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4 Drinks To NEVER Sip… & 1 Drink That Can Burn Up To 240 Calories Per Day…

By Rob Poulos...

Cutting down the excess flab on your body and reaching your ideal body weight usually comes down to 3 things:

1. What/how you are eating…

2. If/how you are moving/exercising…

Unfortunately most people stop here, forgetting that the liquids you drink each day can have a HUGE impact on your overall success.

In fact some drinks are so calorie-packed (and can mess with your body) that they can flat-out kill your chance to dropping the flab.

But what really TICKS ME OFF is that you’re also probably being fooled by these drinks that are confusingly sold to you as “healthy” by the giant food companies…

Here are 4 of the top seemingly healthy offenders:

1. 100% fruit juice – Surprised?  While fruit juice is a better choice than drinking some fake high-fructose corn syrup juice, it still is jam packed with calories per ounce.  On top of that, it has almost all of the blood sugar regulating fiber stripped out of the fruit, potentially creating a fat storing bonanza in your body. Not good, not good.

It’s a much better idea to EAT fruit the way nature intended, with all of the fiber intact, and use a whole foods base multi-vitamin/antioxidant supplement to get enough of the super-nutrients contained in fruit juice.

2. Soy Milk – Most soy products these days are heavily processed with little nutrient density… and this includes most soy milk’s you see at the grocery store.  The only soy based food I have found that is in it’s fairly natural state is edamame, though I still eat it maybe once a week, added to a healthy stir fry using walnut, macadamia nut or grapeseed oil.

3. Crappuccino – Ok, I mean Cappuccino, but I’m really referring to those high priced gourmet coffee drinks. While black coffee can help you burn fat, these tempting coffee calorie hogs can hide several hundreds of calories in one drink, and before you know it you might down up to 500 calories while talking with friends at the coffee shop!  Yeah… that’s insane.

Still craving one of these gourmet coffee drinks?  You can make your own fat-burning version pretty easily:

You’ll start by spooning sugar-free, nonfat vanilla yogurt in an ice cube tray and freezing it into cubes overnight. Then you’ll add them to a blender with a splash of organic fat-free milk or coconut milk, a teaspoon of instant coffee crystals, and a scoop of vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder. Lastly, just sprinkle on some cinnamon to add a little fat-burning kick.  If you want to cut down on the caffeine, just use decaffeinated instant coffee instead.

This will taste so good that you’ll swear it isn’t good for you, but it is!

4. Zero Calorie Flavored Waters – Once again, fooling you with 0 calorie claims… most of these still use questionable artificial sweeteners that have been show to inhibit fat burning, increase appetite, and block the absorption of nutrients into your body in a variety of studies.

Don’t be too bummed out though… a couple of 0 cal flavored drinks to try that use the all-natural stevia as the sweetener, include Zevia (a stevia based soft drink), and the 0 cal varieties of Sobe Lifewater.

Now that you know what to avoid, try adding this 1 unique drink below to your daily diet…

Everyone knows about the metabolism boosting effects of green tea…

…but a recent study I just read (published in the Journal of Nutrition in China – you can download a pdf of the study here) shows that a unique tea known as oolong, has shown a 12% increase in the study’s participants’ fat oxidation and energy expenditure (metabolism)!

This can translate to an extra 240 calories burned every day on a 2000 calories/day diet…

Now, you may know I and thousands of our readers are already BIG fans of 1 particular brand of oolong (known as Wu-Long from a trusted company called Okuma) to help boost metabolism and burn calories…

why do we only choose the unique Wu-Long from Okuma?

You may have heard the name before, since they’ve been mentioned by Bill Phillips of ‘Body For Life’ fame and even on the ‘Rachel Ray’ TV show, but one of the other reasons is that this brand of Wu-Long tea comes from Anxi County in the Fujian Province of China…

…Anxi is known as the Tea Capital of China because they grow some of the highest quality tea in the world, and this particular place is also famous for its specific variety of Wu-Long Tea!

