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400 Year Old Wild Indian Cactus Extract Fights Cravings, Slims Waists…

By Rob Poulos...

You probably already know I’m extremely skeptical when it comes to most of the fat melting supplements out there (mostly bogus synthetic junk), which is why when I learn about a natural substance that has a solid history behind it, I am very anxious to try it out!

Well solid history might be an understatement here, as this super stuff has been used for more than 4 centuries!

Yeah, this ancient wild cactus extract has been used for over 400 years (how did we miss it all this time?) in India as a very effective natural appetite suppressant, which of course can lead to cutting down more fat and a slimmer trimmer waistline…


But first I have to give credit where credit is due… a pal of mine named Buck clued me in on this stuff a few weeks ago…

I of course had some skepticism about it, but was very intrigued when he told me he used it (along with a couple other techniques) to lose 15% of his body fat and drop 43 pounds…

Congrats to Buck!  I know how he feels have dropped about the same amount myself, so you know as well as I do this stuff deserves some attention:

It’s called Caralluma Fimbriata, and is even considered a top ‘famine food’, used during times of famine to suppress appetite effectively, as it is readily available growing wild all over various parts of India.

This is probably because Caralluma Fimbriata is also believed to have an effect on the appetite control mechanism of the brain.

Of course if you don’t live in India, getting your hands on this stuff is not the easiest thing in the world to do…BUT-

-Buck gave me the hookup where we can get this in concentrated form for easier, faster effects (more on that below)…

But before we get to that, you should also know that a report I read recently that was submitted to the FDA by a leading producer of this extract also revealed that Caralluma Fimbriata:

-Prevents fat accumulation by blocking certain enzymes (citrate lyase) forcing fat to be burned…

-It’s also believed that the blocking of these enzymes inhibits the sensory mechanisms of the hypothalamus

-The cactus also has anti-inflammatory properties (inflammation can interfere with the processing of insulin)…

What about safety? Well, you’ll be as pleased as I was to learn that Ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) experts have proclaimed that there are no adverse effects when using Caralluma Fimbriata, and the plant has no known toxicity.

Here’s a recent clinical trial done on this wild cactus extract, showing it’s powerful effects on appetite supressing and waist slimming:

“The effect of Caralluma extract was assessed in overweight individuals by a placebo controlled randomized trial. Fifty adult men and women (25-60 years) with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25 kg/m2 were randomly assigned into a placebo or experimental group; the latter received 1 g of Caralluma extract per day for 60 days. All subjects were given standard advice regarding a weight reducing diet and physical activity.

At the end of 30 and 60 days of intervention, waist circumference and hunger levels over the observation period showed a significant decline in the experimental group when compared to the placebo group. There was also a trend towards a greater decrease in body weight, body mass index, hip circumference, body fat and energy intake between assessment time points in the experimental group…

Conclusion: Caralluma extract appears to suppress appetite, and reduce waist circumference when compared to placebo over a 2 month period.

Kuriyan R, Raj T, Srinivas SK, Vaz M, Rajendran R, Kurpad AV. Division of Nutrition, Institute of Population Health and Clinical Research, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore 560034, India.”

Alright, with all of this evidence staring me in the face, you’re probably ready to give this one a go too (I told Kalen, “com’on honey…it’s cactus time!”)… and I know of a few companies that are producing concentrated forms of this stuff right now.

But my pal Buck has done something even cooler with this stuff… before he lost all that weight, he blended in 3 other proven natural metabolic and energy boosters that has created a synergistic effect…

…making all 4 fat fighting ingredients work even better.

