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12 Natural Ingredients Safely Fight Pain Better Than Dangerous DRUGS?

By Rob Poulos...

You’re not still using NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or prescription versions) for back aches to help get you moving again, headaches, sprains, arthritis, and other nagging pains, are you?

You already know they give only temporary relief, but did you know this is because they do not fix the underlying cause of your pain, and that’s why it comes back so fast…

NSAIDs can also raise the risk of ulcers and heart problems… should you take an NSAID every day if you have arthritis or chronic pain, when this unique natural alternative is available (more on that below)?

I recently learned some surprising and welcoming facts from doctor friend of mine who spilled the beans on the TRUTH ABOUT PAIN and how to fight it effectively instead of just trying to mask it like you’re probably doing now.

I’m going to explain some of what I learned today, including the source of your pain, and then give you the all natural solution that’s working for us in place of potentially dangerous drugs…  sound good?

Alright, let’s get to it…

There are ONLY two basic physiological types of pain:

1. Tissue-pain


2. Nerve-pain

If you have a condition like sciatica, herniated disc, stenosis or scoliosis you probably suffer from BOTH types of pain. You have both tissue-pain caused by inflammation and this causes nerve-pain by exerting pressure on your nerves (sciatica is a very common example of this).

If you’ve ever injured your back, the pain is almost all inflammation related… because inflammation is your body’s natural reaction to trauma.


To get rid of your pain, you’ll have to first get rid of the tissue inflammation…

…and second, get rid of any ongoing causes of inflammation.

Also, do you feel a lot of nerve pain?

Things like shooting lines of pain, burning, numbness, and pinching tend to be nerve pain.

But guess what?

Often the pressure and pinching of the nerve occurs because the surrounding tissue is inflamed and expanded!

Now, here’s why your pain won’t go away, especially as you age…

As you get older your production of the enzymes that reduce your inflammation decrease, so your pain goes away slower, and slower as you age.

Remember spraining an ankle, or pulling a muscle during your 20s?

You probably recovered in a couple of weeks or less. But the same injury now nags at you for months… (I know this from my weekly basketball game… Kalen is always saying I come  home each week with a new ‘nagging’ injury… and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s true… sometimes even the slightest pull or strain lasts at least twice as long as it used to!)

Your body just isn’t dealing with inflammation as well as it used to… and I’ve found if you don’t reduce the inflammation the pain is just not going to go away.

This is why most doctors will prescribe an anti-inflammatory (NSAID) when you have pain.  But none of us want to be stuck on prescription drugs all the time (not to mention that some stats show prescription anti-inflammatories have a terrible record of putting people’s lives unnecessarily at risk).

The All Natural Pain Fighting Solution You’ve Been Waiting For: SYSTEMIC ENZYME THERAPY

Systemic Enzyme Therapy has been used in numerous countries throughout the world for over 50 years, yet most people have no idea what it is and that it’s readily available to help fix your pain and get you moving again!

Enzymes are basically the main line of defense against inflammation. Enzymes are NOT anti-inflammatory drugs but rather reduce inflammation by neutralizing the bio-chemicals of inflammation to levels where the creation, repair and regeneration of injured tissues can take place.

Yes, reducing inflammation helps speed up recovery from sprains, strains, fractures, bruises, contusions, surgery and arthritis!

So now you know why NSAID’s may give only temporary relief and do not fix the underlying cause of the problem, whereas systemic enzymes work to reduce the inflammation and promote healing without any side effects…

And the best solution I’ve found to delivery this type of safe natural enzyme therapy to your aching body is something called ‘Heal-N-Soothe’.

Heal-N-Soothe replaces the inflammation-fighting enzymes your body isn’t producing enough of anymore, as the enzymes go right to the root of inflammation where the repair and regeneration of injured tissue takes place.

This stuff neutralizes the bio-chemicals that keep inflammation from going away… just what the doctor ordered!

And this means you can reduce the inflammation and pain naturally… without any of the side effects that are typical of medications.

Did you know the same natural anti-inflammation properties that deliver whole-body pain relief ALSO could fight Heart Attack , Stroke and Alzheimer’s?

The New England Journal of Medicine reports: “there is convincing evidence that inflammation is strongly linked to heart attacks and stroke.”