Every time you drink a cup of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea, you can be 100% confident that you’re getting high-quality Wu-Long Tea… without any fillers.

Right now, through Labor Day ONLY,  you can buy 3 boxes of Wu-Long Slimming Tea and get 1 box free! That’s a 4-month supply for only $24.50 per month!

Why are the good folks at Okuma Nutritionals doing this? Because they know if you get 4 boxes of tea, you’ll have no problem being consistent for the next 4 months. And the studies show this should only help you reach your weight-loss goals faster:

Give me the metabolic boosting TEA  with 1 month FREE today!

Hope you enjoyed today’s newsletter on what not to drink, and more importantly what TO drink to keep fighting the fat…

…make it a great day and we’ll talk soon 😉

P.S. Here’s one recent comment from a reader I thought you’d enjoy, who absolutely swears by this stuff!

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  1. Santie Grobler

    Hi, I normally choose a fruit juice instead of a carbonated drink, however will rethink next time. I will also search for the green tea here in South Africa. If there are any South Africans following your program and could let me know if they perhaps know where to shop for it, I will appreciate to hear from them.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Santie, one option is to just add a splash or two of fruit juice in water, rather than drinking it straight up!

      • Cheryl Andersen

        Another option to get the benefits of your fruit would to use a product called JUS. You take 1 oz a day and it gives you 13 servings of fruit with only15 cal 4g total carbohydrates 4g sugars. It is all natural and is an antioxidant superfood blend From HAVVN. I have been using it for months instead of fruit juices and have noticed a huge difference in my immune system and how much energy I have. It even has antimflammitory properties. It is a great product.

      • Steve-D

        I have tasted both pure fruit juice and watered down, and frankly, I find that the watered down version tastes better than the pure! Seems to have a little more ‘natural’ feel to the flavour. Mind you, that’s just my own personal judgement. But then, if you find it right for you, then go for it!

    • Thandi

      Hi Santie; I’m a South African following Rob. I do not know where u from in South Africa.I’m from Johannesburg living in the U.K. I was last in Cape Town 5 years ago and there was this shop at the beach front; selling lots of organic herbal teas and green tea. Possibly they might have this WU-LONG TEA. Just try it when u next are in Cape TOwn

    • vince

      oolong tea available at ” One life ” in Verwoerdburgstad

    • Lenise

      The best way of drinking fruit juice is juice the fruit yourself. Buy a juicer and juice veggies too. That’s what I am doing, and I am feeling great. The fat is coming off too.

      • Rob Poulos


      • Mel

        The Montel Williams Juicer, otherwise known as the HealthMaster fruit and vegetable emulsifier, is an option you should consider. It is as noted in the previous sentence.
        Fruits and vegetables are emulsified to produce a very healthy drink with benefits
        of the whole fruit and/or vegetable.

      • Steve-D

        Of course there is always the other option…eat the fruit straight from the tree! Fruiters abound throughout the world, there’s probably one on every street corner in the main cities. Buy from them, or go out into the country (nice drive on Sundays) and buy from the side of the road at a fraction of the retail city price. These are probably the healthiest fruits and vegetables you can find! And they taste just as delicious!

  2. Denise

    I have 2 cups of coffee a day at home: one first thing in the morning, and one after dinner. I don’t like sweet drinks, so I don’t add sugar or sweeteners to my coffee, but i do add half and half to it, and will never give that up. Based on the amount of half and half I use, my very large cup of coffee probabely has between 50 and 70 calories, and it tastes perfect to me. I only have a can of soda now and again (maybe once a week as a treat…I love cream soda and I also like Dr Pepper), and I drink a little orange juice now and then too. I have 2 or 3 cups of plain green tea each day, and I like flavored water that has no sweetener added. I drink plain water when I exercise, and when I’m hot. I think we need to drink stuff we like or life wouldn’t be worth it!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Denise, try the Zevia… you can get it on amazon or at many health food grocers like Whole Foods… they have a Dr. Zevia version that is very close to Dr. Pepper…

