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1 Ancient Drink Burns 250% More Calories Than Green Tea…

By Rob Poulos...

I don’t have to tell you that it seems like everywhere you look there are people making outrageous claims about some new synthetic miracle pill that can help you fight the battle of the bulge…

You know we both despise that kind of junk…

And you probably also agree it sure is nice when you discover that something that is backed by dozens and dozens of lab studies and solid research that actually does help fight belly fat is also widely regarded as safe AND natural-

-now that’s something we can all agree on!

The quote below from a VERY well known doctor is just the latest in a long line of supported studies showing the continued effectiveness of this fat loss super drink:

“…you’d lose up to 10 pounds in 4-6 weeks doing nothing but taking green tea. Green tea increases your daily flab burning rate by 43%”

-Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN

Now that sounds like something you could get behind, replace your morning or afternoon coffee with green tea and fight belly flab at the same time!

So you’re ready to load up on Green Tea, or you’re already drinking it you say?


First, there are a couple of things you need to know, so you don’t make some common mistakes:

1. There is actually another kind of tea that works better than green tea – in fact, a study showed it burns 250% more calories than green tea*…

Yes, that’s amazing and NOT A MISPRINT!

The name of this type of tea is called ‘Oolong’, and it had been used in China as a weight loss and health remedy for hundreds of years.

Now before you go out and buy Oolong tea, you eager little beaver, you must know that all Oolong is not created equal-

Check this out:

You’ll be glad to know I recently learned that there is a particular company that has sold over 4 million boxes of Oolong/Wulong tea that is grown in Anxi region of the Fujian province at a very high altitude.

What exactly is the Anxi region of the Fujian province?

I don’t know, but that’s not important…

What IS important is that because of the high altitude, the part of the tea that burns fat (polyphenol) is super concentrated.

You guessed it, ‘super concentrated’ means it works better.

In fact, that I’ve been told each cup of this special ‘high mountain’ Oolong tea can burn more fat than some other strands of Oolong!

This would mean it would take more cups of other types of less powerful Oolong to equal a cup of Wu-Long, let alone standard old Green Tea.

I also found out the company who produces and ships this tea, Okuma, have been around for quite a while. You may have heard the name before, since they’ve been mentioned by Bill Phillips of ‘Body For Life’ fame and even on the ‘Rachel Ray’ TV show.

Alright, so here’s how you can try some of this potent stuff for yourself…

Recently I contacted Okuma because I wanted some of this stuff, as I knew if it also tasted reasonably good, than you would be as excited as I am to test it out.

Now I’m not really big on teas, but Kalen is, and we actually quite enjoy the taste of this stuff, so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you open your first box too.

–> Click here to drink and burn more fat faster…

Anyway, they have a bunch of different packages, so you can pick the one you want to get you started…

…of course it is up to you if you want to give it a try.

This one was a no-brainer for me.

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

P.S. I also noticed this stuff seems to have some other side health benefits beyond just the fat burning effects. Check out what this person had to say:

“I was really concerned that Wu-Long would not work for me because I was already a healthy weight. I have used Wu-Long for just 3 weeks now and have lost 10.5 lbs, 2 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my thighs and hips. Also, my skin has a nice glow that I haven’t seen in a while. I am completely satisfied with my results and would recommend the tea to anyone.” Patricia Barnes

–> Click here to drink and burn more fat faster…

*Komatsu T, Nakamori M, Komatsu K, Hosoda K, Okamura M, Toyama K, Ishikura Y, Sakai T, Kunii D, Yamamoto S (2003). Oolong tea increases energy metabolism in Japanese females. The journal of medical investigation : JMI. 2003 Aug;50(3-4):170-5.

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  1. Peg Rutger

    Is this fabulous Oolong tea available in a decaf version?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Peg, I believe there are decaf Oolong out there, but not sure if it is as potent as this brand… please check with Okuma at their site listed in the article…

      • Sekina Suleman

        27 Jul,2010
        Hi Rob,

        I used Wu Long tea a few years ago twhen it was advertised on an Oprah show. I lost 9 lbs but it took a little while to adjust to the taste. Regret I cannot get the tea online again.
        Perhaps I’ll try this company that you have mentioned.
        Sekina Suleman

    • Rob Poulos

      Checking with Okuma on this and will report back…

      • Marilyn Ortiz

        Is it Oo Long or Wu Long or are they both the same?

        • Rob Poulos

          Wulong is a special strand of Oolong…

          • Joseph

            Actually, these are just different ways of romanizing the same Chinese name 烏龍 (black dragon). There are various legends about the origin of the name. The name refers to a large category of semi-oxidized tea. You’ll hear people say fermented, but it’s actually oxidation that occurs when the farmer stresses the green tea leaves usually by rolling and twisting them in a gauze bag. Then they’re spread on a tarp in semi-shade to allow the cell juices to oxidize for a while before the farmer dries them, stopping the oxidation. Black tea is allowed to oxidize fully before drying. The terms Green, Oolong, and Black is a spectrum that covers most teas. Don’t drink tea too soon after eating green vegetables or vitamin supplements as it can bind with the nutrients and impede absorption.