A Harvard study agreed: “half of all heart attacks are CAUSED by inflammation.”

Plus, a study in The Annals of Neurology , the official journal of the American Neurological Association, concluded: “inflammation is linked to Alzheimer’s and other degenerating diseases.”

There is simply no doubt about it, tissue inflammation in your body is deadly stuff!

And you now know it’s also one of the PRIMARY causes of pain in your body.

If you are not doing anything to address inflammation in your body it will make your life miserable because every day you’ll wake up with more aches and pains…

…your back will hurt more and more as the months go by…

…pain will become a bigger and bigger part of your life.

And finally, inflammation could cause an early death (sounds a bit extreme but it’s true).

But you when you’re using systemic enzyme therapy like those taking this Heal-n-Soothe solution, you’re fighting and reducing tissue inflammation throughout all of your body’s systems…

…you’re reducing inflammation in your muscles, your arteries and blood vessels,  and tissue throughout your entire body so you can get moving again.

Now the coolest part of all of this is I convinced the guys responsible for helping so many people with Heal-N-Soothe to let us try a full 30 day supply for FREE!

Get Moving Again Pain Free With Heal-N-Soothe FREE… <– Click Here

Like me you may have had some skepticism about certain natural remedies like this in the past, and you had every right to be, but of course the only way to know for sure that this will work for you too is to try it.  That’s why I DEMANDED that these guys let us try it and see for ourselves… makes sense, right?

There’s one problem though… while they agreed to my demands (lol), they did tell me they can’t do this for everybody, so they’ve limited the number of free bottles for us to about 100… give or take a few, that’s all they can offer right now.

Stop Using Dangerous Drugs That Only Mask The Pain & Try Heal-N-Soothe FREE (1st 100 bottles only)… <– Click Here

I guess most of their supply goes to their Heal-N-Soothe Smartship Program members who have requested to receive a bottle every month automatically, so I understand the limit they’ve put on it.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear about your experience using Heal-n-Soothe…  after you get your free bottle in the mail and try it out for a few days, make sure to come back and let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below…

P.S. Want to see the ingredients that make Heal-n-Soothe such a powerful formula? I snagged this from the bottle…

Alright, enjoy and I’ll be back soon with more fast fit tips…

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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42 Comments Add yours

  1. jeannie rezmer



    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Jeannie, they can subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the little form at top of the blog…

  2. Jesse

    Howdy, Rob!
    I take NSAIDs (over the counter and sometimes prescsription) from time to time because they are highly effective for me and inexpensive. NSAIDS work in a matter of minutes and not weeks or months. When one is experiencing pain, relief is needed ASAP. Most, if not all, “natural” remedies do not work and are much more expensive. Having said that I will try almost anything once and will give this a try. If it is effective I will let you know. If it is not, I will let you know.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Jesse…thanks for the comments, I understand what you mean… when I pulled my back a few years ago it was agony! You want instant relief… but if the pain is related to inflammation, which almost all pain is, you will have better success treating the inflammation naturally in the long run (over a few days)… let me know how this works for you as many folks drop their OTC and even prescription stuff when they try this…

      • Anne

        Just reading the responses, It appears that for instant pain relief, take an NSAID. I like the goody’s orange powder. Yes, it may be temporary, but that is all right. But also start and continue this HealnSoothe, if you can afford. So many health food businesses got on the band wagon since American’s went crazy for natural remedies. But much of what is out there is synthetic and the only benefit is to the company into their pockets, no real health benefit. If over time this product reduces inflammation, logically future injury pain will be less. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate these products, no way to know if continual use on a daily basis is beneficial or harmful. It would appear that these enzymes, as long as natural would benefit. Now if these companies would be less like the gas companies and actually price them so everyone can afford and not just the rich, more people could be pain free. Insurance won’t cover it, not helpful. Their free introductory offer is $10 shipping and handling for a bottle. Who are they shipping with? And afterward basically $50 a month. They obviously are interested in get rich quick and not helping the most people that they can. Like the gas companies, more interested in profit than in pain loss. Sorry, but this product like so many has priced itself out of my monthly budget. If I took all the “natural” products that are good for me, I would probably be the healthiest person on the planet, but I would have to have been the wealthiest to afford them all. Even Wal Mart cut the cost of prescriptions to $4 each as the drug companies have long been bleeding the masses. There is a reason poor folks are gaining weight. The foods they can afford are cheap and full of carbs. Healthy veggies and fruit are expensive. Our society is set up so that the rich get richer and the poor get taken.

