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4 Foods to Never Eat if You Want to Lose Weight (And Look Good!)

By Rob Poulos...

It’s true: If you want to lose weight, eating less and moving more is the key to a slimmer bod.  But even so, there are certain foods that may unknowingly ruin your otherwise good diet, either by adding hidden calories or increasing hunger levels.  Not sure if your eating the right foods?  Clean up your diet by staying away from these bad, bad foods:

4 Foods to Never Eat

If you’re on a diet but want to keep it clean, make sure to throw these foods in the trash:

1. Frozen meals.  For a quick meal on-the-go or at work, most people reach for a frozen meal, which only takes a minute to heat up in the microwave.  But you may be doing your diet a disservice by eating these meals–here’s why.

Why it’s bad: While frozen meals are convenient, they’re often loaded with too much salt, oil, preservatives, and other nutritional baddies that make a diet unhealthy.  Worse yet, these meals don’t contain enough fiber, which means you’re feel hungrier faster after eating it.  As a result, you may find yourself eating more calories when eating a frozen meal, in comparison to a home-cooked meal.

Do yourself a favor–throw it out.  Make the effort to make a healthy meal at home instead to save on calories and boost your nutrition.

2. White rice.  If you’re Asian, white rice is practically in your blood–from breakfast to supper, most people don’t think twice about eating heaps of white rice as an accompaniment to a bigger meal.  Unfortunately, it has no place in a healthy diet.  Here’s why.

Why it’s bad: According to nutritionists, white rice is nothing more empty calories, stripped of its nutrient base during processing.  As a result, you’re eating nothing more than glutinous carbs and far too little fiber.  A better solution: Switch white rice for brown rice, which contains more nutrients and fiber to keep your diet healthy.

3. Dried fruit.  We’ve always been told to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, so eating dried food makes sense–that’s until you look at its nutritional information.  Despite being derived from fresh fruit, dried fruit is no better than a chocolate bar, containing obscene amounts of sugar, calories, and not enough nutrients (its processing strips most of it away).

Why it’s bad: Although eating fruit is a good thing, dried fruit is processed and amped up to be nothing more than sugar candy.  You’re better off eating the real thing instead–real fruit also contains fiber, which can help you feel fuller for longer.

4. Sugar-free products.  Too much sugar isn’t a good thing, so eating a food product containing a sugar-free sweetener instead, such as Splenda, makes good nutritional sense.  After all, sugar is bad, so sugar-free sweeteners must be good, right?  Unfortunately, they too can be harmful.

Why it’s bad: Although they’re not filled with harmful chemicals, sugar-free products have been shown to cause more cravings, due to how sugar-free sweeteners amp up the appetite.  As a result, you may eat more food throughout the day, ruining your calorie deficit.  As a better alternative, consider reaching for natural sources of sugar, such as fruits (natural sugar isn’t bad, after all).

What Foods are Good for Me?

As a rule of thumb, remember this mantra: Processed is bad, nutrition is good.  Chances are if the food you’re eating is either devoid of nutrition or was made in a factory, it’s not good for you.  So throw it out–and embrace healthier eating habits instead!

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  1. Yadsia @ShopCookMake

    I agree on all four points. As a vegetarian, sometimes is hard to find good protein sources. It would be very easy to just have some type of soy product and get it over with. But I’ve learned to make tasty recipes with beans. I’m struggling to get used to the taste of Quinoa.

  2. Tom Parker

    Great post Rob. I think the main problem with artificial sweeteners and unhealthy oils is that the marketing companies have done such a good job convincing people they are health foods. Most people think they are being healthy when they drink Coke Zero, use low fat spreads or eat low calorie ready meals. They seem to forget that the healthiest way to eat is by avoiding highly processed junk (which normally contains 1 or more of these ingredients) and building their diet around natural foods such as fruit, fish, nuts, meat, seeds and vegetables.

  3. fitinthemiddle

    I don’t think there is any real difference in how our body processes sugar and high fructose corn syrup. However, high fructose corn syrup is less expensive than sugar so it is added to all sorts of foods to make them taste better. The fact is we eat a lot more of the two combined than we did 35 years ago. Limiting them both will aid in weight loss.
    Read labels. Look for sugar, corn syrup, corn sweetener, fruit juice concentrate or high fructose corn syrup.

    • Angie

      There Is a difference in how both are processed. For example my children both have autisum and ADHD and regular sugar dose not show any problems in moderation but anything with the high fructose corn syrup and they literally bounce off the walls. Their speech suffers and their behavior problems get worse. Most people don’t know that high fructose corn syrup has trace amounts of mercury in it not good. Food company’s are not concerned about us so we have to be vigilant. When you have to be very careful of what your children eat because new foods scare them it is important to know what really is in it.

  4. burningfatbuildingmuscle

    Well,thank you so much for the idea..That’s very interesting topic.
    That’s a great post..Thanks for sharing that.. Very impressive idea.

  5. Jordan Foutz

    I have left these foods out of my diet myself and totally seen the difference. Too true!

  6. Wendy Rahilly

    Finding the right foods to eat when trying to stay healthy and lose weight can be rather tricky. You especially want to stay away from those frozen “diet” food trays like weight watchers, smart ones and lean cuisine. They are “not so smart” and are loaded with much of what you mentioned above.

    It’s always best to stick with healthy foods and water when trying to lose weight.

  7. Gamal Ghanem

    Thanks a lot Rob, tried your diet which was building on natural food, such as Banana, Brown rice, Brown bread Carrots, A lot of Water…etc. That was with checking of my doctor and the result was really perfect to me. Am 82 years old. will send you more details.Thanks again to you Rob and to your teamwork. Gamal Ghanem

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