    • Mme Roberta Trott

      There is no need for a decaf Oolong tea. It has no stimulents. I have been buying it for about 50 years. If you drik any kind of black tea there are stimulents. Not so with good green tea because it is fresh and the green teas grown at the higher altitudes are the best of the green teas.

  2. K.Sakthidasan

    Thank u for this valuable information & right now i share the same with my family members & friends

  3. Marianne

    Can you drink Wu-Long with milk and get the same benefits?

    Where can you purchase Wu-Long – tried clicking on link nothing happened.

    You sure this isn’t one of these – ‘if it sounds too good to be true it isnt?

    • Rob Poulos

      Link should work… if not try THIS ONE … As far the effectiveness, I’ve tried it for a few days now and the research I read is pretty solid. I’ve used green tea fairly heavily in the past with good results, and this is potentially more effective.

      • cathy

        I cannot have any caffeine or salt. I have menier’s disease and caffeine enhances my symtoms.
        Does this tea come in de-caf? Will it have the same effect?

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Cathy, I believe it does come in decaf… please check with Okuma…

        • Marisa

          Hi Cathy,

          My name is Marisa and I am with Okuma Nutritionals. Unfortunately we do not have a decaffeinated version of the tea at this time (but we are looking into it). However, the tea is low in caffeine…about a third of the amount that you would find in a cup of coffee.

    • Marisa

      Hello Marianne,

      I recommend drinking the our Wu-Long Tea as is or with a bit of lemon. I also use stevia to sweeten it sometimes (a great natural sweetener with no calories).

      The links that Rob provided should be working just fine, but if you have any problems ordering please feel free to contact our customer service directly at 888-898-5664.

      Finally, there is no “magic” solution for weight loss. However, we take great care to provide the most premium and potent tea available. We also always recommend that you use our tea in combination with healthy diet and exercise. The tea will raise your metabolism, but you can help it along!

      Okuma Nutritionals

  4. CR Gardner

    Are there any guarantees that this is the “real McCoy”?

    • Marisa

      Hi CR,

      We specially source our tea directly from tea masters in China, and test each new batch to be sure of optimum potency. Wu-Long Tea has been shown to effectively raise metabolism and help the body to naturally burn fat. This effect is heightened if you combine it with a healthy diet and an exercise regime (especially one as great as Rob’s FBF).

      We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

      Best Wishes,

      Okuma Nutritionals

  5. Sue Prideaux

    Is this the only strand of Oolong that has these properties. I have Oolong tea grown in A-li Mountains in Taiwan which are very high and I have been told is one of their best teas.

    • Mme Roberta Trott

      You are quite correct. Ali shan and ali wan are marvelous gourmet teas. Be careful that they are genuine and hand picked.

    • Marisa


      We at Okuma Nutritionals source our tea from the very best tea masters in Anxi County, China. Each batch is hand picked, and then we have it tested to determine potency before we order it.

  6. Jess

    I love green tea, but can’t stand the taste without a little honey. Would that counteract the fat-burning effects of the oolong? Thanks Rob!

    • Rebecca

      Try Truvia. It is a natural sweetener with zero calories, made from a plant called stevia.
      Good luck

      • Trish J

        or sweet leaf stevia. It is straight stevia without the chemicals of truvia. A bit more expensive, but worth it in terms of Organics.

    • Rene'e

      you could also try Xylitol it is also a natural sweetner.

  7. Peter

    To get the full benefits of this Ooolong tea, must one drink it neat?

    • Marisa

      Hello Peter,

      I personally drink the tea as is (but I love the flavor). If you would like to change up the flavor, I would recommend adding a little bit of lemon or a sweetener such as stevia. Neither of these things would effect the great benefits of our Wu-Long Tea.

      Best Wishes,

      Okuma Nutritionals

  8. grace

    Hi Rob, there are dozens of reviews debunking Okuma WuLong tea’s claims. Did you try it for yourself?

  9. Leslie Reggio

    Hi Rob,
    I don’t usually drink tea ’cause it gives me heart-burn (ANYTHING gives me heart-burn…) and I easily get gastritis. Will this tea affect me in the same way? Of course I have to avoid hot peppers, most spices and all the other metabolism-boosting foods you write about…how do like that?!?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Leslie, if you have a history of adverse reactions to metabolism boosters, than of course proceed cautiously and check with your doctor… thanks for the comment!