    • Jackie Shively

      Denise, I hate to rain on your parade regarding soda pop but if you drank just one soda pop, it would take thirty 8 oz glasses of alkaline water to nutralize the acid of one 8 oz can of soda pop. Our good diets are already so acidic that we have to work at keeping ourselves alkaline. Diseases such as cancer, lyme disease, auto-immune disorders, lupus, Crohn’s disease and so many more common diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment. We need to work at keeping ourselves alkaline. For one year now I have been drinking 6 quarts of alkaline water per day. I have never before had a feeling of well being and felt so healthy. I have even elliminated some of my prescription medications. My friends ask me what I am doing to make myself look so much younger. Just drink alkaline water – I tell them. I am 69 years old. Jackie in Alaska

      • Jeremie

        Denise, although it’s true that the above diseases can not exist in a alkalized body (for as much as I know) but I think the benefits you are experiencing is because you are hydrated from drinking so much water. Not because it’s alkaline water. I would read this.

  3. Amy

    A 12 oz Caffe Breve has 37 grams of fat and 426 calories.
    If you have 2 or 3 of those will chatting with friends…it adds up!

  4. Rudi Gerber

    Hi Rob
    About a year ago I was diagnised with high cholestorol and I was advised to lose some weight. I then studied a book written by Tabita Hume called “THE X-DIET” and about the same time got hold of your fat burning furnace manual as well. I was amazed to see EXACTLY the same thing being told about getting rid of excess fat – one by yourself (biokinetcs) and one by Tabita (a Dietician and GP) – although from opposites sides of the globe. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The two manuals complement each other so well.

    I have applied the advice from both of you with amazing results. I did lose some weight (from 120kg to 95 kg in 6 weeks) but more importantly my BMI improved as my muscle mass increased dramatically and the fat layer became minimal.

    The problem lately is that I see some articles on your website which contradicts these original two manuals. I cannot agree with this article as it measures calories and weight. One should rather count the %fat and measure your BMI. The recipe for a healthy lifestyle :


    Green Tea for example only works to lose fat if you exercise after you drank it. Only one thing can make you fat and that is…FAT. Calories & Crabohydrates CANNOT make you fat – I have experienced it with lasting results. A cappucino actually froths more with skimmed milk, or even fat-free milk and the cream in the milk is the only part that can make you fat – not the sugar ; not the coffee ; not the water. Tabita Hume explains how you can use carbohydrates to lose weight.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Rudi, glad to hear of your success… not sure what you’re referring to as to what is contradicting FBF, but I can tell you that excess calories CAN make you fat… it’s an energy equation, there is no denying that.

    • carolyn schwab

      excess calories DO make us fat and excess sugar is doubly fattening. anything you eat above what is being used for energy at that moment is automatically broken down and packed away as fat around the hips. And, although a LARGE excess of fat will make you fat, a small amount gives a feeling of satiety. so a LITTLE bit of fat each meal will make the eater feel satisfied.

  5. Roger

    Forget fruit juice and all those calories. Change to vegetable juice. If you are worried about your blood sugar, include bitter gourd or white carrot. I am in China and these are cheap and plentiful…and healthy!

  6. Lori

    Hi Rob,

    I have your program and really like all the advice you give. The oolong/ wu long tea you are promoting sounds great but there are lots of authentic/organic oolong/wulong teas… Please enlighten me if there is indeed a reason that this specific tea is so superior… Thanks for your feedback in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lori Mele

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Lori… some of the reasoning is in the post, but here is more background on where Okuma gets their tea below… of course you have to decide which brand is best for you… lots of our readers LOVE this tea…

      “Today the Mount Wu Yi region of Fujian is widely regarded as one of the purest places on Earth. The region is virtually pollution free, its air and water amongst the cleanest anywhere. Wu-Long was developed with this mindset. Using only 100% oolong tea leaves direct from Fujian with no preservatives or additives, Okuma’s Wu-Long is the premium choice for boosting metabolisms.