        • Rob Poulos

          Anne, thanks for your feedback, but I strongly disagree with you… especially on the idea that eating healthy costs more than eating cheap… yes you have to try a bit harder, but you’re also not going to get addicted to fruits and veggies and other healthy foods like beans legumes and lean proteins… you WILL end up spending more on sugary drinks and snacks and you will end up eating more of them, causing more health problems, which in turn causes more medical expenses…

          • Anne Keller

            Thanks for posting my comments. The part you disagreed on is not mine, but the World Health Organization on the obesity of our culture and nation. They are the ones stating that most families will purchase foods with preservatives and cheap foods that do not spoil quickly. They are the ones stating our children are in serious trouble and trying to change the foods that are offered at school lunches. It all comes down to price and money. Even the product you are suggesting here is $50 a month. At this time, that is not something I can budget. Something else would need to go so I could afford yet another supplement. Thanks for the info.

          • Janet

            Rob and all,
            Ain’t that the truth. Since I began eating better and healthier foods, while cutting out many processed and fatty foods, my food budget actually shrunk. I can now also afford my suplements and stay in budget. My whole family has more energy, eats what and when they want and everyone is happy.

  3. Barbara

    I am going to check into this. With RA and all sorts of other inflammation issues I am on high test perscription NSAIDS every day. Have been for over 2 years now. If I can get away from them it would be great.

  4. Dennis

    Hey Rob, I actually tried this stuff Healnsoothe when my back went a few months ago and it worked great. Don’t know if it was a coincidence or not. I take it right before going to bed and I wake up in the morning with most if not all of the pain gone. I’ve been a believer ever since. I keep a bottle around since my back tends to act up from time to time.

    • Helen

      Hello, Would love to try this stuff for many reasons. I don’t have a credit card either! Where did Dennis get his Helnsoothe from? Is it available in health food stores or just on line?

      • Rob Poulos

        Hey Helen, I’ll forward to the folks who produce Heal-n-soothe…

        • Diana

          Did you ever get an answer for Helen? I would also like to try this but I no longer have a credit card either.

          • Rob Poulos

            Hey Diana, I believe they took care of here…. I’ll forward your email to them as well..

          • Jesse

            Try a debit card.
            Or just save your money. It did nothing for me. Enzyme therapy for pain?
            I don’t think so, but just my opinion.

  5. Bruce

    I do not have a credit card but I would like to try this because I have The big A and any help would great . How can I get some? Oh! I don’t have a checking account either.

    • Rob Poulos

      hmmm that’s a tough one… contact the guys at the site linked to in the post and they can direct you…

  6. Suzanne Robichaud

    Hi Rob,

    I have been on all sorts of pain killers including the high dosages I needed. I suffer from osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis which necessitated the removal of my knees and now looks like the other hip as well. The disease is well into my cervical vertabraes C4,5,6, and now the lombar L1,2,3, and now 4. I cannot endorse a product I took for 14 years and didn’t do anything for me. However, for those who can still be helped, before it is too late I recommend you tryTHIS product. My disease is genetic not developed there is a big difference. I am in excrutiating pain daily and at nightly as well. If you can do away with the pain with natural enzymes please do so before it is too late. The combintion is better than what I took.Good luck everyone.

  7. Kathy

    I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I take Lyrica and Mobic. Do you think it will help with the fibromyalgia pain? I really want to get off of these meds!!

    • Sandy

      If you have fibromyalgia, I have a feeling it won’t help much if at all because Fibromyalgia is believed to be overactive nerves etc.and too much substance P in the brain, which causes the person to feel much more pain than a normal person feels. But if you try it and it helps, please let me know because my husband has suffered with severe Fibromyalgia and Myofacial Pain for 22 years now and has had to be on Morphine and muscle relaxants for most of those years just to survive and handle the horrible pain. Thanks

    • You might try Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tbsp honey in a glass of water. Adjust to taste. If it doesn’t taste good you won’t take much. This will usually take a lot of pain out of your body and is beneficial in a lot of other ways. Eliminating white sugar, flour and chocolate should also help with the pain.

