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2 Odd Behaviors That Keep The Fat Off…

By Rob Poulos...

I wanted to share with you 2 super important techniques you’ll
want to understand right away if you want to burn more fat

…AND keep it off-

Trigger Points and Overlearning

One of the main reasons 95% of dieters and exercisers fail is
that they have certain events, or Trigger Points, in their lives
that cause them to go off their diet or exercise plan too

For some people, it is eating in a social setting.  They’re fine
when by themselves, but once they’re around pals, they resort
to old unhealthy eating habits.

Another is a certain level of stress…this can cause many
people to totally abandon healthy fat loss eating habits for a
little while.

These are both HUGE Trigger Points that will make sustained fat
loss nearly impossible for most dieters and exercisers.

So, now you know what a Trigger Point is…and now we’ll talk
about how to avoid them:

First, we want to spend a few minutes with a good old piece of
paper and a pencil.  Rack your brain and think back to all of
the diets or exercise plans you’ve followed over the years…

…think about the times you veered way off of those
routines…what caused that?  Was it emotional based?  Stress
based? Social based? etc.

Identifying your Trigger Points is STEP #1 to eliminating them.

OK, now that you’ve identified your main Trigger Points, the
next step is install what’s called Overlearning into that noggin
of yours.

Overlearning is a concept used by elite athletes, school
teachers, and various others involved in learning and teaching

For example, many teachers will tell you that if you know a
subject “cold” before an exam, you’re more likely to do well on
it, even allowing for the fact that stress (a Trigger Point) may
make you temporarily forget stuff you’d easily recall under less
tense conditions .

By overlearning a habit, like the habit of drinking at least 96
oz. of ice cold water throughout each day, it will be very
unlikely that you’ll do what’s comfortable and easy (like not
drinking the water and drinking soda pop) if you hit one of your
Trigger Points.

When we hit our Trigger Points, we’re going to do what’s easy,
but if you’ve overlearned a habit that is now like second nature
to you, you’ll be able to continue with that healthy habits even
when faced with overwhelming emotions, stress, or any other
Trigger Point.

How long does it take to overlearn something?  Well, if you are
trying to teach a new behavior or break an old habit, research
shows that you should practice the new behavior, or avoid the
old behavior, on a daily basis for about 100 days . . .

You can do a pretty good job of establishing new eating and
exercising behaviors in as little as 3 weeks…but true
overlearning doesn’t happen for another 10-11 weeks or so.

By then you’ll have built up an almost impenetrable fortress
against your personal Trigger Points…something that will keep
you lean, strong and healthy…well, for life! 😉

I wonder if you understand how powerful using the concepts of
overlearning and trigger points will be in your fat loss and
fitness goals.

Here’s to getting lean, strong, and healthy for life,

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