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Top 7 Tricks To Keep The Weight Off For Good…

By Rob Poulos...

You probably already know that your lifestyle is the biggest reason most folks can’t keep the weight off, and often end up back where they started… or even fatter than before!  The reality is we tend to live unhealthy and fat storing lifestyles is because they are EASILY ACCESSIBLE to us.

Hungry?  There’s a fast food restaurant within a few blocks from almost wherever you are.

Thirsty? It’s soooo easy to crack open a can of sugar laden soda or chemical filled diet soda, isn’t it?

Exercise?  It’s too easy to just hop on the treadmill for a few minutes and casually jog or walk while watching TV and say to yourself, “Now I’ve gotten in some exercise”.


Eating better, exercising better and living better isn’t much harder…it’s just that we have to figure out ways to make it just as accessible…just as easy as living in an unhealthy manner.

So here are my top 7 tricks to make living leaner and stronger a true lifestyle, so you keep that weight off forever:

1. Drink water from a water bottle, not from a glass. It may seem like a little thing, but simply switching to a 32oz. water bottle and refilling it 3 times (rather than having to refill an 8 oz. glass 10 times a day) can make a HUGE difference in how much water you drink.  I use the BUBBA KEG… that’s right, the Bubba Keg…. this thing rocks.

2. Use pre-cut fruits and veggies. How many times have you chosen to eat something pre-packaged over a fruit or vegetable because it was just easier?  Getting your fruits and veggies in ‘ready to eat’ form will have you getting more of the micronutrients that your body thrives faster than ever.

3. Keep your healthiest foods at eye level. Whether in your cupboard or fridge, what you see first is typically what you’re going to eat, especially at snack times.  Don’t hide the fruits and veggies in a drawer…keep ’em in front of your face, where they’ll be saying, “eat me!”.

4. Keep junk food out of your house. While it is not a good idea to completely cut out some of your favorite treats, keeping them out of your house is!  If it’s constantly in plain sight, guess what, you’re going to eat it! A wise man once said it’s much easier to control your environment than to control yourself.  Keep your special treats for when you’re enjoying a night out every so often.

5. Have ‘go-to’ meals and snacks. You know that eating smaller meals every 3 hours or so is the best way to keep your metabolism going and preventing over eating…but make that process easy and accessible by having a list of 2 or 3 go-to meals or snacks you can prepare in 5 minutes or less. One of my favorites is my Apple Peanut Butter Delight I’ve detailed in a previous newsletter.  Another is a serving of delicious Prograde Fusion, a shot of fat melting protein you shake up with water.

6. Work out in the morning…before you do anything else. While it’s usually best to work out when you have the most energy, many people find that their day just gets away from them and they end up with ‘no time’ to work out.  Wake up a bit early (with FBF workouts that’s only 15-25 minutes or so) and knock it out…now you can get on with your day without having to worry when you’re going to find time to work out.

7. Get a home gym setup now. Another way to make it easy on yourself…and it doesn’t have to be elaborate to work. What you want is some basic strength training equipment. This could mean a few household items and a chin up bar that will allow you to do some body weight exercises, or if you want better results faster, something like the unrivaled Powerblock dumbbells (I just set up my brother with these…he loves ’em!) which can be found here.

Alright, I know these 7 tricks will make living the lean body lifestyle EASILY ACCESSIBLE to you starting today, and every day!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be difficult to live the way you want to live…it’s quite simple once you make the easy choices the right ones.

How many of these tricks are you following right now?  Do you have any others to share with us? Post ’em in the comments below!

Have a great day and we’ll talk soon…

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  1. Rishi

    How To Reduce Fat From Chest Pls Guide Me!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sandra

    Great tips. With regard to water – I keep a 4L jug of water in the fridge at work & refill my glass all day. Gets me out of my chair more often over the course of the day. Keep the tips coming Rob!

  3. Lesley

    I’m still at beginner level, I have a problem though, I suffer from Fibromyalgia syndrome and suffer a great deal of pain, joint stiffness and exhaustion. Do you really think your course will help me?