      Wu-Long Premium Weight Loss Tea is produced in tea gardens that conform to the lowest minimum residue levels (MRL) for approved agricultural inputs for tea. Unlike most tea importers, who focus only on providing their customers with the best tasting tea, Okuma has focused on the tea’s health and weight loss benefits by providing a tea loaded with healthy compounds and antioxidants.

      Of course, taste is still important, so Okuma offers one of the best tasting teas anywhere by maximizing on freshness and quality across the distribution process. Okuma’s brand of oolong tea is picked at the most opportune time from the best gardens. The tea is then processed by the same experts whose families have been making oolong tea for generations, shipped here quickly and safely, packaged properly to preserve freshness and the vital compounds, and delivered to you with maximum potency.”

  7. Hi Rob I am not keen on drinking fizzy drinks but I love 100%fruit juice ,but I think I have to turn to water now as coffe makes my heart beat very fast and makes me tired instead.I have heard of the wonders of Wu-Long Tea I will order it and seee how I cope with it I used to drink green tea but discontinued it as it kept me awake at night I could not sleepat night does Wu-Long Tea have the same effects?

  8. Lisa

    Hey Rob! What about seltzer waters? Are they ok?

    • Steve-D

      Lisa, I think I can answer that. It depends not on the water, but what is in it. Look on the label, and if anything refers to sugar, in ANY form, and look at Rob’s listings, they’re all there, then put it aside. Pure selzer, which is carbonated water, or soda water to other countries, is the saftest, and you can add a little flavour to it (try lemon juice from your own lemon tree – if you aint got one then plant one!) OK, Rob, have you got anything to add?

  9. Martha

    Wu-long. I”ve heard about this for years. Bought some one time. You talk about what people don’t tell you about what’s in drinks. All the info I read about Wu Long tells you about all the great herbs, but they forget to tell you about the caffeine that’s in the tea. And then how much? Is there a decaf version of this? Or is the caffeine the “magic” ingredient? Lots of differing opinions about caffeine. I choose to stay away from the stuff.

    • Rob Poulos

      Martha, the element of Wu-Long responsible for the increased metabolism is believed to be the polyphenols… you can read more about that at their website

  10. anna heera

    Hi Rob, I bought Wui Oolong Tea from a company called Foojoy in China. Is this good for my weight loss. Thanks.


    • Lori

      thanks for your response to my question yesterday and I guess my follow up question would be the same as Anna. I bought the same tea from foojoy yesterday on Amazon. Thanks again Rob!


  11. Victoria

    Hi Rob, since you mention to stay clear of 0 calorie water drinks, does this mean that DIET SODA is out also?

  12. Cathy Sugden

    Hey Rob – I’ve been following you for a while now and embrace your efforts of uncovering the bad stuff for people:) Well done and thanks to you. I’ve been following this guy for a short while now and he has some helful info on drinks that folks might like:) (LINK BROKEN)…It’d be good to have your input on this:)

  13. Rose

    If I want fruit juice, I eat the fruit. ::chuckles:: Cheaper when one is on a fixed income. Same with coffee. I make my own. As for those metabolic teas, well, it’s debatable on whether or not it boosts my metabolism. I mean, ANYTHING with caffeine in it makes me sleepy. I don’t need sleep meds, just a cup of coffee or strong tea. ::laughs:: I guess my sons are right when they call me weird. 😉

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Rose, take a look at the study (linked in the post)… the polyphenols are what is believed to be responsible for the boost… they study was a comparison of water drinkers, green tea drinkers and WuLong drinkers…

  14. Geoffrey Morrison

    Hey, Rob–even Dr. Oz agreed with you today about intense cardio and pushed weight training, instead. (I think he was referring solely to those over 50, though. I think he’s beginning to “get” it.)

    Any bottled juice must be pasteurized. Unfortunately, the intense heating of pasteurization unbinds and destroys the chemical bonds comprising complex sugars: Loads of simple sugars thus, inevitably, are released. Any vitamins are destroyed, as well. *Hush-hush”: Synthetic vitamins thus are added afterwards by the processors. FCOJ (frozen concentrated orange juice) is pasteurized, also.