      • tino

        Dear Rob,

        Thank you for ur mails, Where i can get this Tea in Kerala (india)

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Tino u r welcome! I would just do a search for Oolong India or Wu-Long India and start there…

    • BKC

      Hey Leslie, I noticed your post. All your issues and symptoms could be indicators of an undiagnosed health problem. You might want to be checked for Celiac Disease. I experienced all of the things you mentioned and then some! When I was diagnosed with Celiac and changed my diet accordingly, I experienced almost immediate reversal of these problems. The first step to determine if you have Celiac or not is a simple blood test. Be sure you see a doctor who KNOWS about this disease. Many do not have good knowledge of it, even though more people have it than have diabetes. The good news is you do not have to take any medications if you have Celiac. You simply have to change what you eat and then watch your body heal itself. If you want to know more about Celiac, just do a simple Google search and lots of info will come up.

    • Rebecca

      Hi Leslie. I may have an answer for your heart burn. Try drinking alkaline water. To learn more about this, go to my website. Thousands of people have found relief from heart burn by drinking alkaline water.
      Good luck.

      • Roni

        Yes, but don’t drink it for too long, or too much… there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about the effects of alkaline water. Dr. Mercola also has lots of good info on this subject.

      • Jim

        When you first get up drink 8oz. of water with the juice of one whole lemon squeezed into it. No more heartburn.

    • Roni

      @Leslie: There’s a good chance that you don’t have ENOUGH stomach acid (believe it or not) — try going to Dr. Mercola’s site ( http://www.Mercola.com ) and reading what he says about this (search the site for articles). Most people who suffer as you do reach for the antacids or chewable cal-mag supplements, as they seem to bring temporary relief, but you are often just making things worse in the long run. Of course, you should discuss this with your doctor, but I would urge you to find a holistic-minded MD, or better yet, a naturopath if you want the WHOLE truth on this affliction. Hope this helps. :)

    • Sel

      Try Food Combining.

    • Eileen

      Had most of the symptons you mention and it turned out to be gall stones!

    • annie

      I used to get heartburn from BREATHING, I swear it…Losing even 10 pounds reduced my heartburn dramatically and the more I lost the less heartburn troubled me. I now think I coould eat fire and not get heartburn…Im not going to test that hypothesis.

  10. Fiona

    I love green tea & Oolong tea, so I’ve ordered a months supply to try this. Are there any contacts for this Tea in the UK. The cost of shipping is killing me? Also do you know a UK alternative to Prograde? Again the shipping to the UK is far too much.

    • Mary

      If you want oolong tea you should try looking for them at a local asian market. The price are reasonably low and they work great. They also have slimming tea, tea for everything you can think of.

  11. michelle

    does this tea have side affects like increased heart rate , excessive sweating or disturbs sleep.

    • Rob Poulos

      This can happen depending on how your body responds, just like any of these metabolism boosters… as with anything check with your doctor first and try it in small amounts if you decide to proceed…

  12. Chris

    Is this considered a herbal tea?

    • Marisa

      Hi Chris,

      Our Wu-Long tea is a premium grade of oolong that we specially source. Oolong tea is not herbal, it is processed from tea plants. Oolong tea falls between black tea and green tea in it’s fermentation.

  13. Elaine Eason

    Wanted to try Oolong before but can’t have caffeine because of a heart condition. So let me know if you discover a decaf version. Thanks

  14. Meghan

    Rob, Love your very informative blog!! Would you care to comment on “Porangaba Tea”? I got a free sample in the mail the other day along with some other supplements that I ordered. It’s supposed to help one lose weight.

    • Rob Poulos

      Porangaba is known for appetite reducing effects, not sure about fat burning effects… we’ll take a closer look and perhaps feature this one soon… thanks!

  15. chisom

    please i reside in nigeria and i seriously need these tea but i dont know how to get it. please advice me.

  16. Rob Poulos

    Hey Martha, thanks for that link… I saw some of this info, though I did not have any trouble getting in touch with the company or speaking with them. As far as the exclusivity of the tea, it is a bit more complicated than this website states, and of course for sustained results you want to incorporate it as part of an entire fat loss plan like we have in fat burning furnace.

  17. Ginny

    Can you get it in a pill form? I do not like tea?

    • Alan

      You have to click on Buy on the upper left of the wulong main page. Once you do, you can hover over the buy button on the page, and it will give you options on buying capsules or tea bags.

    • Marisa

      Hi Ginny,

      We also sell our Wu-Long Tea as capsules for exactly that reason! They are great for those who don’t love tea, or people who are always on the go. The capsules are a concentrate produced from the exact same premium grade tea as our tea bags.

      Okuma Nutritionals

  18. Rob Poulos

    Hey Mitch, results with anything will depend on your overall plan of course…

  19. Bill

    To the question on herbal teas. Most herbal teas are not tea. They do not contain tea.

