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7 Ways This 1 NEW Twist On An Old Technique Burns More Fat In The Next 18 Hours…

By Rob Poulos...

So I’m sitting here in my hotel room in New York and wondering if you’re interested in learning perhaps my SNEAKIEST eating trick that YOU can also use immediately to boost your fat loss…

Silly question, I know! But, these are the things that bounce around in my head…

So let’s get to it (’cause this is a long post, but worth it!)…

Many folks are amazed when I tell them I actually get home from a vacation or business travel leaner and a few pounds lighter than when I left… maybe you are too?

And then I ask them “Would you like to learn this 1 simple trick that skyrockets your fat loss in 7 powerful ways, any time of the year, and doesn’t require any skill to do it?”

Then they’re really floored..lol 😉

I call this technique ‘Stop & Go Eating’, and once you read and understand the science below, you’ll know why this works so well:


1. Increases Your #1 Fat Burning Hormone
Growth Hormone is the most important fat burning hormone in your body. Stop & Go Eating pushes growth hormone production into high gear and this makes your fat burning furnace start to work overtime. Stop & Go Eating also decreases your insulin levels, which helps your body burn fat instead of storing it.

2. Increases Fat Burning Enzymes
Stop & Go Eating will sky-rocket the activity of two of the most important fat burning enzymes in your body. HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) is the enzyme responsible for allowing your fat cells to release fat so it can be burned as energy in your muscles. LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase) is the enzyme responsible for allowing your muscle cells to take up fat so it can be burnt as a fuel. Stop & Go Eating increases both of these enzymes to optimize fat burning.

3. Burns More Calories
This technique actually increases your metabolism and energy level, thereby increasing calorie burning. And you already know the more calories you burn the faster you can lose weight. Many are shocked at how awake and energetic they are during their 1st experience with Stop & Go Eating… often their most productive day of the week!

4. Burns Fat Instead of Sugar
Stop & Go Eating shifts your metabolism from burning blood sugar to burning mostly body fat. When you eat a meal your body likes to burn carbs first, then the fat from your food. Any extra fat that your body can’t burn in the few hours after you eat get stored as body fat. When you fast your body has no choice but to burn stored body fat. By the end of a Stop & Go Eating period, your body is burning way more fat than it would during a regular day of eating.

5. You’ll Finally Find Out The ‘Why’ Behind Your Eating Habits
The most surprising benefit people report back when they try out this technique is a new found awareness of what causes them to eat the way they do. When you make a conscious decision to do this Stop & Go Eating for even one day, your less than flattering eating motivations become painfully obvious. This can really help you STOP BAD HABITS for good. I’ve said many times (and it’s TRUE) that knowing what your motivations are for poor eating choices is essential before you can change them and build better habits.

6. Builds Positive Attitudes Towards Yourself and The Foods You Love
Those that try this technique report that they see it as an accomplishment that can build self-confidence and gratitude. At the end of a Stop & Go Eating session, you can feel good about your accomplishment and start feeling good about your relationship with food again. This empowered feeling only builds over each time you use it, until you feel completely in control of your food choices.

7. Makes It Easier To Enjoy The Foods You Love, Guilt Free
Depending on how you do it, Stop & Go Eating allows you to drop more weight and inches without the restriction of most popular dietary plans… if you’re like me and have tried those crazy fads, you know exactly what I’m talking about. When you try Stop & Go Eating just every few days, you can let loose a bit more and have the confidence and habit not to over-indulge because you are now even more in-control of your food!

You might have guessed from the facts above that we’re talking about a very different and unique twist on an old technique, more commonly know as fasting.

Now, quite honestly, I hate fasting, but I actually LOVE Stop & Go Eating.

Here is why:

1. Stop & Go Eating is much more effective and easier to do than fasting
2. You only need to do this for 18-24 hours, once or twice per week…that’s it!
3. My very first try at Stop & Go eating worked so well and was so easy (after the first few hours), I’ve been doing it off and on ever since.

Now, there are some other tricks you’ll need to know to get the most out of this powerful technique…

…and because it wouldn’t be fair to spill the beans on them all here, (I didn’t create them!) there’s an updated copy of THE blueprint on Stop & Go Eating waiting for you here…

Stop & Go Eating for Women <– Ladies Click Here

Stop & Go Eating for Men <– Guys Click Here

Shortly after reading this intriguing guide, I began my first experiment with Stop & Go Eating…

Here’s my ‘diary’ from that day so you know what to expect when you do your first day:

*Tuesday night, 10PM – Jackson’s Restaurant, Tampa Florida* Just finished a nice dinner with some of my fitness pals in Tampa at a great restaurant called Jackson’s.