    (Certainly, pasteurization corrupts raw milk, also. Again, vitamins are added by the processor. Milk is not at all the “pure” product most people believe it to be: Casein is added to “emulsify” milk–to combine the cream with the skimmed part–this process increases shelf life and aids the processor in adding different products with differing fat content. (Casein is linked with childhood mental disorders such as autism and ADHD.) As a practical matter, though, pasteurization is necessary. I think that selling raw milk now, even from “tested” herds, is strongly prohibited everywhere in the U.S.)

    I try to avoid our familiar bottled juices as a I would the plague. (I save a great deal of $, too!) Stupidly, though, my loved ones still purchase such juices–especially orange juice. I try to enlighten–to no avail. Really, one should juice their own fruits/veggies–or eat raw fruit as Rose indicates.

    I agree with her, also, that coffee may tire one out even further–instead of “pepping” them up as is usually desirable. Virtually always, I drink limited straight coffee when it’s convenient for me–the bean is reported to have some nutrients which help prevent colon cancer–along with a few other useful nutrients.

    (What about the coffee fruit?: The fruit now is reported to be loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Given this context, especially, organic/fair trade coffee fruit obviously would be a better choice. Those growing “ordinary” coffee plants use loads of pesticides. Thus, people also worry greatly about third-world kids picking coffee beans. I’ve never seen the coffee fruit sold commercially here on its own merits. Hopefully, that will change soon….)

    (Rob, what about dairy products in general?: I tend to think that they increase mucus in my lungs and pharynx during the winter: I end up coughing out this mucus for half of the summer–that is very embarrassing. I tend to do better without dairy–at least our corrupted, conventional dairy foods. Would the whole-food, organic dairy types you recommend alleviate mucus production–at least somewhat? Maybe this part of the post should be on another thread. (People are pushing yogurt and “Greek” yogurt strongly now. Usually, whole foods aren’t “creamy” in the same way dairy foods may be….))

    Thanks for the tips about that type of tea–that should prove helpful!

    • Andrea

      Hi Geoffrey~

      Not sure where you live, but here in California we have access to the most amazing raw dairy.

      Incase you’re interested, their website www(dot)organicpastures(dot)com

      • Steve-D

        Thanks Andrea for posting the address. Had a quick look at the page, and was intrigued with the report on almonds, especially the ‘pasturised’ almonds, which turned out to have all the goodness beaten out of them. Isn’t it sad that Louis Pasteur’s milk treatment has been overused to the extent that it destroys the goodness in many foods now. All I can suggest is that if you see the word ‘pasturised’ on the packet, whatever the food may be, avoid it like the plague!
        Rob, anything to add?

  15. louann

    hey rob i drink diet mountain dew and unsweet tea with splenda so i know the dmd is no so good for me but what about the splenda that is all i use to sweeten with no other kind of sweetner and no sugar

    • Rob

      Dude. Throw out the splenda. See if you can’t find stevia powder and if not try to find the cleanest stevia product you can

      • Steve-D

        Thanks for the info pal. I have used Splenda myself, but after your instruction I will throw out that and go for Stevia myself. Mind you, since it is my first name, I have all the more reason for doing so! (grin!)

  16. Rowee

    I live in Auckland New Zealand.I have mobility issues so I find it really difficult to source imported teas etc.
    I so would like to get my hands on this wu -long green tea.As I have hip surgery in a month and exercising to manage and loose weight is going to be difficult.
    can anyone help with my dilemma.

    • Teressa

      Hey I also live in New Zealand, if you find out where to get this wu-long tea I would also be very interested. Hope the surgery goes well, take care.

  17. Lori

    Hey Rob,

    2 things.. First please see mine and Anna’s question above regarding foojoy and two..I found a great article for you and everyone else off of my care2network today regarding 12 worst coffee drinks..It breaks down all the info cal, fat,etc. and yes…some go way over a thousand calories…here, check it out. www(dot)care2.com/greenliving/12-worst-coffee-drinks(dot)html

    thanks again Rob!

