I am 24 years old, 5´2 tall and weigh 80kgs (never imagined writing this would be soo hard). I want to change the way my body looks. I know that once I am able to change that, other aspects in my life will change also. I´ve been reading so many comments and newsletters Rob sends us, the success stories around the world with various ages, and different tips and tricks used to get to the body I´ve always desired. I haven´t ordered the FBF package yet, I don´t understand what´s keeping me from taking this step and begin taking the others, but I now want to change soo bad. So, after reading these steps (and printing them out), here is my new year´s resolution for 2011:

    #1 – Buy FBF package, (follow it with my heart).

    #2 – Get to my ideal weight of 61kgs and a body mass of 23 kg/m2 in 8 months, this means losing: 2.375 kg/month – 1.1875 kg/wk

    Wish me luck people…here I go.

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