I’m starting the fast now…just drinking water for the rest of the night. Don’t know if I’ll go the full 24 hours or the minimum 18 hours… probably the latter, but we’ll see…

*Tuesday night, 11PM – Marriott hotel, Tampa* Back at the hotel…watched some NBA hoops and feeling sleepy so I hit the pillow… not hungry at all yet… wake up call coming in about 7-8 hours…

*Wednesday morning, 9AM – Marriott hotel, Tampa* Woke up feeling rested and still no hunger… the fast is nearly half over (is it this easy?)… packed up my stuff for my flight back home…

Waiting for the shuttle to the airport, and now I’m feeling hungry… want breakfast, but I’m not giving in.

*Wednesday morning, 10:30AM – Tampa Airport* My mind is busy on the security checkpoint… even though I’m not a terrorist, why do I always feel like one at these things?

I’m through the checkpoint walking past what seems like an endless row of restaurants (Burger King, Starbucks, Smoothie Stand, etc.) tempting my stomach like crazy… then remembered my mission, so I am like a stone.

*Wednesday afternoon, Noon – Tampa Airport* Waiting for the flight, doing some work on my Mac… almost lunchtime… but I figured once I get on the plane with no food around I’ll be fine.

Flight delayed 1 hour… starting to get really hungry now, but I certainly wasn’t light-headed or weak. I just had an empty stomach…

…and it doesn’t matter… my mind is made up that breaking from the fast is NOT an option.

I also am NOT tired, cranky, or lethargic. In fact, I feel as energetic and alert as any of my best days. (This is VERY SUPRPRISING!)

*Wednesday afternoon, 1PM – Flight To Detroit* On the flight… should be fine for 2 hours with no food around… but now the bloody stewardess shows up with those oh-so tempting peanuts…

But not a big deal…  I’m on a mission…I am 100% committed to one goal, and one goal only… (I’m also going to be eating again around 4pm…so just a few hours to go).

It’s been nice not having to prepare and plan for 5-6 meals today… first time in a LONG time.

Also have been super productive…getting lots done without having to bother with my stomach… probably over an hour saved already today… and I experienced a high-level of mental alertness all day, as many other ‘short-term’ fasting users report.

Since you aren’t eating food and jacking up your insulin and blood sugar levels, you don’t experience the post-meal sleepiness like you probably experience during the workweek at your desk.

*Wednesday afternoon, 4PM – Home Sweet Home* Wife and kids pick me up… a sight for sore eyes… Kalen asks me if I’m hungry… funny, I am but I don’t mind too much.

Still, we’re headed to celebrate my fast at one of my favorite little restaurants.

Enjoying a delicious stir fry of chicken, veggies, and brown rice.  It’s actually 4:30PM now, so just past 18 hours.

Mission accomplished!  Time to schedule my next Stop & Go Eating session…

Alright, so you can see what an amazing experience this was for me, even ignoring all of the fat burning, mental and physical health benefits of this technique.

I know it seems a little unusual at first, but I really think you’ll like it and may even come to love it as I have.

And my abs don’t mind it either ;-).

One last time before I go, this is where you can begin burning more fat in the next 18 hours:

Stop & Go Eating for Women <– Ladies Click Here

Stop & Go Eating for Men <– Guys Click Here

Alright, have fun with it and go ahead and share your thoughts about your experiences (past, present or future) with Stop & Go Eating in the comments below… don’t be shy!

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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26 Comments Add yours

  1. Deirdre

    The diary of your first experiment with this was very interesting, but I have one query. The first two entries were on a Tuesday evening, the third was on a Wednesday morning, but all the following entries were apparently on Tuesday. Was that just a typo, and did you mean Wednesday?