    • Lori

      Hi there….I keep checking back here for a response and it still shows awaiting moderation for a while now. Any closer to sending this response? I started taking the foojoy a few days ago and would really like your professional opinion. I bet Anna is curious too…..

      I am hopeful that the Foojoy will provide the same results. It seems that it is grown in the same region as Okuma, same mountains and in the tea gardens as well. It is a premium tea……

      Thanks again,


      • Rob Poulos

        Hey Lori, I don’t have any firsthand experience with Foojoy teas, though they look great. On the other hand, it appears they are Green Tea, not Oolong/WuLong teas, so you will not get the added metabolic benefit WuLong has over regular green tea…

        • Lori

          thanks Rob,

          The Box I purchased is indeed Wuyi Oolong from the Mountains in Fuijan. It does not show green tea anywhere on the box, just Oolong…..if you go to Amazon and pull up FooJoy with this name above…that is the one Anna and I bought and I just wanted to be sure it would give me the same benefits as the Okuma brand you told people about because all due respect the world is on a budget and there is a significant price difference here. I can do two/three even cups a day but I want to know if it will produce the same results as the original one suggested etc. Oh, I hope you checked out the link I sent about the 12 worst coffee offenders…I thought you might appreciate that article. Smiles! Lori

  18. Kim

    I was a coffee house enthusiast before FBF, but now I only get a unsweetened green tea when I get together with friends. I still have a cup of coffee in the morning, other than that, ICE WATER! I don’t want to waste my calories on drinks when good food fills me up better. Also, most drinks have at least one chemical in them these days and I want my liver to work at clearing fat, not chemicals.

  19. Karen

    Hi Rob ..

    I had a question .. in your book, you do not speak highly of these “weight loss” supplements yet you are promoting the Wu-Lung Tea .. what makes this one different from all the other ones our there claming to make you lose weight?


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Karen, it has been proven in several studies (one noted in the post) that green tea and oolong/wulong increases metabolism, as well as carrying several other health benefits. I don’t look at this so much as a supplement, but a beverage choice, for the most part…

  20. Eluned

    Calorie counting does not work you should be counting carbs.Full fat milk has less carbs than semi or skimmed.There’s no proof that fat makes you fat.You should read the book The Big Fat Lie.

  21. Debbie

    Where in South Africa in Cape Town can I buy your product??? Help please?

  22. Lauren

    Hi Rob.
    I’m still pretty new to the program and trying to make adjustments as often as possible without feeling overwhelmed and bailing completely!
    I generally eat whole grain carbs as a rule (and I covet carbs) and am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, which can be very healthy, but can also lead to come pretty bad ‘cheesy’ go-tos, especially with limited options on the go. I’ve been working especially hard to select better when eating out, and keeping my dairy intake a bit more limited.
    I wonder what your feelings on rice milk are. Or almond, hemp, etc. I tend to prefer rice milk (I get original as opposed to vanilla flavored, to keep the sugar down). The ingredients list brown rice, but not sure if any nutrients are preserved. While I do eat ovo-lacto, I like to try to keep animal products limited, and always local, organic, etc., as I am concerned with the significant impact of factory farming, both on the earth and in terms of the quality of product produced, so milk swapping is an easy substitution for me. Do you have preference in terms of which of these swaps is best on your system?
    Thanks so much for the help. I’ve found that with my ‘flirting’ with the program, which has me doing the body resistance training about 2.5 times per week, and a bit more attention to what I’m eating, I’ve taken two inches off my waist! Not sure if I believe it yet! Can’t wait to remeasure in a week or so.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Lauren, I’m a big fan of Coconut milk… almond milk is another good choice… but as always look at the label of the brands you’re considering… That being said, we don’t encourage drinking milk… drinking calories is not going to help your weight loss efforts, but 4-6 oz. as part of a protein shake or with some high fiber/grain cereal once every couple days is doable.

      Hope that helps… good luck!

  23. green tea

    Hi rob, It is true that green tea help to clean up your blood because i have bimble all over my body and face, and when i drink it i can mix it with sugar?