  20. Angela Young

    I never buy something unless prices are posted where I can see them before I give all my information. Please consider being more open about pricing. Thank you.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Angela, this isn’t my product… there is a link in the post that has all that info…

      • Jo Morphy

        Hi Rob, I think what Angela meant was pricing on your website……..However, I am intrigued and have decided to stick with it regardless. I was waiting for your downloads and only found them when I took another look at my ‘receipts’ and clicked on your website link. Anyway I am looking forward to a leaner me, Cheers!!

  21. Susan Black

    Thanks Rob, I have wondered why I have not seen more about this tea! I started using it over a year ago (I also have the pills for when I travel) and have lost over 40 pounds without doing anything besides replacing my coffee with it. I am glad you are letting more people know about it.

    • yosef rose

      hi susan, just wondering where can i pick up this tea in pill form?? thnax

    • Marisa

      Hello Susan!

      I am so thrilled to hear about the amazing success you have had with our tea! We love getting testimonials from our customers. Thank you so much!

      Okuma Nutritionals

  22. Paul

    I see allot of woman giving testimonials, the research said woman, so is it just as effective for men?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Paul, of course… metabolic boosters like this typically work very similarly in both men and women… I’ve used green tea in the past as have hundreds of thousands of others with good results… I think what you see is that women tend to want talk more about their experience… more of a social animal then us fellas 😉

  23. Nancy

    Have tried to buy a few times but site won’t load.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Nancy, I’ve contacted one of the Okuma folks and they are resolving any issues as they have had quite a heavy visitor volume since this newsletter went out… please try deleting your internet temp files, restarting your computer and trying again in a few hours. Let me know if you are still having trouble…

  24. Vivienne

    I would like to try this tea but the website is not a secure one and I only use secured sites (no padlock on the site).

    • Rob Poulos

      Vivienne, I just spoke with Okuma about this… they have told me they use a top tier shopping cart with multiple layers of firewalls, secure passwords and high encryption, guaranteeing you a secure shopping experience. Hope that helps…

    • Marisa

      Hi Vivienne,

      Just to follow up with what Rob said, your the security of your information is of the utmost importance to us. When you click through to place an order it will direct you to a secure page.

      Hope this helps!

      Okuma Nutritionals

  25. Mary-Louise

    Hi just wondering if you can tell me does it matter at all to the results if you purchase the capsules or the tea does one work better than the other. Thanks…

    • Rob Poulos

      I’ve used capsule form of green tea with good results in the past, so I believe you will not have any trouble with the effectiveness of either…

  26. Naazi

    is this tea safe to drink while breastfeeding?…

  27. nat

    I have purchased & tried the Wu Yi tea I was losing slower I found as I was eating really healthy. I reasearched a bit online & it works better if you don’t watch what you eat all the time & don’t exercise much.

    • Mary

      That is true. I’m actually in the Biggest Loser competition at work. We currently have 25 teams right now. Which ever team wins get the choice between a Ipod touch or 500 shopping spree for a new wardrobe. Oh yeah, the first week I was watching everything I eat and I was constantly hungry I also exercise atleast 30 min. a day to start only ended up putting on a few pounds then losing. I now just cut down my portions and eat whatever, replaced my coffee and pop with hot green tea and water, exerised every other day. So far this weeks weight in I lost 4ibs.

  28. Pete Barry

    Hello all. I have a cup of Wu-Long most mornings – how much of this stuff should I drink in a day?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Pete, Okuma recommends 2 cups/day, 1 in the morning with breakfast and 1 in the mid/early afternoon with lunch…

      • Mme Roberta Trott

        The recommendation is OK but you can drink this tea as often and in the quanityt that you like. If you use the correct amount, about one teaspoon will make six cups of tea, and do not let it marinate to become bitter, you can have a marvelous treat. When I make too much tea, I put the remains in a jar and refrigerate them and add some sugar or aspartame. The sugar is usually used in China and other countries of the Far East. If you want a cool drink that is good and healthy too this is it.

  29. Paul Hughes

    I suspect that all these weight loss teas are actually clearing out your colon of all the long standing crap (pun!) that has accumulated over the years. The effects of a cleaner colon lead to weight loss and smaller waists.

    Much better to undertake a detox programme?



    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Paul, there may be some evidence to suggest that, but the metabolism boosting effects are documented…

  30. Fiona

    Any help with the UK question please??

    • Rob Poulos

      hey Fiona, I understand they don’t ship to the UK…it seems the only places they don’t ship to right now are Norway and Mexico…

    • elena

      Have you tried looking at local tea shop in your area? Both Iron Goddess and Golden Cassia are varieties of oolong tea that are grown in the Anxi region of the Fujian province. Also another high altitude tea is Frozen summit (aka Dong Ding) and Alishan oolong both out of Tawain. Most all oolong willhave some effect but these are varieties grown at the higher altitudes.