He put a little presentation together for us explaining how he did it to lose all of that baggage he had carried around for so long…

my pal Buck explains his recipe for a 43lb. fat loss <— Click Here

In addition to the Caralluma Fimbriata for appetite suppression, Buck’s recipe contains:

-ATP, Rhodiola Rosea, and B-vitamins to boost energy

-Theobromine (from cocoa) for natural mood enhancement (like eating chocolate without fat or calories)…

-Decaf Green Tea Extract & Cayenne Pepper for a natural metabolic boost

(I know a lot of you will be excited about the decaf aspect of the green tea extract as I know lots of readers have voiced concerns about their use of caffeine in the past (I’m always thinking of you ;-))…

put Buck’s wild fat fighting cactus blend to work for you <— Click Here

Alright, enjoy the presentation and report back on your experience with the wild cactus and Buck’s formula… from everything I’ve read and seen on this, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Talk soon,

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  1. rhammerton

    hi there tried to buy this product on amazon and it will not ship to the uk?? can you tell me if it is available to me

    thanks Rich

  2. Helen Julian

    I have dial-up internet, so if you don’t also provide texts that give the same info as the videos, a video does me no good. They just don’t work on our dial-up.

  3. Rob Poulos

    Hey Julie, you can find negative comments about any company online… but the reality is the number of positive comments are rarely ever seen… I’ve found that it’s unfortunately in our nature to want to be heard mostly when we are not happy with something…

    Heck, there are even negative comments about me and my company too! But most of the time it’s just confused people that don’t understand what or how to buy online… or somebody missed an email here or there… that is the nature of communication on the web… but I know Buck’s people are on top of customer service, from what I’ve heard they’ve had tens of thousands of happy customers with their products… I’ll see if we can get him to pop in to respond too…

    At the end of the day you have to judge for yourself…there are a couple other companies producing some of this cactus extract, but I am simply giving credit to the guy who introduced me to it…

    thanks for posting your comments and let me know how you like this stuff if you get a chance to try it out…

  4. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your feedback. I completely understand your concern.

    Even though we have over 30,000 happy customers worldwide, there are always some folks who aren’t satisfied. Sometimes we don’t hear about it, but when we do we treat them like family.

    I understand your skepticism, which is why I provide the best guarantee in the industry (a 365 day “you MUST lose weight or your money back”) and top that off with Amazon.com’s A-Z Guarantee.

    I truly want you to have the best experience, which is why I’m answering your post personally. Thanks again.

    Buck Rizvi
    CEO, Ultimate Lifespan

    • Rob Poulos

      thanks for popping in Buck!

    • Julie

      Thanks for the replies Rob and Buck. I will have to check out shipping cost to the UK as it is not obvious on the Amazon.com website (and exchange rates) and it is not available on Amazon.co.uk. unfortunately. Thanks again.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Susan, we don’t sell this product, but you can contact our pal Buck at the website listed in this article for more info.

  5. Carina

    Hi Rob
    I tried to order this product on Amazon…
    It doesnt have Australia listed on the form to fill out!!
    Do they ship it to Australia??
    Id be grateful if you could find a way for me to recieve this product.

  6. Denis

    Thanks for info intriguing as usual.However, how specifically does this fit in with your ‘ Healthy’ approach to life? Obviously it doesn’t. It mostly appears to fit in with the ‘quick’ bit. May I suggest that we need cardio in our exercise routine. What needs to be debated, is how much?

    Clearly you get cardio exercise at times on your country,wilderness, or water activities. For the ‘average’ person, particularly in the inner city, they don’t have or wish to take many outdoor opportunities.

    The other problem about ‘natural’ substances like this, is the changes which have occurred in the centuries which it has been in use e.g. has it been the same variety which has been used all those years? Has the most effective variety been lost?.

    Best wishes, Denis.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Denis, no problem… if you don’t know my stance on cardio, I have found it to be one of the worst ways to exercise for fat loss or health… I’m talking about the methodical long distance/long duration/low to moderate intensity cardio here… this is all in my FBF book… what does work is interval based cardio…and what works even better is building the interval based cardio into a brief infrequent resistance training program… this is the cornerstone of my 15 minute miracle workouts…

      As far as this stuff’s effectiveness after all these years… it’s obviously still working for some folks (like Buck)!