  24. yuppysoul

    That hardly seems like the case.

    Firstly your post is titled “4 Drinks To NEVER Sip…”.

    To even suggest that you should “never sip” fruit juice is just pure nonsense. There’s a difference between knowing what’s in things and being totally paranoid.

    As the previous guy was saying, Cappuccino is not 1000 calories and you can easily drink one without excessive calories or “fat-burning” versions.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey yuppysoul… interesting response… go ahead and sip fruit juice all year and see how that helps you with fat loss. As I explained, using a splash of juice mixed with mostly water is a far better option… drinking pure juice will not help your fat loss, in fact it will make it much more difficult!

      As far as the cappuccino… sure, you can create one that works for you, but most folks are guzzling down hundreds if not thousands of calories with these gourmet coffee drinks and don’t even know it.

  25. steven brown

    I have been doing wulong tea fpor months and it is delicious but I have not seen any noticible weight loss. Why not?

    • Rob Poulos

      hey Steven, how is the rest of your diet and workout regimen? Wulong can’t overcome poor diet and workout choices.

  26. james

    he means fake ones like at time hortons

  27. Rob

    Rob you’re right on. Fruit juice doesn’t have the fiber so the sugar, even though it’s natural, tends to spike insulin and therefore fat storage. Eat the fruit don’t drink it.
    Espresso made on the stove in one of those cute metal pots is great. add a little stevia and some fat free half & half and you’ve got a great morning starter. People can argue all they want for all those gourmet crappaccino concoctions but my biggest argument is the price. Why would I want to pay that much for garbage.
    Soda is just out
    Nutrilite is making all their sugar free products with stevia by this summer. They’re already a pretty good source for vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition products. One product is a concentrated vitamin water in a tube called twist tubes. Comes in a couple different flavors each one different a supplement. Check them out
    Woolong is the bomb

  28. invisiblegenius

    I would have bought the tea from the link but is there some reason I needed to be bombarded with pages and pages of sales talk when I’ve already decided to purchase the product?

    • Rob Poulos

      If you scroll down past the product info you’ll see the order options at the bottom of the page I believe…

  29. Amanda

    Hey Rob,

    Is eating plain soy yogurt okay while on the fat burning furnace program? Or should I avoid it?

    • Rob Poulos

      I would avoid soy based yogurt in general, not just while using fbf… this is because most soy is so over-processed these days it makes losing fat harder, not easier.

      • Louise

        What about almond based milks? Are they also over-processed and not “fat burning” friendly? Thanks!

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Lousie, generally speaking, there are many good almond milks… and far better than soy milks.

      • Beth

        Soy phytoestrogens are a much more important reason to avoid soy. The only safe soy food is fermented. Otherwise, you could be on the road to thyroid cancer or the very least “man boobs”. Asian women used to give soy to their husbands when they thought they were fooling around on them because the estrogen kills their libidos! I get so tired of people pushing soy as a health food! There will be a real problem with society’s health in the future because of it, especially in the vegan/vegetarian crowds.

      • Steve-D

        Who would have thought that the innocent soy bean could have caused so much of a problem? Well, at least your info is giving everyone the right information. Power to your arm!

  30. the get in shape girl

    I used to use about 10 individual packets a day of the 0 calorie flavors in my water. I was drinking a TON of water. But I went from having no signs of cavities to having 4 six months later!! The packets had to be the culprit, despite being sugar free.

    • Steve-D

      I’m afraid that in my opinon the probem lies with the fact that the water you drink does not contain any flouride. OK, OK, I know many people will be yelling that it’s a poison, and will do you no good at all, but I have been drinking flouridated water for almost sixty years now (I am 59 years old, and my teeth are pretty much perfect, and I am in perfectly good health. I had to have one tooth extracted, but that was only because I cracked it on a seed!!!! Owch!!!!) The rest of my teeth are perfect. My dentist has nothing but good to say about them. So look around for flouridated bottled water. Use that, and your teeth will be OK.
      OK Rob, anything to add to that?