      Good Luck.

  31. Bert

    This stuff is real, i started on the Okuma tea three months ago and feel great. My wife tells me my skin looks better and I have lost 2 inches off my waste. I find it helps me snack less. What else do you have for us?

    • Marisa

      Hello Bert,

      It is so great that you have had success with our tea! We are very proud of the quality of our product, and are always thrilled to hear from people who love it.

      Wishing you continued health!

      Okuma Nutritionals


    Is the tea shipped outside of the United States?

    • Rob Poulos

      Yes, I believe the only countries they can’t ship to are Mexico or Norway

      • margaret

        i was wondering do they supply to ireland and what is the name of the tea that comes from higher up in the mountains

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Margaret, I’ll check with them, but you can do the same, just email them at the site listed in the post ;-)…

  33. Martha

    Do they offer a trial size? If it doesn’t work, that’s just one more thing on which I’ve wasted my money.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Martha, I think someone else on here mentioned they have a trial, please check directly with Okuma…

  34. Cathy

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the info on this, I ordered the tea & I am looking forward to it arriving. I figured – I drink two to three cups of green tea now & enjoy it, why not have one that will boost my aging motabolism. ( I was a former coffee drinker; just made the switch away from coffee these last 2 months. Always drank a little green tea, now it is my first choice)

  35. Debbie

    For all of you who are looking for capsules of Wu Long tea instead of tea bags I just wanted to let you know they sell it in capsule form on the Okuma website Rob has listed above. Just click on Buy Now and chose capsules instead of tea bags and you can purchase it in 1 month, 4 month or buy 2 get 1 free just like with the tea bags. Hope this helps those who don’t like or can’t drink tea.

  36. peta

    I have just purchased your book on fat furnace I went to the gym yesterday book in hand and did what I was suppose to do. So Im sitting here reading your info on this new wonder tea I just cant seem to find if they ship this to australia can you help

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Peta, the workout soreness is more prevalent in the first few workouts… but as I noted in the book, you should start slowly if you are new to this (instructions are given). Regarding Australia, yes Okuma ships there as well…

  37. Raj

    how about the Darjeeling Tea. It is grown at an altitude of 6400 feet or higher. They also have a oolong version of darjeeling tea. what would be the health benefts of this tea?

  38. Deon

    Dear Rob,

    Seems like this tea is nothing new (ancient as you said it).

    I just think you should put the whole truth to your audience and not tap into some of them who is longing to lose weight (by a quick fix it seems).

    Your exercise programme is really making sense tough. So keep up that side of the work.

    No hard feelings


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Deon, of course, you know there are no quick fixes, but everything helps… I’m still amazed by people who are trying to succeed with something but unwilling to try something new even though they haven’t gotten the results they’ve wanted. Even with all of my success at losing weight and getting/staying in shape, I personally buy new books, try new supplements etc… if you find just 1 thing that helps you it’s more than worth it… take care and good luck!

    • Marisa

      Hi Deon,

      There is no “magic bulllet” for weight loss. However, we test each batch of tea to ensure ultimate potency, and independent research has proven that it does indeed boost metabolism and fat burning.

      We always recommend that the tea be used in combination with healthy diet and exercise, because that is the best way to lose weight and create sustainable change. We also update our blog weekly with general health and nutrition articles to help people along the way.

      Okuma Nutritionals

  39. Colin

    Hi Rob,

    Grace raised a point above about the web site reviews which debunk Wu Long tea. You missed out on answering her post. I’ve read some of these reviews and while not dismissing the health benefits of green tea, they do disagree with the fat loss assertions you make for Wu Long.

    I was just about to buy this stuff and thought I’d research it before pressing the ‘buy now’ button. I am now reluctant to buy until I hear your thoughts on these reviews.


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Colin, unfortunately I can’t get to all of the comments, as many as there are here we are getting hundreds more to our help desk! But real quick, I’ve just started to experiment with WuLong myself and am just providing some of the research I found and history on the product for boosting metabolism. As I said in the post, my thoughts are that Green Tea has similar research behind, which I’ve personally used in the past along with other metabolism boosters with good success, and anything in weight loss has controversy surrounding it… think about that… any of the mainstream diets have their proponents and detractors. My thoughts at this point are that it’s worth experimenting with based on the evidence I have. It’s not really that big a deal, if you want to try it, try it…if you don’t, don’t… judge for yourself and see how it works for you…have fun!

  40. Flo

    Hey Rob,

    I was looking online at some tea companies like Teavana and Teaopia and apparently Oolong teas are also known as WuLong, and grow on the WuYi monuntains… so there’s not just one type of WuLong tea, then?