      • Beau

        I’m 18 years old. and in the past years i went from 140lb.. to 180lb.. i was a size 7. and at the end i was in a size 14 pushing 15 ( thats 46 in inchs).. I’ve been reading your articles for some time now, and i must say i enjoy them. but not enough to buy a product that i have to download to my computer. just seems a little sketchy to me. iether way.. i understand that you say that cardio is one of the worst ways to excorsize for fat loss.. well. i started doing a cardio workout, along with abs, and total body workouts.. for about 30 minutes a day.. in the past two weeks.. i have gone from 46 inchs.. to 41-42..cardio has proved to be the MOST effective way of wieght loss i have ever tried. what your essentialy telling people, is dont workout.. well i must object.. the more muscle you have. the more calories you burn.. the more the wieght comes off. and beware.. i read a study that after you turn 30.. your body starts to break down.. and makes it essentialy much harder to build muscle. do streangth training.. jogging. cardio. and yoga!.. eat healthy and keep hydrated. if i can lose allmost 5 inches in two weeks simply just from eating more fruits an veggies, cutting out pop and chocolate from my diet. and makeing shure i consume no more then 1468 calories a day. and only doing half hour workouts of cardio. i think anyone can do it.. they just have to actualy try. peace to all.

  7. Steve

    Does the cactus really have to be 400 years old?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Steve, no… it’s been used for over 400 years, but it does not need to be ‘old’ to benefit from its effects…

  8. Laura Proffer

    I really would like to try your cactus weight lose suppliments but I am having problems with an existing account with Amazon. Can you please help me! I dont know how to get around it because my credit card info and zip have changed since my last order with amazon and I dont see any other options. HELP!!! Laura

  9. Rob Poulos

    Hey Suzanne, just forwarded personally to Buck… he’ll get this handled ASAP…thanks for your patience…yes since my blog post about this stuff he has gotten slammed with questions/orders etc…

  10. Buck Rizvi

    Hi Suzanne,

    For some reason your email didn’t come through on our end. I just emailed the download link to your email address.

    Please email support@organicaresearch.com if you still don’t receive it.


  11. Jo

    Hi Rob, I have some intersesting information I would like to share with you that i just came accross recently. Dont want to post it on this particular blog so if you could flick me an email so I can reply.



  12. Hi Michael,

    Thank you very much for your order! I completely understand your concerns. Rob is correct and there is more than one clinical study supporting Caralluma Fimbriata’s efficacy.

    There are however, many “review” websites that will post bogus negative comments about products and their ingredients in order to draw in visitors and funnel them to competitive products or to generate ad revenue. Our legal team is in the process of addressing these unethical sites.

    Amazon.com handles our payments for Ultimate Trim and, as with all Amazon.com orders, what you order it what you receive and you’ll never see an unauthorized charge from us.

    All customers are 100% protected by Amazon.com’s A-Z Guarantee on top of my own 365 day satisfaction guarantee.

    I hope this helps. Thanks again for your business!


  13. Rob Poulos

    Hey Ellen, you can message Buck at the site directly as this is not my product… good luck 😉

  14. Lisa S.

    Hi Rob,

    I am one of those people who doesn’t eat enough … too busy running around, so my ‘starvation’ mechanism kicks in and stores fat instead of burning it. In my case, would an appetite suppressant help or hinder me? I probably need to eat 6 times a day in order to keep my metabolism high, and I usually only remember to eat twice. As such, should I stay away from these type of products and just try to eat (healthy food) more often? Or would the fat-burning aspect of this product still help? Thanks!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Lisa, if you have trouble eating enough food, def do not take anything that suppresses appetite… the key is eating every 3 hours or so… we go into more detail in FBF on the specifics… cheers!

  15. Sharon

    Hi Rob and Buck,

    I just ordered a three month supply of these (I only need to lose about 20 lbs to reach my “ideal” weight, but I want to lose 40-45 lbs to reach my goal weight by my vacation in July) to help boost my current routine. Will your bonus program require me to follow a specific fitness routine and “diet” to achieve my highest possible success? I’m asking because I already do 45 mins of Shaun T’s INSANITY and 30 mins of his HIP HOP ABS 6 days/week and 1-2 hours of Dance Central on Xbox Kinect 4 days/week. Additionally, I eat fairly healthy (without depriving myself) every 2.5-3 hours, and take Beachbody’s ActiVit multi-vitamin, Neptune Krill Oil, and Wu-long tea. Can I continue my regular routine in conjunction with taking Ultimate Trim and still achieve the goals outlined in your program?