      • Lora

        Warning on vinegar — I discovered a very bad reaction to vinegar when I tried a supplement that was supposed to reduce pain and it actually increased my pain.

  8. sue

    I ordered Heal & Soothe, but decided not to take it when I read the warning about blood thinners. Since I tend to bleed more than normal, I cannot safely use it. I have both Firbromyalgia and Post Polio Syndrome and would normally be a perfect candidate for this, but since I have a late clotting ability, it’s not recommended for me. Please warn people ahead of time that if they have a slow clotting system not to order it. I know this is contradictory for most people over 60, but there are a few of us and you should have this warning on the label and on your advertisements. Thank you.

    • Rob Poulos

      hey Sue this is clearly noted on the product’s website…thanks for pointing it out

  9. Julia Smuts

    Do they send to South Africa? I take Arthrotec every day the first bottle is not free, you have to pay for it?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Julia, please check with them on the their website… we don’t ship this product ourselves…

  10. Heather

    No I am not, but I used to. They hurt my stomach so I stopped taking them, even though I know that inflamation causes damage to tissue, and I am full of inflamation. I am already taking some digestive enzymes, some are the same as in your product, some are different. I need them to help me digest my food. If they have the added bonus of reducing inflation, all the better, but I think I need something stronger. I have a nagging ankle bone problem, as well as two or three types of arthritis, and every time I exercise my ankle starts to bother me again. I don’t know if I should see someone about it, it is so hard to get good help; or find something like SAM-I or whatever it is called for arthritis, inflamation, pain and depression. How is SAM-I or whatever it is called better than your enzymes, and what is the difference? I probably should be taking something more than I am now.

    • I have a friend who had consistent pain like this. When she started drinking enough water it went away!!! Water is the bodies universal solvent. Our cells need fresh water to do the job they were intended to do. For an indepth look at the micro-clustered, alkaline water that is helping so many of us see http://www.health2others.com — I’ve found it particularly helpful for joint pain. Just say that Lorraine sent you.

  11. Stan

    My advice about fighting nerve pain is do not touch drugs or any other ingestion cure. Use ice packs. Wrap a tea cloth once round an ice pack (pack of frozen peas if you do not have a gel pack) and apply it to the area giving pain. A day alternating fresh ice packs every 20 – 30 minutes
    has always put me right. It costs nothing; Is perfectly safe; and isn’t inputing dangerous or suspect substances into your system at all.
    Stan Ginter, perthshire, Scotland.

  12. Jackie Eggertsen

    My computer has been down, so I know I have missed out on the freebee. How do I purchase this wonder drug, it would be perfect for my family and friends that are in daily pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, kidney stones, back injuries, muscle spasms, etc. Thanks for any information you can give me.

  13. Julia

    Are YOU SELLING SOME BARS–Where? I find no place to order are pay?? Julia T. Smith

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Julia, not sure what you’re referring to here… this post is about a natural pain therapy…

  14. Alana

    Do you have to keep taking heal and soothe the way you would have to keep taking a prescription anti-inflammatory?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Alana, please check with the folks that produce this at the healnsoothe site…cheers

  15. Barbara

    I signed up…thanks!

  16. Jeanne

    What about those with degenerative arthritis or degenerative bone disease, and on Prescription medications?

  17. carol hilton

    hey,I use to get lot of pains in body,
    don’t wanna kno it was imflamation or tissue or nerve problem.
    As I was heavy Diabetic, I guess it was bcos of insulin.But SB FROM INDIA manage to stop my insulin & my pains.
    Im not having any tablets for diabetes or any tablets for pain.
    As said above green vege do miracle in healing pain.
    If you are diabetic consult sb.
    (sbsidh317@gmail.com )

  18. Jamie

    I read about

    alkalizing water sounds great
    but site
    seems not existant.

    Who has tips about alkalizing (water)??


  19. cna license online

    That is the appropriate blog for anyone who desires to search out out about this topic. You notice so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just nice!

  20. Angel


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