    • Rob Poulos

      Not sure about this Flo… I think the point of the blog post was to give this form of tea a try based on the evidence… I’ll check into these other companies and see what I can find.

  41. Melisa

    My post was about finding WuYi green tea in loose tea form. I would assume it is just as effective as the bag tea or tablet/capsule version, and since I strongly prefer loose tea over bagged varieties, was just checking to see if you agreed with that before I order any version of it. (Call me a “tea snob”, but I really don’t like the bagged ones, and I would rather drink the tea than take a capsule!)


    • Rob Poulos

      Not sure if it comes in loose form… please check with Okuma on this…

      • Melisa

        It does not come in loose form from Okuma, but there is another tea company that does sell a Wuyi Baisuixiang in loose form.

  42. John

    uhm… have my comment been deleted or is it still being moderated? Posted it more than 24hours ago. The long one about wu long and oolong being the same thing

    • Jayne Perry

      My comment has never shown up either. I figured mine would end up not posted though.

  43. where can I purchase this tea

    • Rob Poulos

      The links toward the end of the blogpost take you to the company that is currently producing this tea…

  44. Rob

    As I have a Chinese wife I have been drinking green tea for many years now. Also from seeing what the Chinese eat you would have to think tea does have a slimming effect. They just don’t have that many obese people in China and they really like their food in that country.

    I also asked my wife if she had heard about the Wu Long tea and for her in Chinese language Oolong and Wu Long are the same.

    • Kerri

      Hi Rob – just to second this comment – Oolong and Wu Long really are the same thing.

      There are different types of Wu Long teas from different areas and there are certainly many companies that provide wonderful quality Wu Long (or Oolong, it’s the same thing) tea that is from the Wuyi mountains (Art of Tea, Mighty Leaf, Rishi, etc) – I really like Mighty Leaf (though Mighty Leaf can get expensive) and Rishi is really nice too.

      My advice to everyone is to make sure you shop around a bit and find one that you like the taste of – because they really can taste quite different. And of course if you buy organic, all the better for you!

      Thanks for the updates and tidbits of info Rob… they really make a difference!



  45. eyerusalem

    Where can i purchase this tea?Thanks for advising

  46. kostas

    Hi, I’m Kostas and I am from Greece. Reading your name I want to ask gou if you are from Greece;

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Kostas…welcome! I am 50% Greek (the other half being Italian)… though I was born here in the US…

  47. Daryl Cliff

    Hay It said FREE trial But there was NO free on the next page! What gives! FREE means FREE!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Daryl, I am not aware of them having a trial, but someone else mentioned this… please check directly with Okuma at their site or phone number…

  48. Hi, Rob! I lost a great deal of weight (55#) a few years back drinking hot green tea. My only child committed suicide at age 25 on July 15, 2008 while I was in Nicaragua on a mission trip with my church. I sank into a deep dark depression & gained the weight back. I am a small boned 5’3″ woman who is 52 years old & I need to lose this extra weight because it makes my hypoglycemia a lot worse, for one thing. Also, the stress has wreaked havoc on my health. I am going to try this Wu-Long tea & I hope that it helps me to shed these extra 55 pounds. I am a retired cardiac nurse(retired due to disability, not age). I have severe neurological damage in both hands. Please pray for my success in getting my life back. I am desperate! Thanks! ~Jeanne

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Jeanne, so sorry to hear of your loss… my kids are everything to me and can’t imagine what you’ve gone through… stay strong and I wish you the best….


    Hi Rob, I have a supply of Wu Long tea that I got thru a distributor here in Australia. i did not get around to trying it for various health reasons that are now a thing of the past….however my problem was I could get no satisfaction from the company I was dealing with. i wrote and asked them time and time again to cancel my order as I could no longer afford it and never received a reply or an communication from the company whatsoever. in the end I had no option but to cancel my credit card to get rid of the supply. I was not the only one as the bank advised me that they had many queries for the same reason.
    The name Okuma never cropped up anywhere so presumably this is another company altogether supplying this tea. once I have used up my supply I will contact them for further supplies. Thank you Kay Brooks

    • Marisa

      Hello Kay,

      Please be assured that if you order the Wu-Long Tea from Okuma Nutritionals we are always available to help you. I apologize that you had difficulties with your Australian distributor. We have a great in-house customer service staff, and they are available to help with any orders via telephone or our support email.

      Okuma Nutritionals

  50. Jeanne V. Gill

    Hi, Rob! I just wanted to let you know that I have been drinking the Wu Long for about 3 weeks now & I have lost 15 pounds! I have NOT been exercising! I really need to start exercising, though. I have an Eliptical, but I have not been using it. I have been trying to eat healthier, but I don’t deprive myself, either. Is it true that the tea works better if you don’t try to cut back with your eating? Thanks! ~Jeanne

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Jeanne…thanks for this feedback…that is awesome! I wouldn’t think the tea works better if you don’t change your eating habits at all… in fact if you modify your eating to be more like FBF eating you’ll get even faster results in most cases…

    • Marisa

      Hi Jeanne,

      You story is terrific, congratulations! We strongly believe that the tea always works best when combined with healthy diet and exercise. The Wu-Long is helping to naturally boost metabolism, so the more you can contribute to that with an overall healthy lifestyle, the better your results will be.