  16. Kenia

    Hi Rob,
    I bought your Fat Furnace Book and I read it all. For me it was great news to workout only 3 times a week and no cardio workout. I would walk on the treadmill for a whole hour and I used to get very hungry and wasted. So I started your break in exercise this week (3 times). My muscles were so sore that it was hard to walk. Now the pain is starting to go away. Yea it’s been two years since I had done any muscle trainning.s this pain normal? I I’ll keep you informed about my pogress.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Kenia, thanks for writing… muscle soreness is normal, but if it is a sharp pain or you feel it is injury related you should see your doctor… soreness from a proper FBF workout will subside in a few days if you are a raw beginner… once you get going you shouldn’t experience this type of soreness again…

  17. Gregory

    Buck, please forward your website … if the product is as good as you advertise it will certainly be the solution to the fat-burning problem I have experienced in aging. Thank you.

  18. Rigo Perrella

    Hi Rob is xylitol a better alternative to sugar for weight loss and weight maintanace, when used in moderation for desserts, recipes, meals, hold and cold drinks, being that it is very low in carbs and is low gi, low in calories and good for your teeth and gums, the way its processed is it totally natural, i also use stevia as well although it leaves a aftertaste in your mouth, but a good thing to do about that is to add more of a natural low calorie food or liquid to take away the aftertaste, for example in organic coffee and tea i put a little bit more of organic low fat milk, to fix the aftertaste you get from stevia, and being lower in calories, carbs than xylitol, it would be better for your health, weight loss and weight maintanance, is stevia totally natural the way its processed, and what are the health benefits of xylitol and stevia, when it come to,vitamins and antioxidants. your emails website, advice and infomation is great, keep up the great work best regards Rigo Perrella.

  19. Where do you order, and how much? Nancy

  20. Melissa

    What is the name of the concentrated form of the cactus extract?

  21. David

    Hey Rob,

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting me in touch with full strength nutrition shakes.
    It really filled me up and I had a lot of energy and didn’t feel hungry all day.
    Thanks again.


  22. Marlu West

    Where do I get it?

  23. I am 64 years old & I am desparate to lose 25 lb— any “HELP” for me

  24. Vicki

    I take blood pressure and cholesterol medication, how will these supplements interact with my meds?

  25. Dear Buck, It sounds very good but I am here in Ireland and unable to order the products as Ireland is not on the list of countries to order the products. please can you help me.

  26. Joe

    I thought the idea was to be eating several healthy small meals every day and to get away from trendy diets and gimmicks like appitite suppresents. I’ve really appreciated your down to earth no nonsense approach but now I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all these new concepts and wonder if maybe there was something missing in your original advice. Arent these new/old concepts/products just the kind of stuff you and your wife were messing frustrating yourselves with before you found your answers?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Joe, I understand… while we certainly don’t focus on trendy diets/gimmicks, and most of what we found worked for us is in our own products, anything we review on the blog or in the newsletter has some merit to it and can help some folks. In this example, a lot of folks ask us about controlling cravings. We feel that part of our responsibility is to help answer those questions with not only information, but products (if available) that are also an option. Best of luck to you and thanks for popping into the blog ;-).

  27. David

    Does your website for the 7 day fast start offer a nutritional plan and exercise plan?

  28. sue

    HI ROB. i am from south africa , n i would like to kno if this product is anything like hoodia , it is also a suppresant.

    do u have a supply of the product (carralluma fimbriatas ) in south africa.

    best wishes & many thanks for all your news letters

    regards sue naidoo

  29. Edith

    I am on blood thinners and am wondering if this diet and the things that one takes like supersalin would interfear with my medication

    • Rob Poulos

      hey Edith, not a question for me, but for your doctor for sure… the Supresalin site has nutrition info on it if you’d like to share it with your doctor.

  30. Pip

    just bought this from coles in aus HA swisse comapny very popular very well known its called appetite suppressant & the only ingredient is this cactus stuff so go get it!

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