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The Most Important Element In Burning Fat: Your Lifestyle

By Rob Poulos...

A few years ago I had a pal who always struggled with his
weight and would try just about every fad diet or latest
exercise gimmick under the sun to remedy his troubles.  He was a
low carber for a while.  Then he was doing Tae Bo when that was
big.  Next he tried restricting other essential foods in the
hope of burning off body fat.  And a few months later, he was
back to the low carb routine, but this time almost no carbs.

You know the story…he would tell me he’d been losing weight on
his new diet and was all excited about it.  Then a few weeks
later when his body just couldn’t stand the restrictions and
unusual eating habits, he’d be forced to go off that diet.

Then one day while we were at lunch he was lamenting about the
fact that he’d gained the weight he’d lost back rather quickly
since going off his latest diet.  So he was going to go back on
the low carb strategy once again.  Coincidentally, it was around
this time that I was assembling all of the research and
experimentation I had been doing on the Fat Burning Furnace

So I brought up the fact that I had uncovered some amazing
techniques that allowed me to lose 40+ pounds of fat and develop
a lean, muscular and healthy body.  I explained that I could
help with his situation and how easy it would be to implement.
And that’s when I heard it. “I wish I could find something that
worked for me”, he said.  After that he promptly placed his
order with the waitress for a “low carb” meal.  15 hot wings.

A path to success was literally staring him in the face, but all
he could say was that he wished he could find something that
worked for him…and gobble down 15 hot wings.  I began to help
him each day by feeding him some of my FBF secrets…but you
know what?  He didn’t use any of them.  He didn’t change a darn

I realized a long time ago that even if you put the right
information in the palm of someone’s hand, it’s ultimately up
to them to take action and get to the doing part of it.  And most
people don’t take action…most people don’t get to the doing
part.  My pal sure didn’t.

I also realized that getting and staying lean, strong, and
healthy for life requires more than just a few tricks or tips.
What is really required is a changing of what’s at the core of
one’s struggles with their health and fitness.  And in most
cases at that core is the person’s basic lifestyle.  How they
eat, sleep, exercise, etc.  I’m talking about the core values of
how they live.  This is very, very, very different from going on
a diet or trying the latest aerobic exercise craze.

If you take the steps to create a new lifestyle in the place of
your old one, you’re solving problems at the source, which is
essential if you want lasting and powerful results.  But again,
you have to get to the doing part of it.

As I’ve said many times before, if you don’t change what you’re
doing today, you absolutely will not change your tomorrow.  My
Fat Burning Furnace system helps you to do that.

So does John Allen Mollenhauer, a performance lifestyle expert
and coach.  You may recall that I was able to lock JAM in for
one full hour later this week, Thursday, May 10th at 8pm EST.
JAM has agreed to answer your questions and give us a sneak peek
at how he’s literally changing lifestyles almost every day.

As I’ve said many times before, if you don’t change what you’re
doing today, you absolutely will not change your tomorrow.
If you want to learn how JAM helps his students take
action and change their lifestyles from the inside out, you’ll
want to listen to the teleseminar right now:



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