      All my best,

      Okuma Nutritionals

  51. Carol

    Hey Rob, I have never “acquired” the taste for tea so I was excited to see that they have capsules. Well, I have tried to get them since I first got theis e-mail (July 29th) but they say they are out for “4 weeks” due to high demand. I can’t seem to get an answer from the company. Do you think they will EVER get capsules back in?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Carol, just spoke with Okuma folks… they told me ‘soon’ as they are awaiting next shipment… thanks for your patience 😉

      • Debbie Golan

        Hi Rob,
        I just ordered the Wu Long tea but I can’t drink tea without adding sugar. Does it matter, or change anything if I do?

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Debbie, I would try using a bit of stevia in the tea instead of sugar… no calories, no blood sugar spike… you can find some at most health food stores or online from steviva.com

    • Marisa

      Hey Carol,

      Not sure where the confusion is. We were on back order in December after we were featured on the Dr. Oz Show. But we just got our 2012 order of tea, and also do have capsules available. Please feel free to call our customer service at 888-898-5664 if there is any problem with ordering.

      Okuma Nutritionals

  52. Debbie

    Hey Rob,
    Here’s a different, kinda unrelated question for you. I have been drinking a whey protein shake (mix of fat free skim milk and choc. protein powder) right after my intense workout almost daily, as you suggested. I realize it wouldn’t affect the scale…..but isn’t it supposed to help build my muscles like steroids?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Debbie, most women are not going to put on the type of muscle mass to give a ‘steroid’ effect as you mentioned… this is mostly due to lower testosterone levels and less muscle overall versus men…

  53. Pat

    I drank this tea for 3 months and didn’t notice any difference.

  54. Lottie

    Hi Rob. I’m in RSA and my tea was shipped to our mailbox. We do not have street deliveries and we cannot get to the postoffice during working hours as it is so far away. When I went to the mailbox when the shipment was suppose to arrive, the lock was faulty and as it was after hours we could only get to the postoffice weeks later. In that time they have send my parcel back to the USA. Is there a way they can send it to me again to another street address (my workplace)?

  55. Isaac Rahman

    Hey Rob. This sounds really interesting i’ll check it out. I just want to comment on your dedication to answering people’s posts. It shows you really care. Anyway, Have a good one.

  56. keith

    Why is everything that send me involves me send you more money for something else

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Keith, this is not my product, only one that I’m providing info on… it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to give it a try to see if can help you… cheers and good luck!

  57. Winona

    I already look skinny but know that I am not in shape. I am probably what they call “skinny fat”, meaning my fat is stored more around my organs. I do have a bit of flab around the middle – I can pinch SEVERAL inches. Will this tea work for internally stored fat too?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Winona, I believe the studies are done on subcutaneous fat… but the term ‘skinny fat’ usually is describing someone who is small in bone structure but lacks muscle mass… thus they have a higher body fat percentage though smaller frame and measurements.

  58. Josh

    How many cups of this should you have a day to be effective? I don’t drink coffee and have been drinking a lot of water since starting this program. Would once in the morning and once at night be too much? I know it burns calories, but just don’t want to overdo it if as far as calorie intake.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Josh, I would start with 1 cup a day for a few days and see how you feel… then try adding a second cup later in the day… several folks drink 2-3 cups daily.

  59. Tihomir Angelov

    Well from my experience a person can’t rely only on one thing – it is a combination of things !!!
    But it can be a great help for a comfortable fat loss! thanks it was a great info

  60. Roxanne Szabo

    hi Rob i don’t buy ANYTHING online whether or not site is protected and i really would like to purchase your fat burning furnace kit is there anywhere in Canada London ON in particular that i can purchase it for example Chapters or Coles

  61. Vic

    Is Authentic Wu-Yi Tea (by Wu-Yi Source) any different than WuLong and OoLong Teas?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Vic, I believe they are part of the same tea family, though depending on where/when it is picked and how it is produced will change it’s properties and effects…

  62. HENK

    where can i buy this tea locally, Melbourne Australia?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Henk, I would check with your local store and see what they carry.. but you’ll not find Okuma in stores.

  63. Lidia

    When I read “ancient drink” I hoped you’d say “brandy”, hahaha!
    Seriously: where do you think I can buy it in Italy?
    Thanks! <3

  64. Jan

    I sent off for this specific tea several years ago and took it for six months. I had no change in that whole time.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Jan, thanks for the feedback…of course the tea should be part of an overall lean body regimen like FBF for best results.

