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It’s True: 7 Everyday Rapid Weight Loss Tips to Blast Fat for Good

By Rob Poulos...

Most people agree: While gaining weight is hardly a difficult feat, getting rid of those pounds–and staying healthy–is no easy task.  With an estimated 63 percent of Americans either overweight or obese, it’s clear most of us don’t have a handle on our weight issues.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, remember there is hope–even if you can’t lose weight rapidly right now, there are ways to make the weight loss journey easier.  Here’s how to fix it:

Struggling to shed weight?  Here’s how to rapidly (and safely) lose more weight:

1. Go high protein.  While we are definitely not suggesting the Atkins diet, increasing your protein intake may actually increase your weight loss–really!  Here’s why: According to a recent study in the journal Cell Metabolism, high protein diets produced higher levels of peptide YYY, a type of hormone that regulates your appetite.  The participants who followed a high protein diet also gained less fat compared to their non-protein eating colleagues.  How you can do it: Consider adding a serving of protein to every meal for a cheap way to de-stimulate your appetite and keep fat gain on the down low.

2. Have soup before lunch.  But why?  According to recent research, people who had a bowl of soup before lunch ate less food–and therefore calories–during lunch, and remarkably enough, the effect carried on to dinner.  In fact, people who followed this routine ate 20 percent fewer calories throughout the day.  Now that’s an easy way to decrease your calories without even trying!  Best bet: To save on even more calories, opt for broth-based soups instead of cream-based ones, which contain fewer calories and fat.

3. Eat more.  No, we’re not saying you should eat chips all day–instead, we’re recommending loading up on the healthy stuff every few hours as a way to speed up weight loss.  Here’s why: According to research done on the obese, obese people actually eat very few meals a day.  Here’s another correlation–they also are more likely to skip breakfast but binge during lunch and dinner.  To avoid sabotaging your own diet, consider eating more frequent meals, and never skip breakfast; it’s the best way to keep your energy levels high during the morning!

4. Add caffeine.  Caffeine may have gotten a bad rap thanks to soda, which is often correlated with a higher weight, but alone caffeine is actually good for weight loss, acting as a natural appetite suppressant.  You’ll also have more energy throughout the day, which can help you get through grueling workouts!

5. Snack on veggies instead of chips.  After a long day at work, it’s tempting to snack on chips while watching your favorite TV show, but this could add hundreds of unwanted calories to your diet.  Obviously, we don’t want that.  Instead, switch chips for raw veggies with low-calorie dip for an easy way to get your fill of micro-nutrients and flavor without the unnecessary calories.

6. Guzzle on water.  Water isn’t just a great way to stay hydrated–scientists say that being dehydrated could increase hunger levels, even when you’re not physically hungry.  As a result, you may eat more, which won’t help with weight loss.  Instead, make it a habit to drink plenty of water–to start, aim for a glass of water every hour for a great way to stay hydrated and less hungry.

7. Warm up with green tea.  Recent research shows that green tea may increase fat loss by revving up the metabolism, as well as reduce your risk of several cancers.  Although you can get green tea in powder, pill, or even gum form, a hot brew of green tea is the best solution–and it also tastes great!

See, losing weight isn’t hard–you just need to know how to diet!  Are you ready to get lean?

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