  2. s

    Im a Muslim, and fast not just a whole month each year, but on and off throughout the year…we are recommended to fast twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays ideally, and each fast starts at dawn and ends with sunset…this means in the summer the fasts get really long…but u know, i really enjoy them…as you say, it frees u up to do the more important things instead of worrying about ur next meal…but the most important thing ive found is how it stops me from that horrible habit of nibbling my kids’ leftovers, and tasting food ive cooked even before its on the table…all leftovers go straight in the bin instead of in the Mom Bin, and i dont even feel guilty about it….the best part is how, because i know when i will open the fast, i can actually plan the meal right down to the portion size, and make sure i dont have any more than what i’ve chosen to put on my plate (stomach has shrunk by sunset quite a bit, so its impossible to eat heavy foods and too much food, thank God!).

  3. Irene

    Hi Rob,

    I bought one of the things that you recommended, I forget the exact name, The 100 Sneaky Tricks or something like that. My computer crashed before I had time to download the information. How can I get that info again please?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Irene, please contact Jeff at DoThisBurnFatSupport.com and they’ll take care of you…

  4. I thought if you go not eating during the day that your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat.?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Cindy, I am a proponent of smaller meals more frequently because it works, but your body is not going to go into starvation mode by fasting once or twice a week…

      • sharon smith

        Rob, during the 18 – 24 hour fast, do you drink only water or any other liquid?

        • Rob Poulos

          typically yeah just water…that’s what I’ve done…

          • Gaynor

            hi Rob
            could I have tea with milk and sugar when fasting or does this defeat the object?

          • Rob Poulos

            yeah that defeats the effect for sure… just stick with water…

  5. Dan

    I have tried fasting off and on for 24 hour periods a few days a week. I have not noticed any weight loss. How do you respond to this statement: “if you fast for long periods of time your metabolism will slow down a lot, then when you start eating you will pack on major pounds”?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Dan, I would ask what you mean by long periods… the research I’ve read shows an 18-24 hour fast actually increases fat loss (as noted in the article)… I believe the effects are not the same if you continue the fast for very long periods or too frequently…

  6. Kay

    I read your post and am determined to give this a try. I’m 66, overweight and a heart attack survivor.
    Will have dinner this evening and then nothing until dinner tomorrow evening. I’ve already cleared the junk off the treadmill so I can start incorporating some walking into my day.
    Strangely enough.I’m actually looking forward to this! Will keep you posted…………

  7. Christine

    I’m not sure how to go about this process. I take medication in the mornings & if I don’t eat I get nauseated & sick. Any suggestions on how to get around this issue. When ever I have tryed to fast I’m no good to the world let alone to myself.

  8. I did the 25 day extreme fat loss and found I liked the fast days because I didn’t have to think about what to eat. It did get difficult late in the evening and so I think fasting until evening instead of over 24 hours might work – I think I’ll try it.

  9. lara

    What about losing water and muscle instead of fat? I know fasting can help with toxins as well, but I usually don’t lose the inches from my fasts. What do you think

    • Rob Poulos

      you’re drinking plenty of water with this technique… and you won’t lose muscle with the infrequency and short term method described

      • Robert C. Morreale

        Also hit the weights, strength training preserves lean mass on any diet.

  10. beckee

    What about diabetics? I’ve done fasting before and usually get shakey and have a headache by the end. Is this normal?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Beckee, as with any special circumstance, definitely check with your doctor on that…

  11. Dave

    Hi Rob,

    As a graduate student I read some nutritional research that supported your comments that a short 18 to 24 hours fasting period can help one to lose weight if they drinking plenty of water, and it did mentioned that fasting longer periods causes the body to go into a protective starvation mode, which slows down the metabolism. One example of such an article is titled Evolution of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Non Morbid Obese Gastrectomized Patients with Roux en-Y Reconstruction: Retrospective Study from the World Journal of Surgery; Sep2010, Vol. 34 Issue 9, p2098-2102, 5p. In this particular article they mentioned that the fasting blood glucose levels become too long during longer fasts, and then the body goes into a protective mode.

    On another note, after you complete your once a week 18 to 24 hour fast, does this “stop and go eating technique” require a specific diet for the following days?



    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Dave, thanks for the info… I have typically resumed my regular whole foods based eating plan after the fast, though I tend to eat less calories the 1st few days just naturally as I am adjusting to eating again.

  12. Mary

    Wait, so…
    Do not eat for 18-24 hours, STRAIGHT? Including sleep?
    or just in general, where you count how much you didn’t eat?

    Stupid question I know, just making sure!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey mary, yes including sleep… so the easiest way I’ve found is to eat a last meal around 8pm, then nothing until 2pm the following day for the 18 hour fast.

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