      • Beth

        Steve, I think you just proved an important point about nutrition and the strength of your teeth… Not sure how big the seed was but generally the tooth won’t crack from them. Flouride is a poison when ingested…that’s a fact that municipals are starting to catch up with as European countries are banning it from public water supplies and now we are seeing that in the US in places too. Your assertion that you suffered no tooth decay does not mean that the flouride didn’t affect another part of your health as flouride is only effective as a coating on the tooth but does nothing for your teeth in your stomach. We have great numbers of the population with poor gut health and low immunity so flouride only adds to this problem.

  31. sabura

    hi sir,
    i want to get some advise from u.. actually i am using some weight loss products from herbalife.. r they good?? but even…i lost 7 kgs in one and half months… i am just a 13 year old girl .. with a height of 5.1 ft… but my weight!!! 71kgs!!!

    and now recently i have started consuming 6cups of green tea a day.. will it help??? which is better the oolong or green tea…if so how many months should i consume the better to attain my perfect size??..waiting for ur reply..

    yours sincere fan,

  32. Frank P

    Your take on Alkaline water as found in the Kangon water splitters…I drink about an 8.5 ph water and make my coffee and tea from it. Water then test at about 7 making it as neutral as drinking water.

  33. Bobbijane

    Hello Rob. I used to drink oolong tea often when I lived in Japan, but had no idea it was good for me! I went to the website to buy the Okuma brand but apparently they do not ship to APO addresses. Any idea how I can buy some?

  34. Ana

    Hey Rob,
    Interesting post you got there and what you’ve stated is so true! But I was wondering though,
    instead of a fruit juice, how about a fruit smoothie that’s home- made? Which uses
    A banana, Full milk, natural greek yoghurt and cinnamon? Will that be worst or better than the fruit juice?


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ana, that is more of a meal replacement/snack than fruit juice…and we certainly add frozen fruit to our smoothies all the time!

  35. Janet

    Hey guys, I have found the best way to get fruit juice and save o the calories and still keep the fiber! Soda Stream makes this drink cup with a screw out bottom that has a basket that hold less than a cup of fruit in it. You can use fresh fruit slices or frozen fruit. Put the fruit in, screw the bottom back on and fill the container with water and in a short time you have natural fruit juice. The best part is that you can keep refilling it with water and the fruit keeps working until the flavor is all out. When finished at the end of the day you can either eat the fruit pieces or throw them out. I like to use mixed berries and I don’t add any stevia or sweetner to this. This method saves a lot of time and money and cuts down the calories content over fruit juice!!!!!!

    As far as milk goes, I am blessed to have access to a raw milk dairy here in Texas and there is nothing better than raw milk and raw butter and cream! This is the healthiest fat and you can put a little raw cream in your coffee and not feel guilty! I can even make raw ice cream with fruit and use stevia or a little bit of raw honey to sweeten it up! Now that is ice cream that will do your body good!!!!!

    • Steve-D

      Janet, I can only say one thing – thanks. That sounds easy and incredible, to say nothing of utterly delicious! I’m going to try it.
      In New Zealand where I live, we have raw milk, raw cream and raw eggs. What more could you ask for. I’ll be making a few experiements with our produce and keep you folks updated as time goes on. In the meantime, keep it green! (raises fist in air) YEAHAA!!! :-)

  36. Dacesita

    Hey Rob,
    haha, as someone who writes I know how you came up with 1000 calories – it’s just a hyperbole. Although not so far from truth. Problem is not sipping a crappuchino once in a week, the problem is that people do it daily. I live in NYC and I see it – people rushing down the streets with huge starbucks and dunkins specialty coffees and getting fatter, uglier and more demented each day. The problem is not calories really, but more that these calories are “empty”. If I eat the same amount of calories of beef and vegetables, or even whole grain food with honey, ha, I get out a lot more – fiber, healthy sugars, minerals, vitamins. And yes, I said, uglier – what you eat shows up on skin and hair sooner or later. And yes I said, more demented – as many of those sweeteners are linked to dementia in the long run.

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