    • Michelle

      Dear Lesley I have suffered from Fibro for more than 15 years. I know the pain you are talking about. My natural medicine Doc. gave me an enzyme called Protease. You have to get it on line. Transformation Professional Protocol is the brand to look for. I use it for pain I can take up to 9 a day on an empty stomach. That is the key. other wise your body will use it to digest protein. It works on the muscle fibers. My daughter is a professional volley ball player and she loves it. She does not like to take pain meds. Any way I do a 3 mile walk aerobic CD. It does include some upper body. On good days I use very small hand weights. When I am not in a flair I go to the gym a least once and do a heavy work out with weights. Yes you will be sore but with the enzyme and proper protein before and after your work out it isn’t so bad. I have pretty good remissions and I found when I limit sugar and keep processed foods out of my diet I live a pretty good life. Most people who don’t know me would not believe how sick I can get If I don’t watch what I eat and take care of my self. Also find a good Dr. and have your Thyroid checked. 2 doctors told me mine was fine when that was not the case at all. Now on Medication I have fewer flair ups and they do not last as long. Hope this helps. Sincerely. Michelle

  4. simeonne

    Eat your dinner at lunch time or at least before 3pm. Leave two hundred calories for the evening. I usually look forward to cottage cheese on bite size crackers (look for least calories) sliced tomato and pepper. I am not a sweet lover so this is what i do. The crackers are small so it takes a while to top each one with the cottage cheese (fat free) and tomato, top with pepper. Now i am used to it, i look forward to it like a steak, lol. At lunch i eat anything except i eat bread or potatoes, not both.
    I exercise lying down on my AB machine. 50 sits ups twice a day and 15 minute peddling. I loose 5Ib a week while watching TV.

  5. Holly

    I keep a log of everything I eat, which really keeps me accountable. Knowing that I have to write it down, often keeps me from eating something I shouldn’t. It also gives me a record to review on the weeks that I’m not losing or find myself gaining, so that I can pinpoint the cause and take corrective measures.

  6. rocky

    If you have a craving or you’re goin to indulge a bit..Take your shirt off when you eat!. Works like a charm =)

  7. Amina

    drinking at least between 2-3 liter water is important.
    eating protien at the 4 hours immediately after working out and prevent eating carbs. after exercise prevent fat burning.
    eat more of fat burning breads like: splets, rye, quinua…
    eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than canner or processed food

    • ofonmbuk james inyang

      pls,i have recieved all your advice,pls iwill like u to mention the name of those foods to abstain and the eat.thanxs

  8. Nick

    Hi Rob what kind of power block dumbbells do i get?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Nick I would go for at least one of the 50lb sets for men… and you can always add to it later if needed so you have up to 90lbs per dumbbell…

  9. Kim

    I started the FBF about 6 mths ago and it’s not a diet any more, it’s a life style! I feel great! I started this because I was 40 and knew I had to do something different because it wasn’t going to get any better, weighing in at 197 at 5’10”, almost as much as I weighed on my due date with my son! I have never been one for dieting or working out. I had always been athletic growing up, cheerleading, basketball, track, crosscountry, baseball, but I got older and didn’t have as much time for that. I started the program by just including 8 24oz bottles of ice water a day, that was amazing in it’s self! I’ve never been a snacker, I thought eating 2 full meals a day was good but learned through this program that was just one of the big mistakes I was making, so learning to eat 5 times a day was the hardest for me. I felt so full and thought there’s no way this could be working. I love the way you layed out the eating plan, I can just choose the foods I like and eat. I couldn’t believe how many things we buy at the grocery store have “tose” in the ingredients! I eat very fresh now, which is easy for me being a country girl. I’ve had a crossbow system for 8yrs and hadn’t used it in 5, so cleaned it up and started using it. At first it took me 25-30 mins. to go through the work out but now able to do it in 15-20 and only 3 time a week!!! I though for sure this won’t work! I didn’t weigh much at first like suggested and only measured. I first month I didn’t see a lot of change but felt so good, healthy, energetic! I lost maybe 7 lbs but the inches were coming off. But, after that first month, wow! To date, I have lost 35lbs and 25″! I love FBF, thank you for my new life!

    • Rob Poulos

      Kim, awesome! Glad to see you sharing your story of success with others… this is what inspires folks to make real changes in their lives…congrats!

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