  65. Ryan

    I used oolong tea a couple years ago. The company was called Wu-Yi source. This is not the same as the current Wu-Yi source. It really helped me lose weight. I lost 16lbs. in 2 months with exercise every other day and alomost no cardio! I am excited to try this tea to see if the results are the same. I bought my bench and my powerblocks yesterday. Here we go!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ryan, glad to hear of your success… keep it up…you’ll love the powerblocks!

    • Marisa

      Hello Ryan!

      I am so glad that you are going to try our Wu-Long Tea! Also, it is terrific that you are also combining it with an exercise program. Please let us know how you do…

      Best of luck!

      Okuma Nutritionals

  66. mike

    Hi Rob,
    can you add freshly squeezed lemon juice to the tea without affecting its weight loss properties.
    I find the taste of tea not to my liking, although I quite like lemon iced tea.

  67. denise

    im in sa where do i get this tea ,is it available in sa

  68. Deborah Olabisi

    My belly is flat though I have a big hip but my challenge is that I have bad cholesterol and was diagonized as having an enlarged heart. I’m on medication. I want to know what oolong/wulong tea can/would do for me.



  69. Diet

    Thanks Rob will the Oolong tea breakdown the fat cell on my tummy ? I would like to try it

  70. Michelle

    Rob, I am going to give this tea a go… I really love tea (herbal good tea that is) !!
    I am unsure as to how to get in contact with you, but since I purchased FBF nearly 3 months ago, I have not been able to access it on my computer. Abobe reader reads: the file is corrupt and cannot be repaired? I was able to view on my iphone for a few weeks and then nothing?
    I am concerned, how do I obtain the ebook again?
    Please let me know asap of a solution.

    thank you


    • Michelle

      I have documents proving I have paid for it… please let me know u can send me another copy.

      Thank you

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Michelle, make sure you have the latest pdf reader from adobe… restart you computer and then try downloading the book again from the site… that should do the trick!

      • Michelle

        Hello Rob,

        I have the latest pdf reader from adobe…. how do i download the book again from the site?

      • Michelle

        Hopefully I have found the right site for the documents.. will let you know how I go.

  71. margaret

    can you get this company to deliver to ireland

    • Marisa

      Hi Margaret,

      We absolutely deliver internationally! Just enter your address info into the order screen and it will calculate your total including shipping costs.

      Okuma Nutritionals

  72. Marcel Trullinger

    It is possible to see a slow but marked improvement with health as soon as even a negligible amount of weight loss is accomplished.

  73. Chris Bray

    Hi Rob, it’s Chris Bray again as i thought i should mention that the email i sent 3 times over the last 11/2 weeks, is totally unrelated to the wulong comments/questions i recently asked you just above, so please ensure one of your staff responds directly to these emails (all the same email, sent a 3 times). Thanks Rob’ and cheers, Chris :)

    • Rob Poulos

      hey Chris, did you hear back from our support team on your questions? If you have specific questions about the tea, you’ll want to talk with Okuma directly…

  74. Mariya Ilu

    Hi Rob,
    Pls how can i get this Oolong tea in Nigeria, precisely Kano State? Thanks

  75. Terri

    Can I still have my coffee and drink the tea? I already use stevia and xylitol.

  76. atoy

    Rob where can I buy ooolong tea here in the Philippines? thanks.

  77. Poppy

    Hi Rob, is this taken as one cup a day? Or more?

  78. Lu


    I can’t seem to find where you replied to Grace’s question “Hi Rob, there are dozens of reviews debunking Okuma WuLong tea’s claims. Did you try it for yourself?”. I would be curious to know the answer as well.

  79. Rhonda

    Hi Rob,

    I fear the Oo Long tea pitch is somewhat overrated. I bought into the idea a few years ago. Loved the tea and enjoyed drinking it throughout the day. At the same time, I ate a healthy diet and exercised moderately. Nothing happened. No results. Big disappointment! Perhaps the tea works better for someone who has a major amount of weight to lose; I only wanted to lose 10-15 pounds. I also think the tea is not exclusive with this company, as several others have pointed out. In addition, the company I ordered from was not helpful when I wanted to opt out of the autoship program. It took several calls of dealing with very rude people who did not want to accept my cancellation. When I see Oo Long, I run the other way.

    Always good to have both sides, don’t you think?


    • Rob Poulos

      Of course, as I say with all the products we discuss, you have to look at the facts, then decide to try it for yourself or not. That being said, there are several other benefits from drinking oolong besides fat burning.

  80. Ann Prow

    Do you have a coupon code to lower the price? We live on social security

  81. I have both Oolong and Green tea, if I mixed them in 1 cup would I have better results?

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